COD Black Ops Zombies: Kino der Toten Map Online – Weapons and Tips

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 19, 2010

We have heard wish lists from our readers for the Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode maps, and seen some crazy glitches on many maps including the Kino Der Toten map, but today we wanted to follow up on the post about surviving in COD Black Ops zombies.

The last guide showed you the basics, which includes Mystery Box weapons, special power-ups dropped by zombies that are killed inside the map (remember to let a few in during the first couple of levels), and pack-a-punch weapons and how they upgrade.

Within the Black Ops Kino der Toten map you will see a sketched map on walls in most rooms, which lights up to show you the weapon box location (when power is on). Some of our readers wanted to see the Kino der Toten map online, and this is a good idea for a few reasons.

During the game you do not always get time to learn the map, especially for new players. Also the Kino der Toten map above shows you not only the layout, but also where the weapons on the wall are, doors, the location of the power switch, and even the zombie entrance points. You can see a full size version of this map on

It’s worth studying this map if you don’t know everything by second nature, when things go crazy you will need to act, and not be slow to think what to do, or where to go. Share your thoughts on Kino der Toten below.

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  • Wommedia

    my highest round is 21 with 2 people best strategy…circle map.

  • Eddy

    Hey I got to round 35 by myself, anyone wanna play zombies my gamertag’s right here.

    Gamer tag: MR_RAG_DADDY
    i know its sounds gay but its an inside joke

    • Eddy


    • Guest

      I got to 40 the other day just running around in a circle on the stage. Fun game. I’ll look you up.

    • me too 35 rounds my gamer tag is MichaelEscobedo

  • Tcox

    what is mule kick showed up on kino totn never seen before

    • Pieface1

      it let u have 3 guns

    • M8st3r 0F Z0MB13Z

      mule kick is where ou can hold 3 guns for like 4 or 5 rounds

    • anonamous

      it lets you have 3 guns, keep in mind if you get downed the last gun you bought will go away, along with the perk

  • Tcox

    what is mule kick

    • Mrchuckles

      u can have 3 weapons

  • Nick Cage

    Hey I’m a hardcore zombie player I have all maps besides wow and moon if anyone needs strategies I would be happy to help my name is Nicholas Johnson add me on Facebook or xbox360 gamertag BlazingSniper74 my YouTube page is BlazinSniper74 I will be uPloading videos too

  • Nick Cage

    Hey I’m a hardcore zombie player I have all maps besides wow and moon if anyone needs strategies I would be happy to help my name is Nicholas Johnson add me on Facebook or xbox360 gamertag BlazingSniper74 my YouTube page is BlazinSniper74 I will be uPloading videos too

  • Sean Kilroy

    Andre Kubat, you make it past round 20 on multi? what about solo? I’ve made it that far on solo

  • Matt

    Thanks man that is sweet now i can study and learn how to get past waze 17

  • Matt

    Tht is amazing thanks man now i can get better ast this location

  • Race Ford

    My highest round on Kino is 36. Name is Race Ford, add me on Facebook if you wannt tips on any other zombie map. Ascenion, Five, Der Reise, Shino Numa, Veruckt, and I think thats all there is right now. I have Ascension, Kino and Five on Black Ops and Veruckt, Shino Numa, Der Reise, and Nacht Der Untoten. I play on PS3 by the way.

  • Name withheld

    You shouldn't open any doors that lead outside if ur on solo

  • Name witheld

    Got first strike and swear i could see the theater on berlin wall map

  • zluiz

    I am not too good on zombies but I would like someone to take me under their wings and guide me too be good. Username: zluiz on PS3.
    btw people who steal your window in the beggining room are fucking pieces of shit!

  • chrisman 221

    thet tray is a tape u go by the projector wen u use the teleporter and hold x or square then is u look on the screen thing it shows diffrent things

  • pappagello

    how do you play black ops on zombies for free on the computer

  • will

    i wish acsension was out for ps3

  • Jordan

    Hey i killed the mad sientist guy and he just gave me max ammo and other weird thing what was weird thing and what does it do

    • Arby

      That lets you pack a punch your weps for 1k and you can go in the teleporter stright to it,

      -I x Fearless x (Xbl Tag)

      • austin gerber

        no it doesnt it gives you max ammo and lets u teleport to the room and u get N ACHIEVEMENT

  • happy cracky

    hahahahahhaha if u'll want some fun just send a message to dreadscythe6 and hope its me on then lets play zombies cuz i kick ass at it

  • Jake

    Does anyone know when the new zombie map Ascension come out on the ps3???

