Call of Duty Black Ops Review – Gamers vs. Professionals

By Jamie Pert - Nov 18, 2010

Ok, so we have heard both sides of the coin when it comes to COD Black Ops. The general consensus seems to be that the critics hail this game as a very well executed game, but the gamers on the other hand seem to be a little disappointed, mainly picking up on graphical and gameplay issues.

Players View – I guess there is no place to draw the line here. Players are so used to the magnificence of Modern Warfare 2 that they think that the overall gameplay and graphics of Black Ops lets it down somewhat. This along with certain multiplayer issues (PS3 and Xbox 360) has probably plagued the release of Black Ops, but this does not mean you still won’t play it.

Professionals & Critics View – The game has received high praise from a large majority of people ‘higher-up’ in the gaming industry, and this is mostly down to the incredible story line that comes with Black Ops. The memorable characters and Cold War storyline, plus a Zombie onslaught has brought something different to a FPS, something that really has not been done before.

Personally, I don’t think we can blame Infinity Ward or Treyarch for the problems that have become apparent. Activision took the choice to employ to separate companies for different outings of the game. Giving them alternating years in which they would release a Call of Duty game. As said by the Wall Street Journal, they think it is a lot like Disney releasing Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3 with different creators for each film. Read the full article here.

If you try and come from all perspectives, the critics, the gamers and Activision, what advice would you give for next years instalment?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • bonobo

    Profressional reviewers seem to highly rate the story line. But it is trite, silly, inconsequential to the overall game play, and doesn't exactly make sense. Worse is you often HAVE TO sit through it as it rambles on for ages before you get to play a stage. Oh, and the propoganda at times is gut wrenching.

    The game play is the most important aspect of a gme, and basically its all a little too easy. The best Call of Duty was World at War, a classic game, which was genuinely insane battle at times, being very difficult to work out (which I like) but not ridiculously so, and some shrude opposition, beautiful graphics and nice conceptually. You cant beat world war 2 for a good war. There are a few good stages.

    Black Ops is all hype, not too bad, but not as great as some are saying. It wont go on my classic shelf.

  • Maxmet

    The biggest disappointment in gaming I have ever had the misfortune to play. Never again, Activision. Never again. Do Not Buy This "Game" ! Play a friends first. The laundry list of glitches and just plain piss poor execution is inexcusable. What a turd. Don't be fooled by posts from phantom "players" who are actually people invested in this project. Take it from a hardcore gamer. This product blows.

  • rgerbert12

    Black Ops Nightmare

    The game is domination. I need to secure Alfa, Brava, and Charlie. Why you ask? So my team can dominate the other team and win points. My goal is to be a level 50 prestige within 10 days. That’s going to take over 8 hours of gaming each day. My 2 best friends the ak74u and famous will help me achieve my results. This will be one of the best extended vacation weeks of my live.

    Day One: After 10 hours of gaming I have reached level 22. Not bad for a day’s work.

    Day Two: I finally have stopped getting cursed out by other team mates for making them loose. Today I have reached level 32. I noticed it is talking longer to level up now.

    Day Three: I’m a level 44 now. I can’t sleep and keep dreaming that I get shot. This can’t be good.

    Day Four: Level 50. I am god, or at least a cool general or something like that.

    Day Five: I am level one again. FML

    Day Six: P L 13. Thought 13 was a good level to stop at. PS. My eye’s hurt

    Day 7: P Level 13. I had to work a double shift, (stupid work does not know what paid vacation means) then went to bed and had more dreams of people killing me.

    Day8: Level 40. Can you say 24 hours straight? PS. I have a yellow Famous which lets other people know I’m cool.

    Day 9. $350,000 in the bank. Don’t need to buy anything else. Guess I’m a saver. PS. Level 45.

    Day 10. Can you say level 50!!!! For some reason I’m not bored yet, guess I’m back to playing.

  • Don

    Why not just release the game as zombies only and forget the rest of it. I hated MWF and MWF2 loved WaW, tried Black ops and liked the single player version, but I dont like the idea I heard about with steam, buying the game on disk then a 16 GB download. For a pensioner, the game is way to expensive to purchase, looks like I stick to the old games for many years till the new ones come down to a reasonable cost.

