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Gran Turismo 5: Installation Takes 40mins; Size is 6.4GB

Although we had a release date scare earlier on in the day, we have some more juicy GT5 information to bring you now. According to a gamer, who has a copy of the game, he reveals what the initial installation size is, and how long it takes.

Of course, the full installation is optional, but if you plan on playing the game extensively (like I’m guessing most of you will), then expect a 6.4GB installation, that is said to take 40mins.

I’m not sure how accurate that is, but I wouldn’t have thought it would take that long to install. Regardless of this, you can choose not to install the game to which it will only require 256MB of your HDD space.

Even if you do choose to do either sized install, the game will also decompress itself onto your HDD the more you play and open the game. Therefore, it is thought that the game will take up more than 6.4GB of HDD space.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • shiroihito69

    Installing the game on your HD reduces load times inbetween races. That means 40 sec without install will take about 20 with install. So 40 minutes upfront while I eat fourth meal (1-2AM) and watch an episode of _________ (enter the name of your favorite show) or play Starcraft 2 for 40 min… no problems.

    Also, Kudos to th35hap3 for catching the irony… and Gokart2… even if 500 cars are useless to you, there is over 500 useful cars then. Way better than any other racing game out there. BTW, this game was developed by the Japanese, therefore more Japanese cars.

  • Gokart2

    5 years waiting and the car list is a huge disappointment. 40 skylines, 36 rx7’s, and 300 miatas. No 2010 mustang, arial atom, e30 BMW… NASCAR is stupid, so is karting. Drag racing would have been more logical. Long time Turismo player, long time waiting for GT5. Not buying it to have 500 useless cars, way to many japanese repeat cars, and hybrid turds… 5 years lol.

    • th35hap3

      Karting is "stupid" and your username is "Gokart2". Delicious irony… 😉

  • ExcitedBastard

    Do you really think 40 mins is gonna kill me after waiting nearly 5 years for the game? I'l be reading the instruction manual and all its goodies while its installing. As for memory size….is 6.4 GBs on a 250gb HDD a problem?…I think not!

  • John

    Not an issue for me becuase my ps3 has a 500GB hard drive, plenty room to spare!

  • Lexuser

    Why would one install the whole game on the console?? Useless i think.. As long as you have the disk i don't think you have to install it!!

  • chris

    I waited 5 years for this game, is 40 minutes more gonna kill me?

  • James

    I doubt it will take more that 6.4GB, yeh the game will decompress itself the more you play but that's if you haven't already installled it. That's the whole point of installing it right?

  • Kaden101


    No. 6.4GB isn't going to be anywhere near the whole of the content of the GT5 Blu-Ray. It'll still need the disc. It's just to make sure the game runs at it's best as hard drive access is so much quicker than off the disc.

  • Steve

    6.5GB of a 250GB HDD… a non-issue.

    As for the install time; set it up to install, walk away and come back later. Long installs only annoy me if I'm not expecting them and I sit there staring at the screen like an idiot for 10-15 minutes.

  • Curry_Vodka

    Good thing I just upgraded to a 320GB HDD

    • SEAN


  • kevin

    i have a question,,,once its loaded on the hdd,,,can u play it off the hard drive?,,like the 360??

  • Shz

    Men GT5 is shh, i bought my ps3 back in the days just for GT5, so.. my ps3 including the HHD belongs to GT5! that means whatever is in it right now is going to get deleated!

  • Mitch

    Im looking forward to next week for this i pre-orderd he limited edition and glad its coming out before Christmas

  • G-fuss

    as long as the game is worth it, i don't care


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