Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): Review Faults Computer AI

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 22, 2010

As of late we have brought you quite a bit of news regarding the 5th edition of Gran Turismo, such as the release date confirmation, some of the 1031 cars that will be available, even the information about the 6.4GB installation and an interview between Esquire and Kazunori Yamauchi.

Now there is an article written by Tom Pakinkis over at, which reveals that the AI within the Gran Turismo 5 game is not quite up to scratch.

When testing the skill of the virtual opponents (tested by OPM), everything seemed to be okay at first with the cars immediately behind rushing past. However the second lot of vehicles crashed into the parked car, which was on one of the wide straight sections, rather than trying to avoid the collision.

Despite the let supposed let down with the AI, other parts of the game like its content and graphics will hopefully make up for it. To read the full feature in OPM you will need to order the magazine, you can find out more on CVG.

Are you looking forward to getting your copy of Gran Turismo 5, and testing your skills? Also what car are you looking forward to driving?

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  • Robert

    Must be my copy then doing one of the rally tests I was half way through it when I saw cars crossing the road and no way around smash then I got through and of course I was last, did it again cars crossing the road in the race, so I asked a friend who said he did it ok, so I took the game to him, bang cars crossing the road.

  • klaxtothemax

    For me,we finally have a game in gt5 that can confidently sit beside the opus ferrai f355 challenge by the legendary yu suzuki on the dreamcast,and much like this timeless game gt5 will not appeal to everyone.

    The car physics,braking and handling models are beautifally realised and turn off all the assists with a logitech wheel in your hands and gt5 provides a very authentic replication of the motorsport.Unlike gt5 prologue and the tt demo when the abs settings are turned off braking and gear changing has to be executed well before corners with late braking or to much weight applied to the brakes locking the wheels and sending you into the gravel.

    The collision physics and ai might not be as good as they should considering the extended development time but when it comes to clean racing lines and accuretly reproducing the thrills and sheer depth of controlling a high performance car gt5 is unrivelled.

    If you loved ferrai f355 challenge back in the day,your love this as the handling and braking is very similiar.

  • Abdul

    The Ai in GT5 is just a joke, it is like they just crossed it over from the previous version and let's get on with the other bit's. BUT the tracks themselves look plain boring and the trees look like they are cardboard cutouts, there are so many faults to this game from the moment I put the disc in and the forced update and the 30 min install, Loading times of tracks is around "30 secondszzzzzz" and if you don't add that optional install go make yourself a tea when you go to load a new track.

    This game is losing on almost every review whern compared to Forza 3 (Discounting official PS3 mags and PS3 only biased website scores of course)

    Take a look on Metacritic ALL the highly respected sites have given this a lower score than Forza 3 and I am not surprised, I am just glad I have both consoles and already own Forza 3 which you can now get for around £10 I won't be spending out on GT5 as I won't be gaining anything.

    And now " Gamereactor has just given GT5 a 7/10 rated poor to average..

  • dookie

    actually this AI fault has been present in all the gt games and it fair to test whether it's been solved in gt5.

    GT AI is poor

  • Comedykev

    Typical of this website to look for faults with a game, as every new game that comes out you always ask “have you any problems, etc” and be negative.

    • Gaz

      Objectively I would like to know of any faults and in any case it balancing this with postive aspects such as content and graphics.