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Apple iPad 2: Release Cycle Like iPhone, iPod Touch

When it comes to the new Apple iPad 2 there are two questions that needs to be answered, when is the release date and what will it look like? Well, hopefully we will be able to help you with both of those questions, and it looks as though the tablet device will follow the same cycle as the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Frankkobola from Digital Trends has learned that April looks to be the month that Apple will release its new iPad, which is the same month that the current iPad was released. This news comes from information gathered by ComputerWorld, who had spoken to Gleacher & Co analyst Brian Marshall.

None of us know if Apple will stick with the same basic design of the iPad or make a few changes? We recently reported that changes could be made to the display, and we hope that it will come with a camera and FaceTime. However, we now have reason to believe that it could also be made from something different.

According to an article from Apple Insider, which we found via Ubergizmo, it looks as though the next-gen iPad could have a carbon fiber shell. The reason for this is to help improve reception – I am sure that I have heard that before – and help reduce some weight.

We already know that Apple is ready for the new iPad 2, as TV advertisements have already been shot, the only thing left is to add the new tablet device once they have been designed – which we believe Apple has already done.



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