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iPad / iPad 2: Apple’s Newspaper App – Would you use it?

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been revealed that Apple are currently in the midst of developing a unique application for the iPad, which will aim to deliver the latest news content specifically for iPad users.

The news has surfaced from Apple Insider, and the news application is thought to be a partnership between both Apple, and News Corp – fronted by CEO Rupert Murdoch.

While we haven’t heard too many details about this new project, Apple Insider reports that the application will be called ‘The Daily’ and that it will cost iPad users 99 cents a week to download and read.

Murdoch thinks that the app will be a huge success as the iPad continues to gain popularity, but what do you think? Would you pay 99 cents a week to read Apple’s summary of all the latest news and other bits of info?

‘The Daily’ is meant to be on the way in a few months time, but hopefully we’ll have some screenshots and other information to share with you soon – let us know your thoughts on this idea.


  • Pedro

    More power to Murdoch? I certainly hope not. To see Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch on stage together would leave a bad taste in my mouth whenever I use any Apple product.


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