Treyarch: Next CoD Black Ops Update / Patch – PS3 & Xbox 360

By Jamie Pert - Nov 19, 2010

Earlier today we revealed that Treyarch has released a title update / patch for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, whilst reading through the official changelog I stumbled upon details regarding problems which Treyarch’s developers are still working on.

If you check out this PS3 thread and this Xbox 360 thread on the Black Ops forums you can see official information regarding updates and fixes, if you scroll down you will see some fixes which are still in progress, you can see the in progress fixes below

· Prevention of Valkyrie rocket exploding upon release under rare conditions

· Prevention of Gunship failing to give player full control under rare conditions
· Prevention of a rare issue where a player will get teleported outside the map boundaries under very specific circumstances

To be honest with you I have not experienced any of the above problems in my 14 hours of mulitplayer gameplay, therefore it would seem as if the use of “rare conditions” and “very specific circumstances” is pretty justified.

We would love to hear whether you have experience any of the problems mentioned above, if so let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Cutting

    Im havin the problem of gettin online

  • zak

    they wont fix spawns they fix the stupid stuff

  • Taylor28

    The same has happened with me on the rockets. everytime i shot it i would be killed right away. how ever now, it is fixed

  • Mic

    why can't they fix "lobby has been closed".. If i play for two hours, it will be a hour for "game lobby closed" or "host migration failed"…. I'm fedduppppp!!

  • the only problem i have is joining a game! a freind will get online and invite me. i try to join. it says joining session for half a second, then returns to the main menu. WTFS>!?!?!?!?!?!!?!
    treyarch, you ruined this game for me, please fix these connection issues NOW OR YOU WILL DIE!

  • Jason cook

    i know you have heard this time in and time out again i enjoy black ops very very much but the thing that is really becoming a pain in the ass and a lot of my friends say the same is all the stupid dam quick scoping i have had a guts full of little cowards that don't know how to shoot a sniper rifle it is a disgrace to the soldier that has gone to war and died and is this is the way to honor them by making a game with dumb ass quick scoping players please please please for the memory to countless lives that have been taking by quick scoping Fix it finally so that this comment can be forgotten

  • John Doe

    id have those problems but the thing that gets me frustrated is that every 30mins or so i get laggy and when the round ends it either sends me to CT or theater mode, the other thing is that when my map loads it jus loads thru out the whole game. my friend came over and brought over his tv and ps3 so as we play my screen stays on loading map connecting to other players while on his screen hes playing. wats up with that? fix your servers and fix the damn game i wasted money on this and this is how you fuck us up. pls pls fix the damn game this game is junk sometimes your develeoper rush the dam game atleast make a dedicated server. my connection shows full bars but shit id dont feel like full bars i shoot the person with a whole mag he stills manages to kill me in 2 burst shot now how is that? anyways i dont want to go on ranting about this junky ass game which i prolly jus wasted my money. thank you very much TRIACH you suck btw

  • bones

    I was able to fine lil to no problems getting disconnected and lost host issues, with the new update i can't seem to get in a game for 10 to 15 min sometimes, and then i just give up and go play something else. Also when i do get into a game I get disconnected 7 out of 10 games. My friend has been experiencing the same problems. It is really frustrating!!!

  • Rob

    They need to fix the fucking servers instead.

  • steve wesley

    What the heck happened to muting a player in the lobby? It's disappeared the last 2 times I signed in. And after viewing a player in the lobby, hitting the circle button displays my friends???

  • Daz Bamborough

    Yea i got re spawned to THE roofon Nike town were à dove was somking à joint it was well mad i THEn had t with Bob Marley while zitting on on Valéry please fix it folks

  • Rupert

    I refuse to put this game back into my xbox until they fix the spawning, and the matchups. Every game i go into with my friends as a party, we have to fight the top ranked people with atleast a 2.50 kdr thats online at that current time just because theyre the only ones in a team fighting. FIX THIS GAME!!!!

  • Awehweh

    Fix the spawn! and scope of snipers ! and grenade sounds

  • mitch77zulu

    There so much problems at ps3 multiplayer. Bad Bad weapons balance , 7 of 10 times i spawn in front of the enemy , the performence and stability in a game is a joke and 90 percent of my online experience i played as a low level character in a low level team against 6 to 10 prestige opponents. Matchmaking!!!!. – Treyarch fix this.

