CoD Black Ops Xbox 360 / PS3: Treyarch Working On Spawn Update

By Jamie Pert - Nov 19, 2010

If you have been frustrated with Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ spawn location system resulting in seemingly endless spawn kills, you are not alone, word has got back to Treyarch and we can now confirm that developers are working on a fix to sort out all of the spawning problems.

We first mentioned that spawn killing was a problem in this article here, we received lots of feedback from our readers which confirmed this was a major problem, however most people believed that an update would soon fix this issue.

When the Black Ops title update was recently rolled out on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network we revealed full details regarding the update, this showed that the update was released to mainly fix matchmaking and connection-related faults and did not have anything to do with the spawn-related problems, this frustrated gamers, however we now have some good news for you.

If you check out the official PS3 Black Ops Update thread and the official Xbox 360 Black Ops update thread on the Black Ops forums you will see that a spawn-related fix is currently “in progress”, which should mean that an update will soon be released to rectify all spawn-related issues, you can see full details regarding the problem and fix below.

· Improvements to the spawn system to resolve an issue where negative spawn influencers from specific game events were not always being deleted after the danger had cleared – in some matches, this was causing good spawns to be erroneously flagged by the game as bad spawns, which in turn forced actual bad spawns to get selected later in the match

This will undoubtedly go down well with Black Ops gamers, let’s just hope that the update is rolled out soon.

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  • Stefan

    I'd rather they fix HIT DETECTION, matchmaking, the fact that when host migration fails you get a loss (patch it so it becomes either a draw, or a win if you're winning or loss if you're losing).

    Let alone the fact that if you go to a PSN chat during the beginning of the loading screen, the PS3 freezes.

    Spawns are annoying, mostly in HQ and FA. Demolition spawns ARE NOT BAD, spawntrapping is a legitimate tactic and if you are shit enough to be put into a spawntrap, you deserve to get punished for being bad at the game.

  • Ragnar

    lol that last update was a joke, it didnt do anything, my bandwith is at 14k and im still haveing lag problems? Give me a break, the servers need to be fixed badly, spawn system is still bad, and not to mention the AK74u is the MP40 of the game, come on, really? if i wanted to deal with a gun that owns all, i would have stuck with W@W. At least the campaign is fun to play

  • Creo

    You would think that spawning would be first on the list!! black ops is a waste of money try making the game properly before you sell it money grabbing bastards it’s always about figures better yet leave fps to bungie at least they make a quality product not a laggy based piece of shite it’s as if every match is predetermined AND all the machine guns feel the same. oh here’s another thing to patch the hitscan

  • LV_Hawk5

    I have yet to see any replies from treyarch. Patch 1.03 made this game absolutely unplayable. The respawning problem is the smallest out of many many problems. Now after the patch your lucky if you can finish 1 game out of 5. I know its not my connection or any other component. Treyarch needs to start reading some of the comments from almost all of the veterans on all these boards.

  • Freakofnature67

    Just like all the rest of these worthless companies, once they get your sixty bucks they forget we exist. If they truly wanted to fix things they would provide a email address to contact them with problems, I'm sure they have enough money laying around, they could hire a few out of work Americans to log the emails according to the problem areas, I'm sure I'm going to get a comment saying " well they have community forums" the problem with that is we the gamers are the only ones who read them. The only way these companies will learn is if we quit buying…that won't happen, they have made us all crack addicts…………

  • ddogstar

    I have found that the enemy spawns behind you all the time, which is a nightmare, it prevents you from being able to hold an area! before you know it, the brick wall behind you which you thought had your back covered, spawns an opposing player. I have even had someone spawn on top of me when i have been prone?

  • im sorry to say but the update never fixed any connection issues

  • Andy2020

    And what about pc gamers? after all we are all gamers playing the same game why not fix it for ALL formats of the game!!

  • StuOwnzU

    The spawning isn't that bad…. just annoying when you keep spawning outside in the same place when theres a chopper gunner above.

    • Jasen

      Sorry good sir…but the respawning is just…I can't even believe it…no words. Maybe for certain game modes it's ok and you don't notice it or maybe you on a PC or something…but for HQ or CTF or DEM everyone just spawns on top of one another. It's either you and someone else in the same location or they are running by and you just appear in a corner and boom you dead…again…or you run into someone who is still left on the other team and everyone is is waiting to spawn and they all seem to be "scheduled" or "programmed" to respawn at his location…so boom you kill him and are on your way to get the flag or HQ…next thing you know the whole team is on you…this needs to be fixed ASAP!

  • Dennis

    only for xbox and ps ? or for pc too ?