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Gran Turismo 5 (GT5): Review Faults Computer AI

As of late we have brought you quite a bit of news regarding the 5th edition of Gran Turismo, such as the release date confirmation, some of the 1031 cars that will be available, even the information about the 6.4GB installation and an interview between Esquire and Kazunori Yamauchi.

Now there is an article written by Tom Pakinkis over at, which reveals that the AI within the Gran Turismo 5 game is not quite up to scratch.

When testing the skill of the virtual opponents (tested by OPM), everything seemed to be okay at first with the cars immediately behind rushing past. However the second lot of vehicles crashed into the parked car, which was on one of the wide straight sections, rather than trying to avoid the collision.

Despite the let supposed let down with the AI, other parts of the game like its content and graphics will hopefully make up for it. To read the full feature in OPM you will need to order the magazine, you can find out more on CVG.

Are you looking forward to getting your copy of Gran Turismo 5, and testing your skills? Also what car are you looking forward to driving?



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