Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Ten Tips For Survival

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2010

Are you still finding it hard to get past the first stage of dogs on Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty: Black Ops? If the answer is yes, then you might appreciate this ‘zombies beginners guide for noobs’ which we’ve found.

The guide has been compiled by the guys over at WeGotThisCovered, as they have provided 10 of their top tips which will increase your chances of survival against the undead.

Having had a read through their tips myself, I noticed that most of their tips are generally for Five, the second zombie map, but you’ll also find them useful for Kino Der Toten as well.

They advise gamers to not search for the mystery box straight away, as it could lead to an early exit if you don’t get a decent weapon. Instead they suggest just using one of the guns on the walls until the whole team has racked up enough points to get organised as a unit.

They also stress the importance of blocking up windows. While this is an obvious tip for most, they suggest that a lot of players just ignore blocking windows up once the map gets opened up more. They also have some other useful tips in relation to using microphones to communicate, as well as choosing the right moment to revive downed allies.

Check out their tips in the link above, then let us know if you have a worthy tip of your own in zombies. You may want to read our ‘best / highest level’ zombies thread, as users have already been giving a few tips on survival there.

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  • haychucky94

    i al most for got it was on kino

  • haychucky94

    Man when i play i always go down bout when the tips i read i went to level 32 too 75

  • Awilmo

    should i scope at the zombies or not?

  • Skb182

    i find the best way to rank up poins is to shoot them in the leg about 4 or 5 times then knife them :] u can get about 2k points in 1 round

  • Samlajones

    how do i turn on the power in the first room….help

    • sideswipe

      you can not turn the power on in the first room you have to open up 5 doors

      • Blackopskid89

        can i get a mystery box on solo?

  • help

    a lot of people say that it is not good to buy things of walls in the first room, then what should i do if i run out of ammo. i know people say to knife but i am i very bad knifer, what should i do? please help .:( 

    • Matt

      Buy the m14 it’s only 500 points that’s four knife kills and you’ve paid it off and with most guns it’s the round number in shots + a knife to kill a zombie, head shots are a must for saving ammo so is the Bowie knife just keep playing and just remember it’s all about timing for everything, you get it eventually

    • skinner

      ok im not an expert but i have made it to the 25th level, in round 1 just knife all the zombies before they get through the windows, then in round 2 knife and use your GRENADES!! they are a underutilized weapon that know one uses enough, and by the end of round 2 you will have 3-4 thousand points, then open the door at the top of the staris and directly infront of you is the mystery weapon box, your golden at this point

      • Tyler4

        what i would do is shot them five times then knife, more points. and the box is not always in the next room. and grenades are used to make crawlers. crawlers are when you are at a high level and you throw a grenade at a pile of zombies. it doesn’t kill them i just blows off there legs to were they are slow and you can mess around with them or go build and get stuff when he is the last zombie.

      • Me-oma

         it’s simpler to shoot them 5 times in the first round and then open the door under stairs to the ally, buy the ak so you can survive to round 11. then open all the doors to the theater but don’t turn on the swich , verry simpel

    • ArmyStrongeAK-47

      If you run out of ammo,open the closes door to you then buy a good gun,then kill all of the zombies:renmberbrain storm befor you  play zombies that is what i do:remember what i said for now good bye Black ops players and get the new world at war game MW3 

    • Gprudeaux

      you should buy the rifle.and forget what your friends say

  • stay in the main room dont buy a weapon just knife to round four or five after that open the next two doors to the mp40 room by either the mp40 or the stake out camp there for a few rounds after the dogs then open the next two doors and camp on the stage without turning on the power until you absolutly need to after u turn the power on run to juggernoug then go find the box if you havent already



  • JaB

    In Toten…stay in the main room as long as you can. Then…open the door in the hallway. DO NOT open the upstairs door. Why? Because the hallway lines the zombies up…it gives you clear firing lines making it 10x easier. By opening the next doorway… the Zombies can only attack you 3 ways…coming down the hallway and the 2 doors to each side. Even if you fail to repair the doors in the main room…you still only have to protect 3 directions. Solo…I've made it to level 38 and with a partner level 36 going this way. Playing online…everyone opens the upstairs…doesn't make sense because your then having to defend more openings and you can never concentrate your firepower. Try it.

  • big

    where is the bowie knife?

