CoD Black Ops Xbox 360: Patch / Title Update Live – List of Changes

By Jamie Pert - Nov 18, 2010

A few hours ago I posted an article asking whether Xbox 360 gamers playing Black Ops were receiving the game session no longer available error message when connecting to a multiplayer game with friends, now a Black Ops title update / patch has been rolled out on Xbox Live.

The patch is pretty much identical to the PS3 Black Ops patch we spoke about earlier today, Treyarch‘s community manager JD_2020 recently tweeted this message “Xbox 360 and PS3 #CODBlackOps Updates are LIVE. Be sure to check your platform’s respective Sticky post on the forums:”, you can see his tweet here.

It looks as if Treyarch’s main concern was with the matchmaking, host selection and party system problems which people were reporting, that said they have also fixed a few flaws bugs and improved sounds.

You can see the official list of changes that this title update brings below:

· Improved matchmaking to find matches significantly faster
· Improved matchmaking to ensure that players are more effectively matched to games with the best networking conditions
· Improved host selection to ensure that the best host is always selected in the pre-game lobby
· Improved party system to ensure that parties don’t get broken apart
· Disable ability to join Private Match, Combat Training and Theater lobbies when searching for Player Match games
· Server-side and game-side changes to decrease the amount of failed Film uploads
· Weekly and Monthly leaderboards will now track all kills, deaths and assists properly (All Time leaderboards were not affected by this)
· Prevention of Combat Training stats getting crossed with Player Match stats under rare conditions
· Prevention of temporary loss of functionality when a button was being held down at the point of a disconnect
· Additional fine-tuning of audio levels and ranges for footsteps and gunfire
· Additional fine-tuning of audio levels for bomb plants/defuses
· Additional online security enhancements

I have spoken to a friend of mine who was experiencing the same problem as me (see here), he says that he has played Black Ops for an hour so since installing the update without any lag or connection issues, best of all his party of friends could join games without that annoying error message!

We would love your feedback on this matter, therefore turn your Xbox on, load up Black Ops and the title update should download and install, once installed give it a try and come back to let us know whether all problems have been fixed.

Update: I have now installed the 6MB update and played a few games without issues, I have embedded a photo showing the live update at the end of this post.

Has the title update fixed the problems you were experiencing?

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    spawn system is terrible!

  • lawrence

    ak74u is over powered noobs always use them and spray wats happened to people, surely that cant be fun. 90 percent of people in a lobby uses the ak74u and theres no joy in playing against ppl using it. assaut rifle takes more skill just get rid of the ak74u and u will see hu the real gamers are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MIke

    I Keep having an issue joining my friends party. It says play list is newer then the host. The new maps have yet to release. I dont understand

  • The 3 Kingz 360name

    I con't even get online because it freezes or the servers r down whats going on idk but they need to fix the problem for me so i can play with my friends again

  • Russ

    Is this patch update you guys are talking about an automatic thing or do you have to manually look for it on xbox live? I’m sick of it taking a half hour to get into a match when I pay for xbox live and my roomate gets into a match no problem on ps3 on their free network. My nat is open.

  • Sam

    Played the game for the first time a couple of days ago, first thing I do is install the update. Play a bit of the single player and then head over to try out the multi. Unfortunately had to take the game out of my box, due to the horrific connection issues, everyone else seemed to have a green connection and there was me with 2 bar yellow…not a problem with MW2 or Halo. Had a couple of games, most of which made me host, and thus recieved numerous hate messages.

  • smithy

    why does it diconnect from xbox live when the update comes up like in the picture. it does it every time when im trying to install this update it just diconnects straight away but when i go back to the dashboard it signs me straight back in can anybody help

  • Illuminati

    I havent had a problem with disconections or pary break ups before or after the patch and i play all of the time. It is weird how it tells me my NAT type is moderate when it was open on good old MW2 and im the best host among my friends. It does keep kicking me saying "no available game host found" when im a great game host. when I host everyone full bars. Once when everyone left a wager match but me and my friend it picked him to host when he was capped and I red bared. WTF. And i always seem to have lag it says im 3-4 baring and i fire of fire bullets from my Sub and in the kill cam i fired of 3. WTF???

  • roobzmia

    i played around 2pm on 12-14-2010 right after insalling the update. For an hour and a half straight i was unable to finish a single game. Most of my problems were host migrations. My Ps3 froze twice. I will be playing again later I hope i can actualy finish a game!! I had very little problems before the update… sucks

  • bubba

    what zombie glitches have they patched?

