Kinect Lightsaber – Great News for Star Wars Kid

Since the release of the Kinect motion sensor for Xbox 360, hackers and developers have been doing their utmost to create their own innovative games etc, now we have come across a video showing Kinect being used to map a lightsaber into the user’s hands.

This video reminded me of one of the first-ever viral videos I ever watch, Star Wars Kid (here), I’m sure if he sees this post he will be keen to try out lightsaber for Kinect.

We have embedded a video at the end of this post, it shows someone who has linked Kinect up to the PC and configured it to track a wooden stick and overlay a light glow in real time, the result is pretty impressive and shows Kinect accurate tracking capabilities.

It will be interesting to see how developers utilize this technology over the next few months, perhaps we could use real products in games, such as using a real tablet tennis bat in a table tennis game, just make sure you don’t let go of the bat!

What real products would you like to use in games?

Source: Telegraph



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