  • halfbakd24-7 ps3

    my game doesn't freeze as bad as it was , but it still happens . the knife kills are way off . melee used to be a skill , but all that is messed up. overall i've gotten used to the crappy graphics , but it's way too easy to prestige and there seems to be no point anyway just for some labels and face paint if you do it 15 times . the realisticness is gone in this game . it seems more like a quarter arcade game rather than a rpg . if i shoot or stab you i expect you to die , not turn around and kill me . i hope they fix this game and add more maps and other stuff so i can get my moneys worth . but it just feels like a deflated boner .

  • joseph

    fucking hate how u can knife someone and they dont fucking die and you shoot someone they go behind a wall then they die wtf

  • please bring quickscoping back its the best thing in the game if u listen to my comment and you will do it you will have many many more people playing black ops probaley you arent reading this comment =(

  • josh morris

    i think they should fix the offline multiplayer in this game,why the hell would they take away custom game options.I hate how you can only play 10 min matches.also sniped someone in the head they turn around and shoot me from a distance with a shotgun.

  • John

    why the hell, all of suddon do the guns like aug and fal..start sucking…the first week the game was out those where my go to guns..all of sudden they work like shit…..treyarch you SUCK at making cod games.

  • joe

    does the update fix the poor graphics?

  • Le Muffins

    The biggest issue that should be fixed is definitely the spawn. Utter rubbish.
    Followed by the, sometimes it takes 2 bullets to kill, sometimes it takes 2 magazines to kill. Seriously?

    I'm on lvl50 for the first time. If anyone says that this game takes more skill to play than mw2, i'll find it really funny. Since it is so bloody in consistent, i dont see the point of having skills. Hate me, flame me, the only way to play is to camp.

    Black Ops is so fatally flawed that i dont understand why so many people out there claim that this bullshit is better than mw2. I'm buying a copy of mw2 tomorrow since i returned the one i had to my friend.

  • Cole V

    1. Mw2 is Better
    2.Mw2 doesnt freeze my whole game
    3.Treyarch U suck just hand the game to Infinity Ward
    4.Horrible Spawn Point
    5.I was prestige 2 Lvl 35 and was told to delete the game data and it still froze the next patch hopefully will be better.
    Mw2 10th Prestige Lvl 70 Challenge Lobby Maker

  • Anonymous

    Ive experienced the valkyries rocket issue. It was kind of annoying but after the last update i havent had any more issues. The only thing im having issues is with the hit detection.

  • leo

    i experienced the valkyrie rocket problems so many times that i dont even use the killstreak anymore

  • John

    1.) Spawns. I spawn right where I died, or the enemy team spawns BEHIND ours.
    2.) LAG. Bitch about my connection as you might, I experience UNBEARABLE LAG!!!
    3.) I thought COD was about who was the better player, not who has the better connection.
    4.) Ps3 version has these ^ multiplied x4.
    5.) I hate you, Treyarch.

  • ray

    my one crashes on mutiplayer when i invit me freind on it lets us play then kick me and bands me for the time my mates online so i cant play it it all so locks up and crashes so i have to trun me ps3 off and on again to play the pach 1.03 has made the game crap like moh 2010 worked ok be for pach just lang and contenon probles it seem they have mad the problem worse than be for

  • Joris K

    I must say i have a lot of problems with joining games together with friends if we are with 6 people there is always somebody who can't join the match. This sucks big time..Also my ps3 got frozen way to often. I like the new game types as gambler and one in the chamber. Verry bad they removed quick scoping.. it took so long to learn it cause it's not easy… and now i can't quick scope. MW3 please bring back quick scoping..everybody got his specialty one is good with SMG others with rockets and some with quick scoping..

    sorry for my bad englisch ..

  • mycahonas

    the game is completely oriented to whom ever has the best connection. and no 2 connections are the same! back to a real game for me , MW2

  • leo

    fix the sniper

  • Blackas

    Wtf? I haven't experienced any of these glitches at all, and I've played a lot of Black Ops. Guess maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones..

    • Jesse

      Same here…i hate that they patched the Combat training XP glitch 50,000 a kill 😀
      im 15 prestige lvl 50 on combat training 😛

    • matt

      i haven't either

  • CoDIsDead

    This games should be called the "Biggest Game of Glitches in 2010" not the best selling, it sucks I wish I had never bought it, can't complete campaign it keeps freezing, I lost my online profile when I got to Prestige 1 – Level 38 and the thing went corrupt and was reset, Bullets not registering always takes entire clips pumped into someones head…

    It should be recalled and I want a refund… Treyarch killed the COD brand, didn't they learn from Infinity Wards mistakes, jeeze patched MW2 bugs in Black Ops only retards could mess-up this bad…

  • Facarl

    My game keeps on freezing in the story .I cant finish the story and i never did the last update.I’m trying to do the new update during the download the tell me the download is not working

  • Jacob

    Fix the framerate issue!!!! that's why it sometimes takes 6 bullets and other times 60.