    • Jakey

      March 3rd 🙂

    • Jake

      It comes out March 3rd 🙂 and I can't for it. It's a lot of fun.

  • katie

    Does anyone know how to get two player mode for zombies?(I don’t want it online I want to be able to connect another control and play)

    • rickey

      split screen, not solo or live.

  • DMan

    How do you save your game in all the levels so we can come back and start from where you left off or when you get to a certain level and then you die its start all over again.

  • CrookedFunnyMan

    I got to level 38 on my own. What I recommend is the cross bow upgraded and a RPK or the HK21 do not upgrade this 2 guns until they run out of amo the cross bow upgrade it right away wel lbecause it has the function of monkeys when they are. Get monkeys when you can and run the mad activating the 2 turrets as you run pass them to weaken the high level zombies since they are a real pain to kill. lol Hope this helps and have a good one.
    -Xbox life gamer tag- CrookedFunnyMan always happy to play zombies.

  • anon

    you call that a map?

  • codyzack

    why do people sometimes kill themselves by jumping on each other at the begining i dont understand how that helps any at all can someone let me know why they do this and what is the item that i grab in some of the rooms after using the portal ?

    • DDman666

      they do this because apparently it gives you more pickups that zombies drop but i kinda don't believe it

      • anon

        trust me it does u get so much more makes the game a bit easier 🙂

  • Imyyzz

    i would like to know that when you use pack a punch and you go into this room and there is a tray what you can pick up by holding square and you get 4 circle thing by you grenades how do you use that tray ???

    • tennisfreak

      you can pick up films in the four random rooms you might go into after using the giant teleporter and right after being in the safe room with the pack a punch. most of the time you teleport into these rooms but you may just teleport back to the lobby. these films are supposed to be inserterd into the camera once you teleport up into the safe room where you throw grenades out the window. The camera is just to the left of the window. Hard to miss it. go up to it and hold down square and it will put the film into the camera and will display a movie on the giant projection screen on the stage. there are more than one films in the game so different films will play different movies. you can only pick up one film at a time.

      • Michael

        you go back to the pack a punch room and go to the film and play it by holding the action button x for xbox, ps3 i do not know.

    • jgjhgh

      it opems up a ladder by the power button

    • Race Ford

      Are you playing on XBOX 360 or PS3??

  • xXlinusxX

    Im tired of all beginners

    • Name witheld

      im with ya

  • Kristian

    Hey i would like to know what is that object you can pick up in the one little room the teleporter takes you once you leave the powerpunch room

    • name witheld

      if you mean samanthas room it is a movie reel

  • Louis

    the drinks are perks… any1 that is good at zombies on xbox add me BillionBird, must have a headset tho or dont bother

  • Jaaaaaan_an

    what about the drinks? what do they do?

  • killaklankaze

    I know 3 gun glitch but can’t fig out how 2 pap wo loosing 3rd gun. Claymore trick like the bettys does not work. Anyone know how?

  • msplaya2

    i give you the other maps go tho this website

    ps: i give you hacks

  • sean

    ive just got to round 39 any1 wanna join me for a game add me killer-kyle1 i go down stairs thru the alley an take out zombies on the stage with power off untill round 12 then get juggernaught ,always keep a door locjked i find running around the stage in a circle until every zombie is following its got me to level 39 but i always get a player who thinks there rambo an messess the game up

    • Jordan

      i always do wat the better layer says and i have been playing pretty llong that i no how it works. my name is N0mercy_1995

  • yoosuknubs

    won time i gawt to level 121 and it tookedd me 2.3 days
    yoo suck nubs

    • solid snape

      what a huge lie!! it only goes up to 99 you noob

      • Booger

        Hahahaha ><

    • trev

      The record is lv70-75. So thats a lie

      • paul

        my best is legit 45 with my mate, i am ranked 4567 in the world an that was not cheating, the first 2000 did use glitches,

    • mikey

      u probally glitched or left ur console on

    • bob

      yo mama took me 2.3 days.