    • Joeymartineau

      in the tell porting room near the juggernut

  • guest

    my suggestion is not to open doors too many doors until round 5 or 6 or until u past the first dog round

  • rewell


  • hamany

    seven-upq8 <<< add me any good zombie player im in level 26

  • fernando234

    dont turn on the power intil you cant handel th amount of zombie and the stakeout kills

  • ToXiC PaTrIcKzz

    Hold on to the first gun, use the upstairs route and buy the MP40, stay in the MP40 room until you get dogs. Once you finish the dog round go on stage, don't turn power on until 2 more rounds. Then pack a punch your pistol and you have dual grenade launchers. NOTE! Don't buy any mystery box weapons until you have the pack a punched gun and jeggernog

  • aaron

    wen u get to the power room link both portals.. buy an olympia and pack a punch den speed cola ur sorted 🙂

  • dean

    its better to get jugganaut for exta health and then go to the teleporter trowing grenades down

  • dean

    sorry this is long lol but very gd for extreme gamers. this is just another way to get high on zombies well just my opinion me and my friend so 2 players we stayed in the first room for a bit intill round 4 then open down stairs well the person with the highest money opens it because u can both get a gun and depending on the money situation on who opens the next door is upto you but we open the first two doors and stayed till the first set of dogs come then we stay one more round and normally one of us stays at the door and the other for the zombies that jump down and come through the window thn we open the gate and through to the power room then we leave a crawler at the end of the next round then if the box is there we have one go each depending on what gun you get thn we get the teleporter up and going for the next round but

  • jesta

    what if u have no way to tell a guy not to turn on the power and i dont have a speaker and usually play with random people

  • shawn158745

    i use the m16 and upgrade its a great weapon an while ur at the pack a punch just use the the garnade larucher

  • beast_mode16

    anyone wanna play zombies with me on ps3 my highest is 22 on five and 18 at kino der toten and i always get noobies and i am the only one alive around level 10 so i need players who have gotten highter than 16 levels….add me on ps3
    user id:Immortal_Joker16

    • Brian_gennette

      okay round 18 really keno is the easiest map ever my highest is level 42 could have went higher but my monkey grenade didn’t do its purpose and detract the zombies so i died.. “I was last alive and tried to heal my dad, We are a really good team me and him.” add if you want my name on PS3 is SGT-GENNETTE. i have two accounts but my other one is for prestiging only.

  • Sexy person

    Hello, can anyone tell me how to rape one of the zombies.

    • Andrew

      You are wrong!

  • Ross_Kebab

    Stay in first room til round 3 or 4 as long a all players have more than 1500. DO NOT BUY ANY GUNS!!!!!!!! Two ppl must have more than 3000 tho. Run to stakeout room and buy stakeout. One person buy MP40. Stay til after dogs then turn power on. Get weapons from mystery box. stay til 10 then go out side. take a revive. DO NOT CAMP NEXT TO GATE!!! YOU WON'T HAVE ENOUGH AMMO. If you can buy AK74u get it. V. useful if you only have shotguns, Specials, snipers, or rocket launchers. Run around killing zombies, basically going mad…

  • jose

    hey add me if you have ps3 NY's_Soilders

  • nino corrao

    add me on xbox Clutchkidd

  • Joey

    just keep usin commando and raygun

  • zombiekiller

    Pull a syndicate rape train and if you dont know what that is go on youtube and search thesyndicateproject

  • seanyd666

    In “five” I personally find it easiest to stay on lvl 1 until round 5-6. Then from there if u have a 4 man team go to lvl 2 but dont open any doors. There r only 4 windows so 1 man per window. There is a MP5K and a PM63 so u should be fine on guns. Grab ammo in between rounds and survive till round 8-9. At that time make a crawler and ur team should have plenty of points. Turn on the power and choose either 3 defence strategies. Hold the pack-a-punch room (2 in the room watchin the windows 2 in the hallway) or guard the large elevator (1 on the window 3 the main entrance) or small elevator (2 crouch 2 stand but hard to escape if someone goes down). Any other strategies I would love to hear. On Xbox Live seanyd666

  • corey

    when im in the theater room i stand buy the soward on the wall that cost 3000 points and just kill the zombies ( i play buy myself ) is this good or bad , should i keep moving ? step by step what do i do

    • Gprudeaux

      you should have someone play with you so someone can heal you.andyou can kill zombies faster.