  • renaud

    i have never had any problems with any thing in the game so far i think it has to do with peoples brutal connections cuz i never have a problem ….this game is so much better the mw2 …..its nice not to get noob tubed every 2 seconds

  • Dec



  • mick

    i get the server not available too, had the game from release day and havent been able to play it – waste of money

  • Chase

    I havnt been able to join a match since i got this game…the only reason i got the game was for the online play but now i keep getting an error message..worst let down ever!!

    • Marki57

      Same here, its a good game spoilt by disconnection and invite problems – going to ask for a refund!

  • Mikey

    Heres a thought. Stop playing the same regurgitated game that was only good at modern warfare 1. Play a good game that works. Like bad company 2 or killzoen or somethin.

  • Rupert

    before the patch, the game was fine, i loved it. since the patch on 18.11.10 the multiplayer is unplayable i get constant 'Lost Connection' messages accompanied by massive lag. Its a shame as i loved it but am giving up. What irritates me more is that i pay £45.00 for a product and i expect it to work. I don't care about how long it takes for a game to come out just make sure it works. Don't use me as a QA tech.

  • milos

    i still cant do the new update it starts then says Status code: and gives me long list of number i check my connection everything is fine any suggestios how to get around this???

  • Simon

    There is absolutely no reason not to bring it back. And also it's not as if ou're going to get people not doing objectives like MW2 because I go into games with people on my team with commando's and ak74us (both over powered) and they just sit in a corner camping for killstreaks (over powered at the top) (rc cars pointless and overpowered) etc. NO REASON. BRING IT BACK. And lots of the community are annoyed with these aswell. Wait.. whats this? Complaining community? UMP Style overpowered guns? Sounds like mw2 again. Dont make black ops like that.

    • billy

      i agree with u ak 74 u needs to have less power its like a fuckin ump and everyone uses it

  • Simon

    How about this, fix the fuckinggg snipers, i don't even want to quickscope on blackops but because you tried so hard to take away skillful sniping that you've ruined sniping on a whole. LIterally I will scope in with variable scope (which supposedly makes it easier) or a reg scope and wait to fit your shitty sniper zooming in time for at least 2.5 seconds, see someone to the left of where i've scoped in move it over to him, shoot as his friend comes behind him so i basically can't miss, and what happens? My bullet goes straight through them what the shit? How about you take the zooming time thingy down to 0.7 to 1 second.
    that will make it like CoD4/5 it will stop quickscoping wannabe grizzs doing flips and stuff but will bring back skillful ''hardscoping''.

  • Satanskeez

    Getting Xbox Live Disconnects 5 minutes into a game. Worst part is, is that it is as if the game never happened in stats and stuff. Therefore NO headway is being made at all which is extremely frustrating. Works great at my buddies house but no here. FUCK I HATE THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Illuminati

      I used to have this problem and it sucked. I had to do omnicide (kill a entire enemy team within ten seconds) on MW2, 3 TIMES. Then i got a new modem and it fixed the problem.

  • George

    I’m tired of the sound issues. They are still crap. Fix it please

    • STN

      This is my main gripe also. On COD4/MW2 I could hear which direction someone was coming from no problem, but on BO the sound is all over the place. When I'm running it sounds like someone is running behind me, and footsteps cut in and out for no reason. I keep getting killed by people because I hear them coming from the wrong direction or don't hear them at all.

  • Haven't experienced anything, because I'm pretty disappointed with the whole game….campaign is terrible…A.I is appauling! Can't be facked with Multiplayer!
    Shame because WAW was awesome!

  • Tom

    What happened to me and my buddy playing from the same xbox? We use to be able to sign him in as a guest under my account but now its not an option… wtf?

  • travis

    what really sucks is not being able vote the same map again and again. Nuketown was the only map that redeemed the set from being mediocre. Modern Warfare 2 craps all over this game, at least we had Nuketown. The first week of this game was the best, they only needed to fix the same prob it had in cod 6 spawning near your enemies. you could play the same map for hours. Treyarch sucks, they will send me back to better maps like Favela, Wasteland, and Invasion. What did IW know they don't?

    • Dale

      That's personal preference. They have made it so that people can't force the same map over and over because alot of people *prefer* not to do that.

    • sid

      I don't know about not being able to vote the same map? I personally hate nuketown because of the spawns. People voted for it 5 times in a row and we played it every time.

