Nokia N8: Reports of Multiple Dead Smartphones

By Jamie Pert - Nov 18, 2010

According to a recent IntoMobile article it looks as if there could be a major problem with the Symbian^3-based Nokia N8, users are reporting that their smartphone no longer turns on.

If you check out this thread on Nokia Discussions you can see five pages of people reporting the same problem, mostly suggesting that their Nokia N8 started shutting itself down and in the end it completely failed to turn on.’s Eldar Murtazin recently tweeted this message “story repeat itself. Nokia n8 like 5800 has damage parts in first production volumes. N8 are dying across the world. All phones are affected”.

If your N8 has been affected by this problem we would love to hear what Nokia has done to help you, whether you have found a fix and whether they have agreed to replace the fault smartphone under warranty, let us know in the comments section below.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Santh K2002

    i m from india. i was installing nokia pulse and suddenly my n8 switched off and does not switch on. now its in nokia care. still not fixed.

  • Phil

    Got my Nokia N8 2 weeks ago. Went off and never came on again poor thing…It has now been sent to mobile phone heaven. nice people at Virgin have sent me a nice new Nokia N8 wait and see what happens to this one.

  • Adam

    Hi got the N8 yesterday and was getting excited only to find the unit would not even start charging then would not even turn on after , very angry and want to throw it at the nokia CEO head

  • Thabiso

    Live in South Africa, have had the N8 for two months, turned it off and never got back on again, currently at Nokia Care.

    Nokia should really acknowledge the problem and decisively communicate to it's customers what the problem is with the N8.

    My first phone was a 3210 then 3510i, 6260, N80, N95, now N8, but seriously considering something else. I don't mind problems here and there but transparency and speedy solutions always encourages customers.

    Nokia if you do not do better, you will loose the rest of your loyal customers!

  • sudhansu

    i purchased N8 2 months back and suddenly mobile is completely dead. i just thought that purchasing a such a expensive mobile and output or satisfication is big zero. NOKIA how can u do this..just to competing the market u launched such a dummy mobile in market….NOKIA is just trying to cheat customers

  • ovi

    I have had my N8 for about a month and honestly it had its intital problems. At the start the phone would suddently shut-down but after some time it got right.

    One thing i will advise is that DO NOT ATTEMPT A HARD RESET. Once you have tried it some programs will not install again. YOu would have to wait until a firmware upgrade, in january, before you can make any major installs.

  • Tan Soon Teck

    Don’t buy nokia. Is a piece of shit. I bought the N8 quit sometimes ago. It lasted for only five days and was dead. After repaired, i sold it. Now i am using a samsung E1310S and do not encounter even a single hanging or set freeze issue. Samsung is many times better than that nokia which like to cheat people money.

  • oncenokialover

    i dont think i'll send it to customer care after reading all the comments!! .so disappointed with nokia now! i mean iphone! i'll sell it and get a new phone, i mean iphone

  • Jobin

    I’m from India. I faced the same problem on 30th October 2010 for Automatic Switching off

    after some prolonged use of Camera. I sent the handset back to Nokia Customer care and got the replaced one in 3 Full Weeks, although I lost a big sump of data by that time.. Anyway i love my new set and its amazing in performace..

  • ozhin

    i have n8 and i dont have any problimes after 1 mont i live in middle east.i luv my n8

  • Roy

    My N8 lasted 4 weeks before the kiss of death. The irony here is the warranty will not be extended by the time it takes to repair, so Nokia waits out 11 more months and we're on our own.

  • chandra

    my nokia n8 dead too..
    i live in indonesia, i will not buy nokia phone anymore.. i'm very dissapointed..

  • Jon Gough

    Had mine for bout a week ,and guess what dead as a DODO waiting for a replacement from T Mobile but are out of stock. Wish I 'd gone for the I Phone very dissapointed.

  • Vibeesh

    I used it for 16 hours. Got extremely exited with the camera and the HD video shooting. 16 hours later, the fone died and couldnt ON it back. I sent it to the Nokia Warranty( ridiculously shitty service) centre. They said it has a software problem. They managed to refresh the software. But the ironic part is, when my fone was sent there, it could be turned ON! so they quickly did a software upgrade and gave me back after TWO WEEKS!!!! (2 weeks for a software upgrade?) . I tested infront of that stupid lady and it was fine. Later on when i got home , i shutted down by itself and i couldnt ON it again. Now they claim its the motherboard issue (which currently the whole of MALAYSIA doesnt have stock) . So they said it might take another 3 weeks. So 2 + 3 = 5 Weeks waiting without a phone after paying RM1,700 ? .

    Does anyone has a solution for this problem? anyone who repaired it where the fone functions perfectly fine now?

  • Mike

    I assume that thousands of these are in circulation worldwide and there are only 7 complaints here. I have had two for a month now with no problems. I think Nokia need to come out with more specific details though, the interview on is very vague.

  • Jon-ICE

    mine got 10min of life. Will sure be visiting the store tomorrow!

  • Steve MC

    Just bought a new dark grey unit this afternoon, let it charge for about 2 hours, took the plug out and nothing happened, born dead, after 0 second of life…
    Serial: 059C640JR302D

  • Kevin

    I’m surprised anyone considers buying N8 after N97 disaster.

  • mr ken finlay

    my nokia n8 switched off after three weeks, got a new one yesterday charged it for ten hours and nothing. waiting for a different phone now.

  • Brett Moore

    I had my first one replaced and now my second one has also failed…my first one just stopped turning on, and my second one just sponteneously turns off and restarts. Im waiting to see what happens with the the guys at and see what they do.

  • Mike

    I travelled to Nigeria shortly after getting my N8 and barely two weeks into use, the phone wont turn on.the Nigerian Nokia Care center charged me an equivalent of £80 to fix it because it is not covered my Nigeria Nokia warranty,and few days later the problem is recurring.So disappointing. Seems like this is the last Nokia am ever gonna buy.

  • Denis

    My N8 is affected. Since three weeks in Nokia repare center. (I live in Switzerland)
    Status: "Spare parts not available – parts ordered".

    For me it looks like Nokia does not know, what is the exact reason for the crashes and try to sit it out. Shame – Nokia – Shame!