  • eddy


  • ThFlow210

    hhy how do I get the maps for black ops……der rise

  • ThFlow210

    hhy how do I get the maps for black ops……der rise

  • jeter

    i mostly camp in the pack a punch room in five and have 2 people in front and have 2 people covering the back windows and it is good to know glitches survive a lot of rounds like that so if you find any glitches let me know i hate glitches that are patched so make sure they are not patched before you tell me about it if you want to add me jeet25 for ps3

  • How do you even get pack a punk?Or aktivate the telaporter?I can barely make it to round seven even with three Qwik rivives.i just run around and open all the doors.

    • Ross_Kebab

      I no!!!!

      • Andrew

        it's i know not i no. some of you people are idiots no offense

        • Joey

          LMFAO i agree. but so are you. no one’s perfect

    • Black Ops advisor

      When you reach round 7 go to the middle of kino der toten and have a zombie kill you. Make sure you have a quck revive .after your on the ground the zombies go there when they reach there shoot the zombies because your pistol get upgraded. you can kill alot of those fucking zombies in one shot.

  • The Edster

    my best way so far is to first fight the zombies in the main room untill u fight the dogs once done fight the next round of zombies then save one once u have done this go to the upstais room and open that door first if theres no mystery box then go the other way DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO THE TURRET ROOM keep looking for the box once found each player should have enough points for a decent weapon now go bk to the first room you opened and get into the back now then the pearson with the weakest weapons goes to the bk window the other players watch the corridor as that where all the zombies will come from once u have racked enough points up (i find any machine gun works best for this) go and switch the power on link the telliports hold off at the telliports untill it gets to much then packapuch ur weapons (remember ur weapon get full ammo once packapunch)after this go back to the first room and hold off from there there is also a room just to the side aswell for when dogs come

    i have found this metherd very consitant and it very realy lets me and my team mates down

  • Dick Cheney

    In level 1 shoot zombie 6 times (no headshots!!!) and then knife. The reason for this is to get as many points as possible early. Level 2 use remaining pistol rounds on zombie, then knife. Buy M14. Level 2 shoot 1X with M14, then knife. Level 3 shoot 2X with M14 then knife. Level 4 shoot 3X then knife. If you happen to get maxammo, shoot as much as possible with pistol then knife. The goal of this is to rack up some points to improve your situation. 2X score is a blessing if you get it with alot of ammo. Scre headshots, you lose out on points early on. Later on though, headshots are awesome, especially if you have a LMG. Big rule is do not camp!!!!! Keep moving always. On dogsofwar, back into a corner, hopefully with a decent weapon and take care of business. If playing solo, always have a little revive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zombie killer x

    i got a secret for FIVE… if u kill the scientist WITHOUT him stealing ANY OF UR TEAMS guns, then 4 a short time, pack a punch is 1000 points

    ok now THIS is the proper reason i typed in this sight: 2 share my knowledge with u.. on kino der toten, u need to stay in the 1st room until all players hav about 4500-5000 points or if ur by urself about 7000-8000, then open upstairs, stay there 2 rounds, carry on through every door till the power room DONT TURN ON THE POWER YET THOUGH!!! stay about 5 rounds save a zombie (not a crawler, cuz now crawlers suffer) turn on the power, find the box & connect the teleporter (dont use it tho) get jugurnog as well & if u have 6500 or over left (u should do 4 staying in 1 place 4 so long) get a quick revive & kill the zombie u saved. NOW stand on the teleporter, and use it if u think ur gonna die (make sure everyones on wen u use it tho) then pack a punch ur best gun, and throw grenades & use a sniper/ g11/ bazooka if u have 1 (dont forget 2 buy sum grenades b4 u exit), wen u teleport back, go upstairs in the 1st room, and use the electric barrier so they dont get in there n cover both the door, and the barrier (if u have sum1 with u its easier) keep repeating this until u just can't hang on any longer. I GOT TO LVL 27 BY MYSELF BY DOING THIS, WITH 2 PEOPLE LVL 45, WITH 3 OVER XBOX LIVE 67, WITH 4 OVER XBOX LIVE 94! PLEASE TRY IT IS AMAZING THANKS!!!