  • Brewzer420

    I've only got two Valkyrie rockets and the second one I gpt blew up in my face whenever I tried to shoot a rocket. Pissed me off to say the least. It may be rare but considering I have a 50% rate at this moment they need to get it fixed.

  • sid

    I have black ops on 360 and had a big issues with trying to play games while in a part of players prior to going to the game type. Patch fixed it instantly and game load times are quicker for me. They do need to fix the spawns though. They are horrible

  • mark 1984

    The patch seemed to bring all the problems i didnt experience much to the fore last night. First game really bad lag, previously not experienced it, then trying to play zombies with my mate, we got in a party then it fell out, got back in and tried in vain multiple times to invite others, no luck. then lost him again and the friend i had tried to invite in vain managed to connect. Also loose audio on the head set sometimes, which is annoying, adam adam can you hear me. no its buggered up again.

  • Danie

    In Split screen multiplayer there is no way to set up profiles like on Modern Warfare. The whole point is to start with limited guns and build up according to kills etc. It does not even tally up any kills or head shots etc. Only player one gets killstreaks which is lame. There is no place to set time limits, amount of kills, radar on or off. Modern Warfare was fun because you built up your profiles with your mates on split screen now there is just pointless gaming. There is an option on how you want your name displayed but no where to type in your name. I wanna be able to unluck weapons, not just have them all from the start. The split screen vibe needs load of work. You can take such a big step down from Modern Warfare and just add Zombies.

    • guy sensi

      dude, stop complaining! Modern Warfare 2 was full of noobs with grenade launchers and UMPs.

  • Jason V

    Hit detection: I didn’t consider this a problem until today but now I see your point. Hit detection is pathetic in this game. I ran up on a guy in launch and got three rounds off with hit markers in the face. He kills me with a gut shot smg spray. Even worse, on the killcam, I never even fired a bullet. WTF!?!

    • Leroy

      Carepackage got randomly teleported outside the map on Nuketown. I put my SAM turret and carepackage markers exactly on top of each other and the carepackage randomly flew outside the map lololol

    • craig

      im with you on that one i fired a full ak47 mag into someone and afler that killed me with 1 shot of a mp5 and its always happening this game is realy bad realy realy bad 🙁

    • Mike Hawk

      It's called lag, get off your dial-up

  • jimmy

    keeps freezing after the damn update, wish they would get their heads out their arses n sort it out

  • Abe

    got teleported outside map and couldn't move…also happened with my rxd

  • John

    meh, not excited by this patch. When all anyone wants to play is nuketown and 5 mins into the match you're spawning in front of 5 enemy combatants I'd say there were more pressing issues to be patched. Also when 2 shots to the buttocks equals 3 shots to the head there may be an issue with hit detection.

  • Saifooo


  • mark

    Very rare issues are the main things that they are worried about?

    Maybe just maybe I could be so lucky to experience one of these very rare issues, by getting in to a HQ games. I can get in free for all but that’s it. I paid $60 for my game, would be great if it did what its supposed to.

    • Timmay

      well this issue could be that you have to deleted your updates and download them again
      1 go to memory storage
      2 go to black ops
      3 Delete updates

      This might work , or you could have problem with the NAT configuration for your router etc.

  • Oska

    Fix the spawn!!!!!!!

    • matchesmalone

      THANK you!!! This Sh*t has been really pissing me off lately… One game I spawned four times in a row and instantly got shot by a guy standing RIGHT on top of me, TWICE I was flanked from both sides upon respawn. Worst spawn system I have ever played with.

      Still love Black Ops though

  • Hunter


    • yo mama

      no your not first you douche puncher!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jimmy

    I experienced the uncontrollable gunship glitch… it would continually go in a diamond shape across the 4 corners of the map. no big deal really. i got it in a care package anyway. aha

  • grrlygrl

    I had a game where every single time I got a Valkyrie rocket, it exploded and killed me. The Valkyrie didn't disappear off my d-pad though, so I kept trying. After a death or so, I ended up giving up and I lost that and any killstreaks hidden under it. It sucked.

    • Dudersaurus Rex

      Yeah I had the same issue with the Valkyrie Rockets

    • anon

      same here