Netflix New Price Plans: Streaming The Future?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 22, 2010

Netflix has recently revealed their new price plans, however it is not great news if you like to rent DVDs rather than stream them.

All of their unlimited DVD rental plans have gone up by $1 per DVD, for example if you want an unlimited amount of DVDs, with a maximum of one out at a time it will cost you $9.99 (per month) instead of the previous $8.99 price, if you want the same deal, but with a maximum of three DVDs out at a time it will cost you $19.99 (per month) instead of $16.99.

You can see a full breakdown of the price changes here, perhaps the most interesting offer is the unlimited movie streams a month for just $7.99, also worth noting is that the limited 2 DVDs a month deal is still priced at $4.99.

We would love to hear whether you are happy with the new Netflix price plans, let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Engadget

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  • Henry Harris

    Frankly, with their current tiny online-only selection of movies, there's very little reason to keep the service. Out of all their current selections I found only two I would want to view. That's it? What kind of service is that?

    My guess is somebody screwed up big time. Netflix needs to come clean and announce a fix before they lose all their customers.

  • Gin

    I WAS very unhappy about it. I first joined at $14.99 for 3 out. Almost immediately after that the price jumped to $16.99 for 3 out. I thought it was still well worth it because of quick dvd turnover. I’ve never been interested in streaming.

    My family moved overseas with the military recently. I was elated that Netflix would still ship to me. One big downside was that streaming isn’t even allowed at my new

    address, and the new Netflix instant

    homepage reminds me of this every time I go to the website whether logged in or not.

    Insulting. The other big downside is up to 4x

    longer dvd turnaround. In the USA, I

    received 6 dvd’s a week if I mailed on

    Monday. Now I get only 3 dvd’s every week

    and a half to two weeks. Still we pay

    because of their great selection which I hear is greatly dwindling and will continue to do so. We do not use Blu-Ray.

    This new pricing and explanation for it was a

    slap in the face. They raised my plan by $3

    dollars and all I get is 6-9 dvd’s a month and don’t have the option to stream.

    I immediately downgraded to 2 out and started researching other companies. Thanks to browsing the almost 900 comments on Netflix’s blog, I know that Blockbuster will ship to me for my old Netflix price of 3 out unlimited PLUS I get to rent unlimited video games.

    I have now emptied my queue at Netflix & dropped down to their $4.99 plan until the last dvd’s I mailed out are safely returned.

    Netflix did me a favor. We love video games too! I am only sorry that it is

    hard to find and sign up for Blockbuster’s Mail Only plan. They only offer

    the Total Access when you sign up. I signed up for their $19.99 plan

    which offers an additional in store exchange which I can’t use. After going

    to my account, Blockbuster had a notice saying there were no stores in

    my area, and I might like to check out their Mail Only plan.

    Weird that they couldn’t just offer me that in the first place, and I will

    cancel them too if they pull any more stunts like before and like Netflix

    keeps doing.