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iOS 4.2 Airplay / AirPrint: How To Guide

Well iOS 4.2 is now here and one would assume that a huge percentage of you would have updated your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by now. There are a number of features that will be of use to you, but it is AirPlay and AirPrint that some of you will be most interested in.

However, getting them to work is the tricky thing. I wanted to understand how to use both these features, but was unable to work out just how to do this. So I felt it only right that I should do a bit of research for you, and it is not as easy as starting up an app.

Lets start with AirPlay; Rene Ritchie, from TiPB had the information that we needed.. The first thing you need to do is go to your photo album and select a video, then double tap the home screen and swipe twice to the left. The video will then stop and you will see an icon on the right, touch that and then select Apple TV, its as easy as that. I do not have Apple TV, so I would assume that is the reason why no Apple TV selection came up on my iPhone.

For more details on just how to do this view the video below.

To use AirPrint you will need to have a compatible printer, which James Galbraith from Macworld has supplied on PC World. You will then need to make certain that your iOS device is connected to the network that your printer is on, you will then see a new entry called ‘Print’ when you click the share menu in either Mail, Safari, and Photos.

Once you have found the supported printer you then make the selection of how many copies you wish to make; its as easy as that. Sadly I do not have a supported printer, so was unable to test this latest feature.

Have you managed to try either AirPlay or AirPrint? What do you think, was it worth the wait?



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