    • Luiz

      The record is 86 looser

    • Jordan

      wow if your gonna lie like that atleast make it beleivable and that is completely bullshit

  • josh kolodziej

    I have made it to round 30 wih four people on playstation network and the lowest round i have had was 21. It gets intense but I think if you open thedown stairs door from the starting room you can go to the alley after opening another door and if the mystery box isnt there buy a ak74u on the wall and camp out by the fence while one is guarding the windo.. but be careful the zombies come from above too.. Once it gets too hektic you should open the gate. 2 go upstairs and watch the to windows while two are on the stairs.. After about 4-5 rounds there get a crawler and run back to the upstairs room of the starting spot and open up until you reach the power. You should each have about 10k. then when ur done getting perks and guns go back to the spot and kill the crawler. you will notice it is much easier to kill with better weapons. the eapons I would suggest are the rpk, hk ray gun and or aug.. monkeys are great too.. by the time you get to round 19-20 you should abbandon the scene and start running around freely .. It is a great strategy that will easily get you to round 30-40. Add me on Playstation network if you'd like.. J_DAWG_KILLA_5

  • raphael

    hey add me if u want im shorefire

  • jake

    go to next gen tactics and watch their mini series tht spiderbite made… they get to round 41 ont there second try it called the round fifty challenge or sometin just do wt they do

  • jake

    this map is off… by a lot im experienced ive gotten to round 45 on new kino map… yes it took me about 6 hourz… =( but first of all it dont show perks… second most od the stuff is off by several feet:alley it to big. mystery box by jugy isnt even ner the area it actualy is.. and is should really show turrets and traps because they can be helpful. did i meantion it dont show stairs ir the telporters? yeh this is good if ur brand new but if ur tryin not to get lost and u go only by this ull run into a corner tht it said wuz the hallway when the hallway is 20 feet away

  • zombie slayer

    ok im tired of this how do you get 3 guns can anyone answer me that i know there has to be a glitch on here like der reise with the bouncing betty

    • ZZooMMbbIIeeZZ

      u cant get 3 weps but the closest thing is to get a bowie knife (3000 pts) and 2 other guns, dunno if u count da bowie knife as a gun. (this is not just to zombie slayer) when u find a mystery box and its less than round 15, i suggest u b a greedy *BEEP* and keep doing mystery box and wait until u get HK21 and Ray Gun and upgrade those, last till round 30 or more

      • hihihihihi

        at least get a thunder gun

    • Ben

      its simple press the grenade button and the buy weapon button at the same time near a weapon when you have 2 weapons. still costs money

    • dont kare

      in 5 if u get the death machine power up uand u get downed u can have ur 2 guns and unlimited death machine ammo

    • crossboy17

      it just happens when you when you get 2 level 14 through 17

  • SVEN

    if there is anyone playing zombies on ps3 please contact me on this mail : i am just looking for someone who knows how to play, tired of all those beginners… SO PLEASE CONTACT ME AS QUICK AS YOU CAN.

    • josh kolodziej

      Hey SVEN get ahold of me.. I tried adding you but couldn't .. my email is or just add me on psn at the user name J_DAWG_KILLA_5

    • kameron

      i have ps3 but dont have online bout to get is facebook is kameron hardesty the one with family guy as screen saver

    • Mike

      I play all the time but mostly 5 Im good, and I hate playing with people that dont know, Im BadLucK666

    • kevin

      gamer tag is KRED321 bro i usully get to atleast round 20 by myself could use a good team mate who dosent suck lol

    • RYAN

      add me I_SHOOT_FIRST_31

    • Jordan

      add me my name is N0mercy_1995 the o is actually a zero.

  • YouDontNeedToKnow

    Thanks.. i will do this with one frien… now i know the doors cost altogether will cost 8500 and the guns will cost 12900…. ill open all doors when my friend has 8500, and i hace 12900

    the funny thibg is that he is better than me and i hace to get more points lol

    • dan

      the weapons actually cost 13150 your forgetting the frag grenades in the pack a punch room

    • Trav10

      You also forgot the pack-a-punch itself, you could get two weapons then upgrade both with that much.

    • Alex

      By the way, if you want to get that many points and at least achieve some sort of goal, I'd want to learn how to spell "has" correctly. 😉

    • Oliver

      but, can only have 2 guns, so why save enough to buy all of them..why not just enough to buy the two best?

  • timmy

    The tag is a "sale" it makes all the weapons boxes appear and I think it's free or cost less to buy a random weapon… I never have time to use it because of all the zombies…

    • hihihihihi

      it makes the random weapons box go into all possible positions and are only 10 points.
      use the lobby one and then run to the first door upstairs one. u can get two guns in the box then

  • Andy

    In the map Kino der Toten i was killing zombies from the projector room and a power up appeared that looked like a clothing tag and it looked like it had "Alex" written on it, not entirely sure about what it said but yeah. Anyone know what that power up does? I though it might be fire sale but don't know.

