Sony PlayStation 3: Getting Vudu movie support

By Gary Johnson - Nov 18, 2010

Services the PlayStation 3 offers continues to grow, with the news that with an upcoming firmware update, owners will be able to access the Vudu pay-per-view movie service.

John P. Falcone of Cnet is reporting that the service will be available from November 23, and will have an updated user interface, which will be friendlier when using devices such as the Move or mice. This new service will give PlayStaion 3 owners access to over 4,000 HD movies for rental or purchase. Some supported titles will offer 5.1 surround sound and 1080p HD resolution.

This latest addition to the PS3 joins other services which include the NHL Gamecenter, MLB.TV, Netflix, and Hulu Plus, as well as the PlayStation Store. The service will give Walmart the potential of millions of new customers in the US, and Vudu are going to offer new customers a $5.99 credit to sample the service.

Will you use Vudu when it becomes available?

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  • CoffeeBuzz08

    I won't be interested in Vudu. I prefer to get blu ray or DVD from netflix or red box and stream all other content through netflix.

    Dirt cheap. You can get unlimited streaming and 1 blu ray at a time through netflix for only 10.99/month. Or 1 DVD at a time (easier to burn) for only $8.99/month.

    Basically I was able to get rid of my cable bill and replace that $60/month service with a $8.99/month service that also gives me DVD's.

    VUDU is cool and I'm glad it's coming to PS3 exclusively. not for me but yet another reason for people to buy a PS3 this christmas.

    We got it all, blu ray, best line up of games, best motion control, internet browser, best coming games in 2011, hardware reliability, netflix, hulu, VUDU, whatever you want.

    PS3 gives the most for the money. Wii is good but old and not nearly up with PS3, 360 is laughable, $299 for a console that's the most unreliable in history, no blu ray, no wifi, limited to expensive proprietary HDD 250GB hard drive.