Dell Inspiron Duo: Official Release Date, Specs & Price Info

By Jamie Pert - Nov 18, 2010

Dell are finally putting their mysterious marketing video’s to rest, and have come out with some fresh tasty details on this spinning screened tablet/netbook hybrid, meaning you could have one in time for Christmas.

Although Dell have not released an official time of launch, they say that we should be able to pre-order the Inspiron Duo very soon, with shipping starting in the first week of December.

But we’eve been doing some snooping around, and Engadget reckon that Dell will start taking orders on November 23 for this totally unique hybrid device.

As for the specs, the Inspiron Duo will pack a punch with its dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator, 250GB of storage, and Windows 7 Home Premium.

The base model starts at $549 (£449), and I’m guessing you will also want to know how much it will cost with the JBL speaker dock? Well, the price gets bumped up to $649, but there is no word on how much it will cost on its own.

For more information about the Dell Inspiron Duo, check out the source below where they have a few images that could take your fancy.

What is your opinion of the Dell Inspiron Duo?

Source: Engadget

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  • waqar

    dell inspiron duo is the best but i dont i know when it is coming out but i really want want it i might it for chitrams but £480 no way it should be on sale its perfect for me i want it please reply when you know the date. please reply when it comes out please

    • 4kbhk

      its out

  • Daniel

    This is going to be perfect for me, I run a video production company, mainly weddings and events, this will allow me to keep all my information on hand, use the tablet functions, as well as have enough power to do some of my editing functions. small enough that with a couple of peripherals I can edit video on an Airplane!

  • cher

    FYI, it only comes in Black, even though we see they promoting it in other colors. I talked with Dell today. Any other colors are not available and will not be for some time, per Dell's agent.

  • Craig

    i'm getting it for christmas(:

  • Thomas

    This is PERFECT for me, i couldnt choose between a laptop or an iPad. Now i can have BOTH! Definately need this thing 😀

  • Jordan

    I want it so bad!!!

  • texasblindjack

    This device looks really cool. I like the tablet portion as well. I assume it's Windows x64. Is the memory expandable?