Call of Duty Black Ops: Swastika Emblem – Should it be banned?

By Alan Ng - Nov 22, 2010

We have just read about all the commotion involving the custom emblem editor on Call of Duty: Black Ops, and we wanted you guys to have your say on it, after some users have been seen using Swastika logos on their profiles.

The news comes straight from Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft’s Director of Policy and Enforcement at Xbox LIVE, as he has sent out a firm message on Twitter, to all those who think that using the emblem is acceptable.

Firstly, here is his message on Twitter in case you missed it – he was replying to a user who asked him if it was ok to use a Swastika emblem on Black Ops or not:

“Seriously dude? Yes, you will get banned using a swastika as your Black Ops emblem. I don’t care if you “just like the design”.

He later added this: “Sorry, this isn’t a debate. The number of people offended by the representation of genocide far outweighs the few who see an innocent symbol.”

What are your thoughts on his comments? Have you seen people using Swastika logos on the game? Do you think it is fair for Microsoft to hand out Xbox Live bans for those using them? We have created a poll below for you to have your say on the matter.

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  • lookup the government  buildings on youtube
    that were built to look like this ON PURPOSE IN  THE USA

  • Treyarch are being nazis themselves by banning the swastika when freedom of speech is supposed to be in place. It is clearly an 18/R rated game yet they are not taking measures to restrict under 18’s from playing the game but deem it fit to ban you for an emblem which is always reported buy yes you guessed it small children. People are making bestiality porn emblems involving animals and humans yet no action is taken WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THAT!!!!

  • Treyarch are being nazis themselves by banning the swastika when freedom of speech is supposed to be in place. It is clearly an 18/R rated game yet they are not taking measures to restrict under 18’s from playing the game but deem it fit to ban you for an emblem which is always reported buy yes you guessed it small children. People are making bestiality porn emblems involving animals and humans yet no action is taken WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THAT!!!!


    they shouldnt ban somthing that is sopposed to be personalized!!! the only reason anyone got banned for this was because of the Jews making a big deal about a flag that is after all in the game. the most hipercritical banning!

  • DAwson

    hey what is this game rated? exactly if you cant handle this stuff dont buy it or have your mom and dad buy it for you

  • dylan

    they're worried about simple emblems that make there way into the backstory of the gameplay such as nazi zombies, which clearly is a gigantic hit since world at war which was intentionally a small awarding minigame, which became, like i said, which than had addon after addon, and now its a bigger hit than anything.

    im more worried about dipshits thinking they're clever for creating a player card emblem with a boney finger inside a blondes ass hole with shit dripping from his finger.

  • L2_DOUGIE_71

    yes i got fucking banned from making emblems now
    my swastika emblem was sexy it was so excact!!!!!
    but stupid 7 year olds banned it
    i was
    hey dumb ass this is call of duty everythign u see here is nazi!!!!!

  • mwedekind2000

    If everyone is so upset about the use of a swasticka then hwy are they not commenting here? Why have I seen very few comments supporting the permanent ban for use of the swasticka on any discussion thread? If we are going to ban people for using a swasticka because we don't have the brains to learn about our world history before world war 2 then lets ban people that use a cross for an emblem as well. Catholics have killed more of thier own people/religious followers throughout history then all the wars in the world. Even today when I hear about the catholic religion I think, child molestation, and misrepresentation of Christ, so lets ban the use of the cross as well. After we get enough morons to jump on that band wagon we can go after something else like banning puppies.

    • Kuba Wianecki

      HAHA i see your anti christian ! all that pedophile thing is bulllshit media lie! JEWISH/ZIONIST media lie! why dont they say about rabi pedophiles there is far more.

    • Kuba Wianecki

      HAHA i see your anti christian ! all that pedophile thing is bulllshit media lie! JEWISH/ZIONIST media lie! why dont they say about rabi pedophiles there is far more.

  • Rob

    Babies cry, Kids Cry but never in my life have i heard adult's cry over a emblem on a game, what is worse a swastika flag or a giant dick pickle doing a rabbit in the behind.. if people don't like what they see why play the game ? especially a where shooting people and knifing them is the objective ? if you get offended by something simple as a swastika, then how does the fact of killing people that never did anything too you aka shooting each other not make you offended ?

