Pandigital Novel 9-inch eReader: Price Reflects Specs

By Peter Chubb - Nov 22, 2010

The current Pandigital 7-inch Novel tablet is not a great device in the eReader market, but will the larger 9-inch version follow in its larger sibling’s footsteps? Well QVC is about to find out, as they have become the first to start selling the device.

Vlad Savov from Engadget had hoped that Pandigital would have made a number of improvements, but sadly that is not the case. The only thing different about the device is its size, which to you and I is simply not enough.

Looking over the specs on the QVC website we can see that the new Novel tablet comes with 2GB of storage and a 4GB microSD, as well as W-Fi. However, it is not known what version of Google Android the new device is running – I bet it is not 2.2 Froyo?

The price that you will pay for the Pandigital 9-inch Novel eReader is $214, compared to the $180 price tag for the 7-inch version. Would you pay an extra $34 for a larger screen?

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  • Maria

    What's even better download Dolphin brower.

  • jmarcum

    does anyone know how to install a flash player on the Pandigital 9

    • guest

      Because it runs Android 2.0, it won't support flash. Download Skyfire as your browser, then you can view flash content.

  • cathy

    pandigital has a case but it is ugly. I love my 9" ereader.I bought an Ipad sleeve for a case till I can find one that fits. Hope this helps.

  • Sylvia

    I just bought one, but I cant find a case for the 9' reader. The ones I found were only for the 7 '. Does anyone know where to buy a case or cover for the 9' one. Thanks

    • crichards has 1 case; $26.00 + shipping. That's the only place I've seen one.

    • reallyhappynow

      I bought the 9 inch reader 4 weeks ago and was upset that I could not find a case for it. I finally went to QVC and bought a canvas case (cheaper than the "mystery case" Pandigital offered for $55.00.)
      It came today and it's great! It's canvas, but it's snug and I feel my e-reader is protected…finally! Give them a look. Good luck 🙂 Btw, with s/h it cost about $30.00 but it worth it.

  • Ophelia

    not only was the reviewer wrong in stating "follow in it's larger sibling's footsteps, but they were also incorrect in stating nothing was new but the size. I purchased the 7' and the 9' the biggest, and best difference is Pandigital IMPROVED on turning pages. With the 7' when reading a novel, you had to swipe at 2 or 3 x's to get to the next page, but with the new 9' you just press the forward button incorporated on the lower right side of the fame. This was a HUGH improvement to reader's like myself.

  • yrag

    "but will the larger 9-inch version follow in its larger sibling’s footsteps?"

    You meant 'smaller' sibling.