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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Ten Tips For Survival

Are you still finding it hard to get past the first stage of dogs on Nazi Zombies on Call of Duty: Black Ops? If the answer is yes, then you might appreciate this ‘zombies beginners guide for noobs’ which we’ve found.

The guide has been compiled by the guys over at WeGotThisCovered, as they have provided 10 of their top tips which will increase your chances of survival against the undead.

Having had a read through their tips myself, I noticed that most of their tips are generally for Five, the second zombie map, but you’ll also find them useful for Kino Der Toten as well.

They advise gamers to not search for the mystery box straight away, as it could lead to an early exit if you don’t get a decent weapon. Instead they suggest just using one of the guns on the walls until the whole team has racked up enough points to get organised as a unit.

They also stress the importance of blocking up windows. While this is an obvious tip for most, they suggest that a lot of players just ignore blocking windows up once the map gets opened up more. They also have some other useful tips in relation to using microphones to communicate, as well as choosing the right moment to revive downed allies.

Check out their tips in the link above, then let us know if you have a worthy tip of your own in zombies. You may want to read our ‘best / highest level’ zombies thread, as users have already been giving a few tips on survival there.


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    hhy how do I get the maps for black ops……der rise


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