  • Leena

    My emblem got permanently banned today for being a Swastika…
    1. Black Ops has all of these people w/ emblems that have something sexual in them, and so far, I haven't seen not one person get their emblem banned for it.
    2. There are lots of Nazi Zombie fans… which was the reason behind me having a Swastika.
    3. Shouldn't I have gotten a damn warning or something?
    Now I'm stuck with a star that I can't change? -_-

  • Bob

    All who think that it is ok for you to get banned for doing this are clearly retarded. Fist Off, for treyach and activision it is completely fine to put a hammer and sickle which cause almost 3 times as many deaths as the Nazis but you can’t put a swastika. It’s a complete violation of the first amendment of the U.S constitution and also does theoretically represent a political party which makes it clearly ok to present in emblem form. That could be compared to someone putting an elephant as their emblem and getting banned because activation says “you are representing a racist political party”, Which is true but the difference is the Nazis actually admitted to their racism. The main point is the whole banning system is so messed up I myself have recently been banned from making emblems for a short

  • Nick Henson

    Idk why everyone is complaning. The swastika dosent have to do with killing jews as everyone thinks. It orginaly came from buddhism as a symbol for pease. Only because Hitler liked how it looked dosent change the orginal meaning for it and still to this day buddhist still use the swastikain alot of there architecture because it truely means peace.


    it is not acceptable to use a swastika emblem,but on the other hand it is ok to shoot hundreds of undead nazis,out of hate,on a map filled with nazi swastika flags…i am one of the banned gamers and after a ton of hate mail i changed my emblem,just to get banned anyway..i understand that it is offensive for some,but racism and nazism and all shit that comes whit it,its real, just learn and live with it……and have FUN

  • Truth

    Communism is fine but nazism is not? Joseph Stalin killed millions more then hitler but its ok. HELLO nazi Zombies like wtf.

    • anonymous

      stalin = socialist . communism has never been used in our world its all be socialist

      • Canuck

        Also it was Stalin, not Socialism or Communism that killed those people. While the two political philosphies may have given him the ability to obtain the power he had, neither Socialism or Communism advocates killing people the way Stalin did.

  • Greg

    Its a symbol that is used in the game anyways. Black Ops and World at War. Both COD games. Sure it represents hate crimes against humanity through the Nazis. Its simply a part of history. If they don't like it, then they shouldn't have it in the game. PERIOD.

  • AJS

    This is BS, the sun wheel is a symbol of my Aryan heritage. I think my rights are being violated.

    • Canuck

      We're talking about the evil, diagonal Nazi swastika which Hitler, with his complete lack of originality, ripped off of the true Aryans and their symbol for peace which was parallel.

  • Sincere

    Yess it should be banned….all this does is bring the racist crawling out of their holes on onto my television. For all I care…ban them off this planet.

  • boston187

    take the swastika out and private parts who wants to see any of those because we all really no what it means and who the perverts are so ban it all

  • Josh123

    Why would people use it anyway, out of the limitless things you could do they choose to ither make dicks and nazi emblems, get some creativity.

    Need an example, look at my emblem and tell me what you think
    XBL Gamertag: JoshTheRipperr

  • Dave

    Unbelievable and staggering, the number of morons there are playing this game. Are you seriously saying creating a swastika as your sign is an ok thing to do? This game is an 18 in the UK, which means no one under the age of 18 should be playing it – anyone with any maturity at all would realise what a sick thing that is.

    I'm bored to tears of hearing little kids on my speakers being racially abusive and sporting offensive emblems. The makers of this game need to clamp down on abuse.