  • USMC-Goose

    BAZZA didn't say there were no M-16's in 1962, he said there were no M-16A1's in 1962. He's correct, furthermore COD black ops shows M4 carbines in it too. We didn't have those in the Marine Corps back when I was in during the early 90's, yet somehow they show up in the 1960's, give me a break. I guess weapon selection was low on the realism priority list for Treyarch. This game bores me, even on the hardest setting.

  • BAZZA Mackenzie

    JUnk Junk Junk…..Hated it with a pasion.
    I ,like some realisim, no ACOG Scopes in the 60's, no M16A1's in 1962……hated it hated it hated it.

  • 2pac

    to be honest, the fact is the makers of cod lost alot of respect on this one, cuz codmwf2 was a hit dont mean slack on black ops. next time even if you got to push back the release date DO IT! just be sure not to release crap!

  • Peter

    Black ops! SUCKS! i swear takes me back to the n64 days with a mix of sega…. its a downgrade from modern warfare 2 (KICKED ASS)…. game play is stupid ( after you shot somebody? question mark because u don't even see the guns aimed right at the guy till the last shot, maybe the bullet bounced #1, #2 blood splat comes 20 seconds after getting shot like two blobs…. the whole selection process from guns to game type…. what a waist of time
    the only good thing about black ops was the commercial.. posting game on ebay right now!

  • doug

    this game is the biggest rip off of the cod collection unfinished work intime for christmas to pull everyones eyes out of hard earnd cash poor online game play and long dialog make this game stressing and boring will not buy next release.

  • Kirt

    Call of Duty Black Ops is horrible. I spend more time just sitting and watching as they tell the stupid story and torture the guy. There is way too much bs dialog and not enough game play. The graphics suck and realizism of how many times you have to shot the enemy is crap. Don’t waste your money on this sh*t. I expected a lot better from the makers of CODMWF2. It has so much bs flashing scenes and other crap that everytime I play the game I get light headed and sick to my stomach. If anyone wants my copy I will gladly give it to you. What a rip off!

    • Josh

      I agree Kirt. I think I timed almost 2 hours of video and not much more than that on actual game play. There was too much walking with no purpose. The graphics weren't up to par with the other games in the series.I expected much more.

  • griddle

    call of duty is not realsitic. I don't know about you, but iusually don't see many american soldiers running around with dual shotguns in war tapes. but realism doesnt matter in video games, what matters is if its fun, fair, and not too rough on the eyes. regardless, i think more health helps COD. I don't see how any of you can stand being blown apart by five year olds that only know how to point a missile launcher in your general direction. more health is something that should of been done long ago, now you need some level of marksmanship and planning to take someone down.

  • ThunderCoch

    they really butchered this game. gameplay isnt smooth like MW2, the maps are rediculous, spawing is terrible. i miss sniping, it's impossible with these maps, and when i get spawned, run 5 feet and get mowed down in 1 shot to the foot by an SMG, makes it a little frustrating. bad feel with weapons. zombies is pointless, you get to the same level every time you play. poor game, i'm going back to MW2. please come back infinity ward, gamers miss you.

  • Nate

    I agree with all the damage posts…It is one of the most frustrating things with Black Ops…3 hits with an M14 to have him turn and take me out through a barrel with a SMG…somethings not right. Plus hate the fact you have to purchase upgrades. Should be awarded upon level up like all the other ones….no reason to completely change a good thing. Black Ops sucks…im going back to MW2.

  • Danny!!!!

    Bullet Damage sucks big time, im a good player and to empty half a magazine into someone for them to go onto last stand and then pop you off with one bulletr takes the piss!! Claymores are shit, rpgs are crap, you might as well throw your gun at them it would do more damage!!!

    • TheMadPopper

      Okay something does not make sense about this… if you pop half a clip into them and they do not die but you get popped by one shot then something does not add up? They should have to expend half a clip into you as well. So either bullet damage is poop and you BOTH have to unload a clip into some one OR maybe you are not "Hitting" them as much as you think that you are because maybe you are used to other games where you were not required to be as accurate. Also maybe the lag issues are the cause of the this whole "lack of bullet damage" annoyance. I have no problem with people's view but if your gonna be pissed off about something at least make sure it is really what you are pissed off about.

