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New PlayStation Phone: Mobile Word Congress Unveiling?

Back in October Engadget had reported that they had it on good authority that the new PlayStation Phone existed and that they had images of the device. We did not know if to believe this or not, but we then reported that Sony’s CFO had dropped a few hints about such a device.

Now there seems to be yet more evidence that the gaming phone is the real deal, as Juro Osawa and Daisuke Wakabayashi from WSJ reports that the new device could be announced during the 2011 Mobile Word Congress, which is to be held in Barcelona. According to the article, Bert Nordberg, the Sony Ericsson Chief Executive said that they might be working on a new device, which we learned via Engadget.

The idea of a PlayStation Phone will not go away in a hurry, but there are those who believe that it could carry a different name. It could have Xperia branding, and we already know that the mobile OS of choice looks to be Google Android. We do not have that long to wait, as the 2011 Mobile World Congress is only in February.

We also mentioned the fact that this could be the first of a new type of PlayStation device; the idea of a PS tablet could be the next step. There is no denying how popular mobile gaming is, so it is inevitable that Sony Ericsson would want in on this profitable market.

Could Sony Ericsson unveil the PlayStation Phone during next year’s Mobile World Congress?



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