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iOS 4.2 Airprint: Compatible Printers and Vendor Options

With the news that iOS 4.2 will be made available for download today, there are two things that are a big deal with this latest mobile OS update. The first is that the iPad will get a much-needed refresh, and the second is that AirPrint will be part of it, contrary to recent rumors.

For those of you who do not know, AirPrint will be able to facilitate wireless printing of documents from the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, only those that will use the new iOS 4.2 OS. However, not all printers will be compatible with this latest feature.

We will now wait to see what vendor options there will be, but we can be certain that they will now be keeping a close eye on the situation. According to an article on Macworld, vendors are keeping their options open, such as offering updates to allow AirPrint’s capabilities or just consider it for the future.

Lemark has come out and admitted that none of their products will support AirPrint, whereas Kyocera is now working with Apple on an agreement. Epson is to allow for AirPrint support for certain documents, such as Excel, Word, and PDF etc.

Kodak is also considering AirPrint, and Xerox will work hard to offer the feature on their range of printers. We do not know what HP plans to do, which is a shame, as that is the brand that I have sitting on my shelf.



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