Mickey Mouse Birthday At 82: Where is the Google Doodle?

We have seen some great Google Doodle’s over the years, and knowing that it was Mickey Mouse’s 82nd birthday today we thought that a quick visit to would have shown us some Disney magic, sadly there was no Google doodle for Mickey Mouse.

In fairness to Google, Mickey Mouse was released 6 months before the so-called birthday of November 18, 1928. Although this was in Plane Crazy, and Steamboat Willie was on November 18 as the first Mickey Mouse Cartoon with sound. You can read more about the history of Mickey via Wikipedia.

Do you think there should have been a Google Doodle today in celebration of Mickey Mouse? How will you celebrate the birthday of this famous icon? There are a few apps for iOS devices, which include Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book, and Dance Star Mickey by Fisher-Price.

Let us know your memories of Mickey Mouse in the comments. You can see the official Mickey site on Disney.



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