    • Shiva

      You might've figured it out by now, but it's a "Fire Sale". The ?-weapon-box will appear on all available places, and it'll only cost you 10 to buy a random weapon, instead of the usual 950. Pretty useful. Unless you're on round 20, surrounded by zombies and some idiot decides to go for the box anyway. Then you're usually screwed.

    • zombieslayer21

      its fire sale which means everymystery box is swithced on for 30 seconds and it only cost 10 points

    • Apple

      It give you a fire sale
      for the remander that it is up you can get wepons for 10 points only from the mystery box
      also a mystery box goes in all the rooms 😀

    • Name Witheld

      Well its prety simple alex mason hardy hard yhar

  • Joe Cobell

    all i get when i look 4 cheats is your guys's damn review's about the game, I'm lookin for cheats not all these games freaks!

    • crazybone

      thats because youre homo

    • Zombie Killing Baestard

      heres youre damn cheat run in circles at the teleporter holding down square at round 666

    • T3H~MASAKI

      On ps3, in multi-player (3 or more ppl) have one ally lay down in a corner, then have someone dive onto him.
      If done properly, then there will be laughing, and these two people will be downed, once revived you will get double the amount of power-up drops.
      Hope I helped!
      ~~~~ [C$M]MASAKI {WII}
      ~~~~TEHEE_MAN {PS3}
      ~~~~T3H-M <3 RAYNEc {WII, zombies only}

    • steve

      ok man only cheat site i go to

    • Jordan

      cheats is what noobs use, god u people who use cheats ruin the game.

  • Gadzilla

    @Frank Complete the Campaign or use cheatcode for the consol in the menu.

  • frank

    how do you get to the next maP

    • i-TonyHD

      Type 3arc Unlock on Computer at main menu

    • nate

      beat the game … u can also get out of the chair in the main menue got to the computer and put in DOA

    • danny

      got to be campaign

  • brendan

    Round 23 solo, got really lucky PAP 3 guns and every round towards the end always activate the turret in the middle and teleport to safe room, then if need when spawned back on the map activate the trap in front of me!!!

    • austin gerber

      got to round 41 on solo

    • Senor fluffy

      I got to round 36 solo had it for 2 weeks man.

  • gyfy


    • yoosuknubs


  • Scotty

    There is also roof openings that the zombies come in from that are not shown on the map. So watch out for those when your looking at the map and running around and what not 😉

  • Piemaster1337

    This map is pretty helpful if u haven't opened all the doors. and i only just discovered that there WAS a bowie knife in Kino, yesterday, when i looked at the…. i think it was speed cola.
    i think you''ll need about 20k money to get the buy weapons on the wall achievement. still confuses me why the MP40 is in black ops zombies, though
    MPL ftw

    • Neil "Zombie Killer"

      That is an extremly easy achievment. Play it solo I done it by round 13. Got my platinum in 5 days, got all but 3 trophies in 2 days. Easy game again. EXCEPT one mission SOG on veteran was hard 😛

      • john

        you seem like you would know what i was talking about if i asked what the hell the pieces of metorites do? any idea?

        • fuckface

          WHEN YOU FIND All three that song plays. save um til you start gettin far before you pick up the last piece. there is one in the lobby. one in the dressing room, and one in that up stairs room next to the stage and alley

    • charles

      i love the bowie knife

    • inglorius bastards

      its a reference to inglorious bastards…

      • Zombie Killing Baestard

        the whole map is reference to inglorius basterds it looks just like the theater they burn down AND the gas zombies are actually monkeys that have been mutated by NOVA6 gas so there if you want tips add me on ps3 im Alienboy13

    • fezzaz13

      The mp40 is the best off the wall gun in Kino. It has a 32 shot mag, a steady fire rate, so you won't run out of ammo too quickly unlike the PM63 and the AK47U. And the damage is decent. Iron sights are piss easy to use, so aiming for the head is almost childs play

      I usually like to have that, and the Olympia or Stakeout as back ups to get me out of hairy situations. Jugger-Nogg and speed cola, as well as pack a punch when I go up there are the only perks I use. Jugger-nog is most important

    • jansen

      how do you get weapons out of box ? tell me plese ( asap )