CoD Black Ops: Double XP Weekend Date Confirmed

By Jamie Pert - Nov 19, 2010

I recently received an email from Xbox where they were promoting the Xbox Live “Free Live Weekend” which takes place next weekend, in this email it also mentioned the first-ever Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend.

To be honest with you the email wasn’t that clear, however from what we can see the Black Ops weekend will kick off on Friday 26th November (Black Friday) and will end on the 28th November.

Currently we do not know what time it will start and finish, nor do we know whether the double XP weekend is coming to the PS3 and PC on the same dates, however (to my knowledge) all of Modern Warfare 2’s double XP weekends previously went live across all platforms at the same time.

Because this double XP weekend occurs on the same dates as the Xbox Live Free Weekend, non Gold membership subscribers will be able to get in on the action, this is quite clever marketing in my opinion, as allowing gamers with some free Black Ops multiplayer action will undoubtedly bring in more Gold membership suscribers.

As we hear details regarding exact start and end times, along with confirmation of the PC and PS3 double XP weekend we will keep you posted.

Will you play more next weekend due to the double XP weekend? I think I will!

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  • mike

    Because ps3 is for faggots Sony sucks so anyone with a ps3 can suck it xbox is were its at Microsoft started multiplayer

    • Terrypritchard

      ur gay xbox u got to play sony psn is free and i bet ur tv is sony

  • Nick Van Immerseel



    but why is it only for xbox no ps3????

  • CoD

    It's this weekend coming! 4th,5th,6th Feb!


    hello all fellow gamers! is there any news on the double xp weekend for call of duty black ops?

  • GingAARGH

    [UPDATE 23rd Nov] Microsoft have just snatched the double XP weekend that was supposedly meant to happen this weekend from under our noses.

    Xbox’s Community Manager Greame “Acey Bongos” Boyd has just sent out a Tweet saying that there has been a mistake on Microsoft’s part and they have managed to get the dates mixed up. So, sorry to disappoint but the double XP weekend will NOT be taking place this weekend (26-28th November), but will “happen in the future”. Bummer!

  • mikey

    black friday weekend is perfect for this. girlfriends go shopping all weekend, which gives us a perfect excuse to ignore them for a few days and gain crazy levels.

    • Taint McScrotes

      hahaha, well said

  • loly


  • the guy

    prestiging in my opinion is stupid so what you get new emblems and backgrounds big deal having a lvl 50 is just as good all that prestige stuff is just a waste of time

    • ADM

      To me prestiging is about longevity as I just don't enjoy playing for redundant XP, I like to be unlocking things and the fact I get a new emblem and custom slot is just a bonus I don't prestige for those.

    • fref

      for some people like me it makes it feel likes there's a goal in the game, otherwise for me it would get boring after a while just playing, especially since quickscoping isn't that much fun anymore..

  • Jon-Paul

    I can't wait for the double xp weekend. I am going to try to prestige before then so I can rank up fairly quickly. On the profit side of things, having the double xp and free gold weekend on the same date will probably roll in some extra dough for microsoft.