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COD Black Ops: Crashing / Freezing PS3 Consoles after Update?

We have some worrying news to bring you now, as we are hearing numerous reports that Call of Duty: Black Ops is crashing and freezing older PS3 models, before and even after the recent patch update which went live a few hours ago.

If you head over to this translated version of Dutch site PS3 Sense, you can read a bit more information on this. They have provided links to other forums, including the official Sony boards, all related to Black Ops causing problems for those still with the fat model of the PS3.

This may just be a case of, ”a new PS3 update is out for the game, but I’ll say Black Ops crashed my PS3 anyway”, but due to the vast number of complaints coming in, there may actually be a legit problem at hand here.

We’ll try and bring you more details on this soon, in the meantime let us know if the game has crashed, or even bricked your old PS3 model whilst playing.



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