  • Mark

    my wifes grandfather came from poland to the uk in 1932 and being jewish he would have been appalled to see the swastika , when i started playing black ops (awesome game) i saw lots of people using the swastika i was shocked at first but then am i expected to think kids would be responsible about that kind of thing what i am saying is kids will be kids !!! but to be honest would it be as bad as someone to use a custom flag like rowanda where millions were killed butchered in their own homes ??? tit for tat! my gamertag is …….. xXx ZOMBIE xXx

  • Josh123

    Whos talking about freedom of speech, why would you bring politics into this. It comes down to whats acceptable in society

  • ATR

    Just another company bowing to PC BS! This move makes freedom of speech look like an even bigger joke than it already is in this country. As long as their are consequences for what you say or for displaying a symbol, there will never be freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a farce! Pathetic!

    • Guest

      Freedom of speech only applies to government censorship, not private enterprise.

  • sausages

    Black Ops is not an emblem creating progamme, its a first perosn shooter. Choose something nice as your logo and have fun and stfu

  • Josh123

    There is a massive difference between Genocide and Communism

    • J-B

      Communism has ALWAYS ended up with genocide you know

    • savagej0sh

      Communists killed 10 times more than the nazi's ever did.

  • Thrice

    Then what about the cccp/ussr symbols and the sickle and hammer? Communism has obviously won and has killed way more people than hitler.

    Communism is ok but nazism is not. I mean they are both evil but you cant pick and choose.

    • Tristan

      Lol? The soviet flag isn't a representation of communism, or a party, it's a representation of a country that wasn't always communist, mind you. The Nazi flag is a representation of a specific party of a country that thoroughly supported killing of innocent people.

      • Wolf

        From wikipedia: ‘Hammer and Sickle’- “The hammer and sickle is a part of communist symbolism and its usage indicates an association with Communism, a Communist party, or a Communist state.”

    • V.I.Lenin

      lol really COMMUNISM killed people? xD theirs american teachings right there btw no country on our world has ever been communist you dumbass its called USSR for a reason… United Soviet Socialist Republic….so why dont you go read a damn book. OR BETTER YET read the communist manifesto. ALSO Russia thought going capitalist would help them with the starvation problem…nope only made it worse. p.s. i bet everyone thats a damn Nazi or american seeing this is probably raging cuz they know im right

    • Canuck

      Communism and Socialism are not inherently evil my friend. It was merely opportunists like Stalin and Kim Il-Sung who corrupted the once noble ideal to suit their own desires.
      Socialists and Communists have been responsible for many of the labour rights that workers have today. Nazis only ever advocated a one party rule by people of "pure blood".
      This is coming from a person whose one Grandfather was in the SS and the other was in the Soviet Navy.

  • Josh123

    You are literally all wrong.
    The swastika used in this is none other then the one Hitler used to rule his campaign. I know it didnt start off like that but when someone used a swastika with a red background and the "Colonel" emblem with it, it really looks like Nazi propaganda. I'm not saying it needs to be banned im just saying that your all wrong.

    And saying Nazism died? Are you F****** kidding me?, have you not heard of Neo-Nazi's. Their are literally thousands of people who still follow Hitler and believe his way was right.

    Go to school before you post shit.

  • abc3

    they would have died of old age anyway. better then than later i always say, dirty german bastards

  • Joe1234566

    I don't mind it at all. It makes it easy for me to spot the idiots.

  • stoopid

    why dont all of you just shut up and play the game… Nazi's…KKK…blah blah blah…i think all of you let one fact escape you…and that fact is no matter what those idiots did in the past…the power of their insanity either died or went away into the shadows where they belong….where are they now….good triumphed over those evils and its all history…If the owners of the game dont want you using it then dont use it and play ur game…yall sound like a bunch of annoying gossiping girl….wait wait oh yeah for the fool who wants to post a RE-trad attack to my comment feel free coz i prolly wont read it…and laughing at all you actin a fool on the internet

    • Tristan

      You name suits you perfectly, you're completely oblivious to the fact that many 12 year-old kids, such as yourself, get their parents to buy black ops for them. And when they sign in, they see all this offensive crap. Yeah, older and more mature people aren't as prone to get offended by this, but younger people are.