    • Roberto

      Wow you sound like you know what your doing G-Tag NIGHTMAREXBEAR. I PLAY XBOX 360 PLEASE ADD ME

    • eddy

      6 times no 4 times then a stab

      • eddy

        thuder dogs come den open UP STAIRS DOOR

    • jAMES

      add me sean parker 3

  • zombie killer x

    i got a secret for FIVE… if u kill the scientist WITHOUT him stealing ANY OF UR TEAMS guns, then 4 a short time, pack a punch is 1000 points

    ok now THIS is the proper reason i typed in this sight: 2 share my knowledge with u.. on kino der toten, u need to stay in the 1st room until all players hav about 4500-5000 points or if ur by urself about 7000-8000, then open upstairs, stay there 2 rounds, carry on through every door till the power room DONT TURN ON THE POWER YET THOUGH!!! stay about 5 rounds save a zombie (not a crawler, cuz now crawlers suffer) turn on the power, find the box & connect the teleporter (dont use it tho) get jugurnog as well & if u have 6500 or over left (u should do 4 staying in 1 place 4 so long) get a quick revive & kill the zombie u saved. NOW stand on the teleporter, and use it if u think ur gonna die (make sure everyones on wen u use it tho) then pack a punch ur best gun, and throw grenades & use a sniper/ g11/ bazooka if u have 1 (dont forget 2 buy sum grenades b4 u exit), wen u teleport back, go upstairs in the 1st room, and use the electric barrier so they dont get in there n cover both the door, and the barrier (if u have sum1 with u its easier) keep repeating this until u just can't hang on any longer. I GOT TO LVL 27 BY MYSELF BY DOING THIS, WITH 2 PEOPLE LVL 45, WITH 3 OVER XBOX LIVE 67, WITH 4 OVER XBOX LIVE 94! PLEASE TRY TS AMAZING THANKS!!!

  • DK Mill

    Now then, as you are running the route, you want to kill a zombie or two that is in front of you, but don't worry about them too much. Turn around every now and then, and you will notice a GREAT train of zombies following you. I suggest using the MP40 to stack points ,and just fire an entire magazine into the train. Once empty, turn around, run, and reload. Once reloaded and a safe distance away, turn around and do it again. Your points will increase faster than our debts to China, I assure you!

    Another important concept is that you NEVER go outside or downstairs unless you HAVE to for the mystery box. If you have the MP40, get your other gun out, and spam the mystery box until you get something decent. Pack-a-punch it when you can. Throw monkey bombs when about to die. And last but not least, have fun!

  • DK Mill

    My name on Xbox is Don Abracadabra. I have solo'ed Kino Der Toten to Round 30. I had very lucky drops from the mystery box. First 3 hits, I recieved ray gun, thunder gun, and monkey bombs. From then on, I just ran what is commonly referred to as "the route." Running "the route" is the best chance of survival I have found. "The route" would be the path which is from the lobby to the first room upstairs, then from their to the MP40 and Stakeout room, next from there to the dressing room, from there to the stage, and from the stage to the theater. Once in the theater, you merely go through the double doors and arrive in the lobby again. You repeat this "route" *********WITH*************** Juggernog. Otherwise, it is EXTREMELY difficult and nearly impossible.

  • Sam the Zombie Man

    Now you have a choice, you are left with 2 good places to hold, if you carry on through to the next closed door you will have 1 window to cover and a front door, this can be held until 20+ depending on luck and is a nice little place to hold but if you choose to fall back further there is another place to hold with one window but instead of a cramped door way with all the zombies coming through you have a nice open space which still funnels them but gives your team much clearer shots, some can stand on the stairway for an elevated shot and some on the floor for up close and personal encounters, this method has served me and my team well and we have got to 23 just holding this area, although in the later rounds the ONLY OPTION is to keep on the move, use traps and save ammo. p.s to those who think they got to level 35+ without glitching you are liers and anyone who has played zombies for any length of time knows it. I find it hilarious how little you have obviously played it and you dont understand that 35+ is rediculous without glitching! Merry Christmas 🙂

    • zombie slayer

      i beg the differ me and my one friend got 34 no problem and could have gotten farther but made minor mistakes

    • tizzbizzniz

      42 no glitching easy if u no what u are doing wonna play ad me tizzbizzniz

  • Sam the Zombie Man

    Simple strategy to make it to 20+. Stay in the first room till level 3-6 depending on dogs using only the knife until 4+, once the lowest scoring person has 5000+, open the first door under the stairs in the first room AND NO MORE THAT WAY, then open your way around to the stage, post 1 person on each window and the best equiped 2 on the front door, once you all have a reasonable amount of points save one zombie when you are happy with your points, you will need a spare 2500 points, pack-a-punch and get power ups then open the steel door at the back of the stage.

  • benno 64

    what and who has gotten to the highest zombies level

    • Sam the Zombie Man

      online it is 72 I think on Kino der toten but this was glitching, realisticly for us mere mortals once you pass level 20 you are not long for this world and 30+ is godlike 35-40+ are liers.

