Facebook Dethrones MySpace: New 2010 Statistics

By Peter Chubb - Nov 21, 2010

We recently spoke about the fact that Facebook and MySpace were to make an announcement of a joint venture, which is further evidence that the former has dethroned the latter. It’s as if MySpace knows that they can no longer compete with the new social network king, so thought best to work with them.

According to Sharon Gaudin from Computer World, both social networking sites has introduced what they call a “Mashup”, which sees both sites porting over their likes and interests. This will then be shown on MySpace pages, which is part of the new features for the late part of 2010.

Gaudin points to the fact that MySpace has now given up on the idea that they are still a social network, not sure if investors will want to hear this, as they were put on notice earlier this month? They were told that they need to make changes, or they will pull the plug.

MySpace was once the most popular social networking site on the Internet, how times have changed in a small amount of time. MySpace could have only dreamed of having over 500 million users, something that was achieved by Facebook a few months back now.

MySpace is still popular in the U.S., but that popularity is not shared by others around the world. In April of this year MySpace had just 123 million unique visitors compared to 307 million for Facebook.

According to an article on The Telegraph, MySpace lost $126 million in September 2009 and $156 million in the same period this year, this shows that the site has a lot of work ahead if they stand any hope of pleasing investors.

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  • Brother John

    Only visionaries will rule the social media scene, there is no space for lapses or mediocrity. The fact that FaceBook overtook MySpace should not come as a surprise, it was coming all along; FB adopted (or created) the best features of other social media sites and incorporated them to theirs, and even making it very easy to use as well.

  • Marla Wynn

    Social networking is an interesting animal. We love it, but if there isn't enough to do on a site it becomes stale and tedious. I think Facebook made connecting with people you know easy and it's great fun to watch what other people are doing. I love looking at my friends' photos. I find myself checking Facebook multiple times a day "just to see" if there is anything new or interesting. Often, I'm disappointed. http:NormScore.com