CoD Black Ops: Which Prestige Emblem Have You Reached?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 18, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops gamers have now had a chance to fiddle with their classes, decide on their favorite killstreak rewards, weapons and equipment and even blacklist the perks they dislike, now we wondered how well people were doing online, and which prestige badge / emblem they have reached.

To be honest with you I haven’t played Black Ops half as much as I would have liked to, therefore I am still on my first prestige, but I have been in lobbies with gamers who are in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th prestige.

Obviously glitchers and rank boosters will be flying through the prestiges, however we would like to hear from those of you who haven’t cheated, therefore let us know what prestige you have reached in the comments section below, by the way we are not interested if you have hacked to the 15th prestige either.

What prestige are you on Black Ops?

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  • Sven Verlinden

    the 15th prestige emblem in black ops is the most prestige worthy emblem the skull is just awesome !!!

  • Marcum187

    im elite took me 3 months or 15 days of game play to get there but tha thing im wondering is if ur already elite thn how do u prestige 2 get tokens if u cant prestige, also tha token thing is stupid u only get 1 token n watevr u spend tht token on u loose it whn u prestige thts just stupid

  • Samalia

    It took me 10 months and a lot of frustrating game play to reach the target of 15 presteige !
    and a lot of game interruptions ! 

  • sniper-0952

    prestige 4 level 7
    add me on ps3
    my name on ps3 is sniper-0952

  • ivansalas54

    im 4th perstige level 30 going to 5th perstige

  • Sam

    Prestige 14 level 42

    • sniper-0952

      how the hell u get 14th prestige so fast

  • I’m 7th prestige lvl.39 •_•

  • GodGoogledMe

    4th prestige Level 4 on Xbox. Days played ~~ 4 days 6 hours.

    Search and Destroy rank ~~ 2,047.

    Add me on xbox — GodGoogledMe

  • tom

    im 4th lvl 28 and just prestiged yesterday

  • Skullz

    I am level 40 prestige 2

  • eric bass

    im prestige 9 lvl 32

  • CoD-WiiZaRd

    I’m 3rd shud be more though. Ranking up quicker now you can q scope. Sniping FTW!!!

  • Pandemic322

    damn how the heck do you guys get there so quickly!?!?

  • Demarion

    I am prestige 4 level 36 🙂

  • Matt

    are you nerds lol haha
    I just prestiged im 1prestige 4 lvl or 5 =)

  • Matt

    Prestige 9 lvl 24.

  • John

    Prestige 9 level 25. (:

  • How long did take you?

  • hokage

    prestige 8 lvl4

  • j72_johnny_72

    2nd prestige lvl 19 i took a 2day break and didnt play tho

    i used 2 get 90+ kills on nuketown demolotion not anymore tho 🙁

  • Judax

    i just prestiged

  • kadin

    2nd prestige lvl 35

  • xEVoL_ScoPez

    momo dats bull


    2nd prestige level 25 and should reach 4th by this coming sunday !
    oh yea by kill ratio is 2.8 and growing 😛
    JV_ASSASSIN12 on PS3

  • Mike

    4th prestige level 38 ;D not going to college classes and telling your girlfriend off gives you lots of spare time.

  • luis garibay

    momo ur a bull shit lyer no one can do it in 2 day even if they where a low life fucking lying ho not even my freind is that hi and hes fucking good with a no life he like 10 prestige lvl 45 and fucking been on for like 3 or 4 days

  • Eric

    do you keep your playcard images or does that go away too?

    • Andy

      that stays and so do all the layers you have bought

  • momo

    im 15th prestige level 50. i got there on my 2nd day playing.

    • AIRBo0309

      Not Possible Momo, unless you boosted or cheated. I'm 1st Prestige Level 31.

    • ronaldo

      its either 2 things : -lyer

  • xX DnThA8 Xx

    Im 1st prestige level 48 , I wish i had more time to play If i did i'd be pretty high up there , but it doesn't seem to take that long to get to level 50 not as long as it did in MW2. (Add DnThA8 psn)

  • Snowmando

    On 1st prestige rank 48 right now all legit – Worse than losing Weapons is losing ALL the money(cp) you have when you prestige.

  • Sum

    just reached first prestige today. dosent seem to take as long as did for MW2. still losing all your weapons and killstreaks sucks!

  • ProdigalMutt

    I am second prestige level 41 ps3 add ProdigalMutt

  • lionheart

    im pres 13 rank 50

    • Bu4


    • Magic

      u must be a booster who needs to be reported