  • Daniel

    I understand that the Swastika can be a beautiful sign and its unfortunate that Adolf Hitler would mis-use this emblem.
    Quick history.
    The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years. (That even predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh!) Artifacts such as pottery and coins from ancient Troy show that the swastika was a commonly used symbol as far back as 1000 BCE

    The Issue with this, is that there unfortunately are a lot of under-aged kids allowed by their parents to play this game and if this used as a recruitment tool for joining hate crime groups, then you have t ask yourself, what is next, companies creating their company logos, using company names as online Ids trying to push products and services.
    Its a game, supposed to be fun and therefor you have to have some kind of control, because this could be the start of others during the same thing, like KKK which was used in the previous COD online gaming community.
    Ban it and and just have fun playing a great game.

    • cjsok

      the swastika was only used in the germany nazi party.
      The symbol you are thinking about is the chinesse peace symbol which is the four bent lines, but not on an angle

  • Steve

    OMG….are u kidding me now people are goin to get offended just over a emblem…… does this game not know what treyarc made best….let me give you a hint it had 3 seperate map packs… not getting it yet….. is ok heres another one people begged for it in Black Ops….. it is N-A-Z-I zombies which used the swatica

    • Cristy

      EXACTLY RIGHT !! Why would Toulouse be so SHOCKED that he's seeing a swastica when it's part of the game that They created!!

  • nathan

    i don't like it. unfortunately, there is something call the 4th amendment in this country. however, that has nothing to do with xbox live's terms of service.

    • Brandon

      The 4th amendment? You mean the one against unauthorized searches and seizures? Silly guy, I think you meant the first amendment. You know, the one that’s all about freedom of speech, press, and religion

      • Canuck

        which only exists in the USA.

        Countries like Canada have the reasonable limits clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms preventing Nazi groups/displays and Germany has made it illegal to portray any kind of Nazi symbol among others.

        Thus this may be just a way of not alienating X-BOX uses outside of the States and has nothing to do with the first amendment. In addition, as a private company, Microsoft can make whatever policy they want concerning what is an isn't acceptable.

  • Rick

    I say it’s just a symbol their are far worst thing made out their like private parts, if this deserves ban and those don’t, very unfair.

    • Chad

      Are u actually stupid private parts worse than swastika i don't remebah the last time private parts wer used to motivate the killings of 12Million people… think before you write !! friggin tard

      • Gunner

        You don't have a fucking clue what a swastika means, It is a religious symbol used by many religions, including christianity. Who gives a flying fuck if Hitler used it as a symbol of antisemitism? It is a symbol used to represent peace and life, that's like me tattooing a cross on myself and killing millions of people, then saying that's what a cross represents. This entire banning thing for emblems is fucked, it's a video game for christ's sake.

        • ZOMBIESlAyErzZzZ

          but people take it seriously :/

    • Tristan

      I just read the article and I didn't see anything saying that genitalia aren't bannable offenses. You need to look things up before you post things. Anything that is considered "Offensive" by the TOS is bannable. Yes, that includes pictures of men's junk.

  • That is pretty dumb o.o I mean not like its REAL. O_o and agreed with the comment above^

  • Nally

    What a DOUCHE. Hope this guy doesnt actually play the game and discover Nazi Zombies he would have a heart attack.

    • Tristan

      Killing undead German soldiers and openly displaying a well-known symbol of a party that slaughtered thousands are two completely different things. You don't just accidentally make a swastika, and if you do make one, you know damn well what it represents. People who post this shit on their public playercard shouldn't be suprised if one day they get on their consoles and can't sign in to PSN or XBL.

    • Proud Swastika user

      Nally I couldn't agree more. I used a Swastika for my emblem for maybe three and a half days. Then got hit with a permenant ban from the emblem editor? Then I thought to myself, I'm not allowed to use it as an emblem but they can boast and show it off in "Nazi Zombies"? My "Clan Tag" was "ZoMb" I enjoyed playing zombies so I figured I would create an emblem about it. But… Sadly Treyarc is just like "I hope you fall off a cliff and find jagged rocks below". Total mis-representation of the game and overall a horrible experience if I do say so myself. Sorry for the lengthy comment but I had to share my experience with others. ='/