Call of Duty Black Ops: Swastika Emblem – Should it be banned?

We have just read about all the commotion involving the custom emblem editor on Call of Duty: Black Ops, and we wanted you guys to have your say on it, after some users have been seen using Swastika logos on their profiles.

The news comes straight from Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft’s Director of Policy and Enforcement at Xbox LIVE, as he has sent out a firm message on Twitter, to all those who think that using the emblem is acceptable.

Firstly, here is his message on Twitter in case you missed it – he was replying to a user who asked him if it was ok to use a Swastika emblem on Black Ops or not:

“Seriously dude? Yes, you will get banned using a swastika as your Black Ops emblem. I don’t care if you “just like the design”.

He later added this: “Sorry, this isn’t a debate. The number of people offended by the representation of genocide far outweighs the few who see an innocent symbol.”

What are your thoughts on his comments? Have you seen people using Swastika logos on the game? Do you think it is fair for Microsoft to hand out Xbox Live bans for those using them? We have created a poll below for you to have your say on the matter.

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