  • mikey

    Why don't kills from the killstreaks count towards other killstreaks, why are there no atachments for the crossbow, why can't I have a regular rifle scope, not an ACOG or infrared, on the m14 or m16? Hey Treyarch – Leupold 3×9-40, check it out.

    • Blau

      They changed the kill streaks because people were using one kill streak to get another which they might not have been able to get without using a kill streak to get it.. now they make you actually earn it.. personally I think it was a great idea.

      • shiptiboom

        Yes Indeed a VERY GOOD Idea 🙂

      • Daniel

        I completely agree 🙂

  • Wally

    Still keep getting the "The Call of Duty Black Ops server is not available at this time. Please try again later or visit………………….."

    I am fed up with this already. What a bloody waste of time. I have done everything that is suggested upon all the sites re: opening ports on my home hub and still I struggle to get connected into a game and when I do I get booted straight away.

    This is crap – no one can provide an answer or even an update as to when this is going to be sorted. Surely I cannot be the only one experiencing this?

    • Joe

      You are definately not the only one experiencing this. There are a lot of victims including one or two people i know.

      • Dale

        Go to the options screen and press Back, and you get a detailed report of your connection status. Make sure your NAT type is Open, or at least Moderate.

  • Koble

    Having problems getting into a zombies game

    • sssssss

      yep lol

  • Twitch

    SPAWNING SUCKS!!!!! Killing someone then they are spawned right behind me shooting me back is BULL whoever worked on this is making the game needs to quit and find a mcdonalds to work at

  • Nicholas

    This patch makes it so much easy to get games, especially when in a party. You can hear footsteps now, which is great… I use the Ninja perk and before there didn't seem to be any point in it. I think that the guns don't sound tinny anymore, but can't tell for sure, they definitely have a much more full sound to them now.

  • Matt

    The real test for this and many upcoming patches will be late night play. 11:00 EST where its 8:00 on the west coast and everyone is is out of work and what not will most likely be the time with the most people online. Which is also to say, when the party systems and matchmaking will really be put to the test.

  • Danny D

    I'll have to check tonight when I jump online. This has just been crazy. It literally takes us over 30 minutes to get a game going with my friends and I. And god forbid that a friend shows up online and wants to play after we've started. We can back out and pick them up because it will take another 30 minutes to get back into a match. Please let this work!!

  • rohan jackson

    Im on PS3 and i still get the error message "game session no longer available" when i try to join some of my friends. I can host some parties and some people can join but i seem to get this error message. Its very fustrating and i will proberably try contacting Trayarch to see if i can solve the problem.

    • you must have a moderate or strict nat or one of your friends do

  • monster headshooter

    i am playing on xbox 360 and i updated the patch… it is still ripping our party apart and kicks my connection every 1-2 matches.. this game has been an issue prone garbage can since launch, i for one an not impressed with it outside of gameplay.

    • A to da X

      This might be because of your routers refresh settings. I had the same problem, about every 30 minuttes i got disconnected. I called my internet company and the guy i spoke with set the refresh time to the maximum, which was around 4 hours. I hope this will help with the disconnection problem. Btw I have a Zyxel router

      • Dale

        Your ISP should not have access to your router settings.


    YESSS!!! finally!! i wont get split up from my friends!!


  • Rob C


  • According to a few friends, not tested myself; the connectivity for the PS3 seems have gotten a lot worse. There is disconnection from games 5 times in the past 1-2 hours, making it seemingly annoying to play the game.

    Hopefully Treyarch will see this and fix it quickly.

  • Yeah it’s working better with match making. Seems the update fixed a lot of the network problems. gamertag: MR Wayngsta xboxlive

  • I was having problems with getting my friends all in one lobby together. Whenever we had more than 2 people in our party, we would lose them all or they'd lose all of us. I haven't done the update yet, but I'm glad to hear that it has fixed that problem.

  • Jake

    FIX THE RESPAWNS! i appreciate the other things but respawns are a huge issue. getting shot in the back by the same guy i just killed is unacceptable

    • bryan

      I agree. I'm tired of spawning directly in front of an enemy or them spawning right behind me. This doesn't happen sporraticly it happens all the time.

    • Taz

      Agree the spawns for me are the biggest issue , and still not fixed !

    • keith

      that should help with the campers. it gets to me as well, but it also reminds me that i need to move.