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Doodle Devil Walkthrough and Review: iPhone App – Video Trailer

If you have played Doodle God – 15 million people have – then the new Doodle Devil will be a must for you, which was released within the last 3 weeks, and priced at just $0.99.

While the first game had you using the four basic elements to create a Universe, now – in Doodle Devil – you can destroy everything with the seven deadly sins, which reminds me of creating a sand castle at the beach, only to destroy it before you go. You can read a complete Doodle Devil walkthrough on, and also see how to create all 107 elements.

The app supports iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. The official trailer for Doodle Devil can be seen below this post, have a watch and let us know what you think. The app can be downloaded via iTunes here, and features hundreds of quotes and sayings, and impressive one-click gameplay.

It’s worth reading this Doodle Devil review here, which shows that “more of the same” can be a good thing. The reviewer found that new users would find more content in the previous game (Doodle God) for the same price, although this may be too much for the same players. Read the review, view the walkthrough or trailer below, and please leave a comment to tell us what you think after giving the game a go.



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