      • zombiekiller

        wrong lvl 80 it used to be 73 ur right there do cheat!

      • k,don

        how come me and my bro went to level 51 and i also send it in youtube you wan to go high in zombies add me in XBOX 360 FUCK SERBIA , dont get me wrong we had a war

      •  I GOT TO 37 solo dumbass

  • zombie_killer3

    Yo, I made it to level 42 with 2 players. Just stay in the first room till round 5, getting as many points as possible, after that, find the gun box. Get decent weapons before turning on power. Soon as powers on, get juggernoug, and stay in the power room. Once you get many after you, run through the doors, and use traps, saves ammo, and kills a lot of zombies. Thundergun is almost a nessicty for levels 30 and above. Clears paths while evading, and kills massive amounts of zombies. Ray gun is helpful 2, shoot their legs and make crawlers, and you can jump over them and evade them.

    • Sam the Zombie Man

      You lie, No you didnt get to level 42 with two people without glitching

      • Unknown

        its not too hard to get to level 42 if you have a decent strat
        good guns, good strat, good players = 40+ level
        plus 2 players is easier than 4 players (less zombies)

  • tyler hendrix

    For some reason me and my brother keep lossing because everytime one of us dies 15 or 16 of those undead fuckers come out what are we doing wrong! 1.We're organized 2.We always use either our knives or high powered rifles or shotguns in the first 6 rounds 3.We always make it to the generator

    • Eric

      dont use shotguns or snipers, go for assault rifles or light machine guns, and dont use your knives after round 10 unless you have the bowie knife

    • Mr.Dead

      knif tell about eather round 4 our till you leave the first room when on of you get down dont go for him in les the next roun starts or if you have QR or monkes your good to go for him.

  • John

    I’ve only played with two people and gotten to round 31. the strategy is to open the door in the top room and hold them off there. Post 1 person at the window and one person with the best weapon will hold off the front while the other helps when you need to reload or get overwhelmed. after you have the opportunity to save one at about round 10 turn the power on and use that to help hold off the zombies by turning on the force field. Just remember to hit the box until you get good enough weapons to upgrade and its a peice of cake to get to at least round 20 every time.


      round 20? VERY lame my friend, gotta aim for round 30 every time by doing the loop around the whole thing, after level 22 use the teleporter 2 times a level, should really be aiming at doing 4 loops there on – picking up the mp40 every single time and unloading in to their heads! LEVEL 58 up in this mutha fwcker

  • logan

    ANY GOOD zombie players add[ xx-COMANDER]

    • Mr.Dead

      me. i've been plaing first person soters sens i was 6

    • scopzz_monsta

      add meh scopzz_monsta i have been on round 46

    • adam


  • Tim

    Once you have the power on, and are posted up at the stage, its good to leave a crawler, get organized, and then link the core that you first spawn on in the beginning with the teleporter. Then get situated in the teleporter and kill the crawler. Now wait for the first wave of zombies and just as they get to be overwhelming teleport. Now you can throw grenades out the window and basically slaughter the first half of that rounds zombies. Also, you can buy grenades up there on the wall. Now after 30 seconds the teleporter will send you back to the link that you first began on and it is simply a cat and mouse game. Just keep moving and setting off the electric traps. By do this procedure every round, making it far gets a little easier.

  • zack

    i usually start by playing the first 4 or 5 rounds in the main starting room. after i have money, i save one zombie and make our way to the theater. once you get there, you can post up one person on the back window, one person on the side window, and two people with the better weapons on the front double doors.

    DO NOT TURN ON THE POWER YET. also, do not open the small steel door at the back of the stage. it makes things harder. Play a few rounds in this room, i usually go to round 15-16 here . have the people guarding the back and side windows each try to save a zombie each round so you can get more ammo or look for the box. once you all have a lot of money, you can save a zombie, and turn on the power. the best bet is to have two people pack a punch at the same time. when they get back, you are going to post up by the juggernog machine with all 4 people, and the last one to make it there should turn on the auto turret near the stage. take turns shooting. quick revive is very handy.