      • Guest

        accuracy in COD is non existant… u can kill sum1 in 2 seconds.. in halo you need 5 seconds of ACCURACY to kill them.

  • danny king

    the things i particularly like about this game is the zombies good idea,also the way theyv brout it the cod points and the wager matches on the other hand, i agree with Jack Brooksbank its ridiculous what you have to do to kill some one, other downsides definitely graphics obvious and i find myself hating almost every map in multiplayer and wtf is up with knifing its ridiculous your in range to use the knife you hit the button b4 the other player and they get you first?????? also half the guns are crap hardly any good perks. its not much better than cod 5 in these senses not as good as mw + mw2 by any stretch of the imagination after all the hype most people will go back to mw2 all of this defo out weighs anything good about the game it just feels like money wasted my advice try b4 you buy

  • poquerbono

    Black Ops is slow, weapons are weak and loading times are even slower.

  • jenkins_the3rd

    i think black ops would be a great game if all the bugs were fixed !

  • Jack Brooksbank

    its not that im not good enough lol, i got 8 attack dogs on sunday and 17 choppa gunners on sat & sunday, its just annoyin when ur on a high killstreak and you get loads of hitmarkers for them to turn around and kill u with half the amount of bullets u put into them.
    PSN Name: NoodlePubes

  • Alex

    Sorry I expect my games to get better after every release, nor worse. While the gameplay is fair, the graphics and sound is subpar. It is fair to compare this to MWF2 as that became the new industry standard. I feel ripped off. What is more appalling is the professional game reviewers ignoring the poor product and celebrating on how many people were duped into buying a copy of this unfinshed product.

  • Chris

    as long as treyarch ban the hackers, patch the glitches ASAP i could play this game for quite a while. Theyre doing a very good job at the moment by making the footstep louder and not being able to vote the same maap more than twice.

  • Jack Brooksbank

    What needs to happen is more bullet damage, thats the main problem in my eyes, when u empty half a magazine on someone and they dont die, then seconds later they turn around and kill u it makes u hate the game n puts u on a downer, make it more realistic, simply increase bullet damage so that every game mode is like hardcore damage.

    • Adam Jack

      Your just not good enough lol, Do you have xbox live? Whats your gamertag, I'll add you..

      • t rich

        increased bullet damage would be great. there are more hardcore modes in multiplayer modes.. try them out

  • Yummy


  • Heath

    I personally think the whole FPS genre has run its course. This COD is just like the last one and the one before that and….yeah, you get the point. There's no real huge innovation with game ideas anymore. They put out a game that does well, then they run the idea into the ground. "Heavy Rain" was refreshing and very entertaining. But of course most kids of the ADD generation won't play a game like that because it requires them to actually use their brains.

  • Matt

    First off, zombies in an FPS is not "something different [in] an FPS" and not by a long shot.

    Second, the entire problem with this series is the fact that they will always plan on having "next year's installment."

    Call of Duty is the games industry's current "Guitar Hero" or "Madden" — they will release a stale "new" version every year until more people do what I did and just stop buying it.

    I won't be supporting Bobby Kotick in his endeavors to destroy the gaming industry by turning it into the next Hollywood — a system where "quality" becomes a relic of the past, replaced by projects steered by marketing, 'focus groups' and pie charts.

    I see the newest games in the series as neutered "console-friendly" editions of what used to be a great PC shooter.

  • gamer

    as long as treyarch stays on top of keeping the glitchers out of multiplayer and keeping up with trying to keep it running fine, im happy. its a new game, i can deal with a few weeks of problems in multiplayer. seems to be the norm with any other good mp nowadays. cant really say infinity ward really held up that end.. more like it was take the money and run

  • Jasen

    Activision def set it up so they would be going head to head in a way, but I think each one learned from the other as time went on and each year we are greeted with a better game than the last…for the most part. The graphics def. suffered IMO w/ Black Ops along with these constant multiplayer issues. I still enjoy playing the came and all the different modes..its liek 3 games in one! I would not score it a 10 out fo 10…but if Activision flew me out and gave me some free stuff I'd give it a better rating too 😉