    • marc

      great plan i never thought of that

    • Guest 2

      thaNK YOU SO MUCH

    • unknown

      probably this will only work for 30- levels but once you get 30+ you'll probably wont be able to kill them fast enough or run out of ammo

  • Jake

    Pack a punc as soon as possible get juggernog Bowie knife and don’t use the upstairs rooms go into power room don’t turn on power and camp for a wile thEn pack a punch both weopons

  • Zombie Merkin

    useful for Kino Der Toten
    all are wrong.. there is a system.. First get as many points as you can in the first 5 to 6 levels. Go up the stairs and open all the doors leading to the power switch which opens the door that brings you back to where you started. Now you have a circle to run around and kill zombies. A combination of using the teleporter, Getting all of the drinks, and the mystery box while still having a gun that you can used off the wall ( because you will run out of ammo), and most importantly good teammates. Sometimes it is better to let your teammate die then to try and save him. ( If you can find them, make sure you get the video reels in the secret teleport rooms and watch the movies when in the projector room). Good huntings. 12/5/2010 Level 42

    • will

      hey add me if you have ps3 NY’s_Soilder

    • michael webster

      can you let your team mate die and still keep playing ?

      • fezzaz13

        I can't let my team mates die I never leave a man behind lol. i watched a NGT vid on utube last night and yeah they hang around with the pistol in the first room til level 5, rack up leg shots with the pistol, melee while mr zombie is breaking the barricades and spend a lot of time getting points from rebuilding the barricades for points. Great strategy

        Me,I go straight to the Olympia and don't even let them near the barricade, WRONG way to do it!!!

    • Guest 2

      why let them die what if they have good guns and what if you are the last one alive

      • war mace13

        because if you are being followed by a trairevive, youre gonna be downed and lose but if you keep running you can win the round and your teamates will come back next round


    just make alot of headshots and reload alot and you will be fine trust me


    if u want to survive alot of rounds make tons of headshots and reload as much as possible to save the most amount of ammo.

  • razbrazzz

    how do you get this pac a punch? do you need to turn the power on first or somthing, how many points you need? In other words: what is it???

    • Ethan

      You have to turn on the power and then go through the teleporter.

    • Jake

      the pack a punch is kind of an upgrade for your gun. i think u need 4500 points for it. on kino der toten you hav 2 link the teleporter to the core and wen u go into it, you should appear by the pack a punch

    • Joe

      Get to the Pack A Punch by linking the teleporter. Unlike the World-At-War edition, it costs nothing to teleport to the Pack-A-Punch room. BUT…each time the teleporter is used, it takes a few minutes to cool down before it can be used again. PLUS, you must link it everytime you use it. Upgrading a weapon costs 5000 points a weapon. A word of advice upgrade your PISTOL. You will be surprised how great it is. Also…you can only upgrade ONE weapon in every trip to the room. I am on XBOX @ Joeyzaza925. Good luck. I have reached round 28. Feeling LUCKY? 😉

    • guest

      u get it by going into the teleportter and then there is a machine you need 5000 to use it i personally think that if you upgrade your pistol you get mustang and sally which is a grenade launcher hand gun

    • Mr.Dead

      ok i've playd for a long time and it cost 50,000 the amo cast 45,000 i know it seems a bit much but its wirth it. on five you teren on the power and the actovate the swiches on the war room: AkA 2nd floor and then teleport. boom……….your staring at it. on kin der toten you tern on the power and link the teleporter and teliport and………..boom its behinnd you!

    • haydn

      are you friggen stupid or something ?

    • marcos

      for the packa punch u need 2 turn on the power then go into the teleporter and it'll be behind you and it's 5,000 points

    • dylan hill

      turn the power on, then go in the teleporter(big weird machiney-thingy) hold x( or square whatever is on the left.) and then go straight to the lobby(go through the little door past the curtains) and hit x(square) on the swirly thing, and go back to the teleporter. go into it and hold-"the button"- and you will be in a little room. behind you will be a big machine that says costs 5000 to pak a punch a gun. if u dont have 5000, you can stil thro gren8s down on those zombitches!

    • adam

      turn on power n 5000

  • guest

    Crossbow with upgraded ammo, the zombies run to it like its a monkey grenade

  • kdlsd

    no akimo pistool than you get akimbo rocket launcher belive me it's the best way too kill all the zombies

    • mustang and sally are the upgrade of a single m1911, they give you grenades and you cant buy upgraded ammo for a gun without pac a punching it first

  • treyarch

    get upgraded ammo for the m14 (4500 points)

    • peeps

      no the fn fal

    • m&m

      what dose it do?

    • Ross_Kebab

      no first gun should be stakeout or mp40

    • WickedClownn

      Hey treyarch how do you get the upgraded ammo?

      • ryan

        no the pistol should always be the first