Black Ops: Game Session No Longer Available – Xbox 360 Problem

By Jamie Pert - Nov 18, 2010

Now that I have had Call of Duty: Black Ops for 10 days I am starting to filter out the common problems from the unique ones, however one problem which is affecting me and my friends is getting a party of six into a game, at least one member of the party always gets an error message reading “game session no longer available”.

For me, online play is all about enjoying yourself with your mates and using teamwork to defeat your enemy, on Modern Warfare 2 me and five friends became extremely good at hardcore headquarters by playing on the same team each night, however we have had just a handful of games together whilst playing Black Ops.

We know that it is not a router-related problem as all of our NATs say “Open”, also the exact same friends with the exact same connections worked fine on MW2 (excluding a few hiccups every-now and then), therefore the problem must be with Black Ops.

It doesn’t seem to matter who is host, we all meet up in a lobby then the host searches for a game, if we are lucky 3 or 4 of us make it into a match, however the other friends receive the error message, they then have to join session in progress to get into the game, which often means we are in a party together, but playing against eachother.

I would love to hear whether this is a common problem, and whether it affects PS3 and PC gamers as well, obviously we know there is going to be a bit of lag here and there along with the occasional error connecting to a game, but this particular problem must is affecting me over 90% of the time.

Do you receive the game session no longer available error message when trying to play Black Ops online with a group of friends?

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  • Jonathon

    come on you idiots at microsoft and treyarch! fix the freaking problem! we’ve all had to live with it long enough and it’s ticking me off!

  • i have the same problem, i can´t join matches and join friends, and they can´t join to me. Black ops is the unique game that happen, in another games i have my connection very good, 

  • korry

    i can join other players all the time but i have one friend in which we get this message almost everytime we try to play this is BS. If i cant play with my friends then whats the point in playing it at all

  • PlimpyD

    I'm getting it on xbox… it's so ghey.

  • Josh

    Well ps3 gamers can't change there Name. So we are screwed

  • Depths0fMordor

    I fixed this on the 360. After trying everything to correct this issue ('Game session no longer available' when attempting to join a session with one out of many friends); I got a new high end router and even a new Xbox Slim, but nothing seemed to work.

    I finally tried changing my gamer tag. Presto…I'm now able to connect with him. Not sure why this corrected the issue, but I'm happy it did.

  • CrazyRapidGorilla

    I got the same problem, i cant join any of my friend and when we do sometimes get in we cant hear each other. Any ideas?

  • ducky momo

    i have it on the wii, and for all you people that say wii sucks, the graphics are not as good but other than that, everything is the same and equally fun…but yes this message appears on the wii while online too and ive yet to understand how to fix it. if anyone has any ideas, plz help

  • Bob

    Well I play online on xbox but have oly recently got one and the blackops itself and to me it happens almost all the time on zombies soif this gets fixed will it be a free update or will I have to rebuy the game???

  • peter

    this is annoying because i played with my 2 friends for sometime now nd now we cant play because of this dumb thing then i stated playing zombies and it was all fine and now im gettin the same message i wish sony can develop a system and a game that works properly

  • Ehh

    instead of evryone just saying they have the problem just wait untill someone gives the answer, filling up the topic the same stuff is annoying cos i gotta read the same thing over and over to find the answer on how to fix it ¬__¬

    • Kero

      I understand how you feel, but it's also good to actually display a greater number of people having this issue so they can't hide behind the fact that it's an isolated issue and actually fix the problem.

  • brisdav

    Its refreshing to hear that this is turning out to be a common problem, not only with the Xbox but the Playstation also. I wonder how long it will be before Treyarch get it fixed (or do you think they even aknowlegde there is a problem) to be fair this has only happened recently, scince purchaseing the game about a month ago, i had no problems until i carried out the major update on my 360 Elite. I wonder if this has some bearing on the issue also…

  • Thomas de Leeuw

    I managed to create a party like two times, out of at least fifty tries.
    I bought this game to play with my friends, but I end up playing alone.

  • Jackson

    I get it where i cant even meet my friends in a pre-game lobby. i get the invite and it does nothing. 5 Seconds later it says Error: Game Session not available.

  • David

    u mad bro?

  • tim

    PS: Nat open (NAt 2) doesn't necessary open the required ports. Port-forwarding could be required via router/hub.

  • tim

    i had this problem on a ps3.
    i simply put the ps3 in a dmz zone and presto.. fixed.

    1. make a new connection on ps3
    2. custom
    3. ip address – manual
    4. check on ur pc (run > cmd > ipconfig) for ip info – enter an ip on the correct lan. i.e (use 100 because the router is unlikely to assign any device this number). also enter subnet (will show here also)
    5. enter default gateway (use the ipconfig method again) in default gateway and both dns areas (thats right use default gateway for all 3)
    6. next just follow the prompts on the ps3
    7. on a pc now, enter the default gateway in a browser window.
    8. this will open your router. you might need to enter a username/password
    9. look for a DMZ tab. Here you simply enter the IP address of the ps3 you entered earlier.
    10. now to be safe turn off all your network devices (PCs and PS3, even router if you want) and back on.

    once you log back in you will no longer recieve this problem.

    ps: having ps3 in dmz zone is not risky.

  • Zen

    I'm not even able to join some of my friend's party sessions.. I get an invite, press join and then 20 second's later i get an message saying "Game session no longer available" or some BS like that… Worked fine in MW2 so it has to be something 'bout Black Ops..

  • james

    so… its a black ops issue that u can join eachtothers party?

  • I’m playing with two friends and we never get message like this.

  • Jasen

    …poor grammar aside…this is what needs to happen. They need to fix these issues ASAP on each platform and then fix all the problems for all the platforms. I don't care if they have everyone working around the clock…if they had enough money to fly reviewers out to a nice 2-3 day vacation playing the game with gifts for everyone…they can afford to pay some overtime to get everything works correctly…as it should have been out of the box! …Next they need to take the billions and billions of dollars they've made and come up with some kick ass maps for multiplayer and zombies and give it to everyone for FREE to make up for all of this B/S! In my eyes it will make things a lot better…maybe not 100% and I might not pre-order the next one, but it will be a start! What does everyone think?

  • Thomas

    There is a trick to keep everyone together. If you are host keep an eye on the top right corner. It will start off saying 50 games available, testing connection. Then it will start trying to join games counting down the games as it tries to join. If it counts all the way down and resets to saying 50 games available hit B and select leave without party (with party will be greyed out) immediately. You will be back in your party with everyone and 99% of the time no one will be kicked, unless it’s a split screen guest account. Then just restart your search again.

    It seems if you don’t find a joinable game in the first round of searching someone always gets kicked. Doing it this way can be a hassle as sometimes you have to back out of searching multiple times, but at least it keeps the room together.

  • Ravenatic

    It should now be fixed.

  • Brandon

    I have the EXACT same problem. I have 1 friend that i play with on my PS3, and the same thing happens to us in black ops. This was also an issue for us with MW2 and occasionally with WAW. I am just as confused as you are. We can never get into a party together, i always get the error message, and the only way to play a game with him is by "Join Session In Progress", but then we aren't always on the same team. It is extremely frustrating because we always play 100 times better when were teaming up on noobz. They need to fix this because it is a consistent problem on all their games! Why haven't they patched this!!

  • Sha

    Black ops is the most stupid game yet. I’m a call of duty fan. The makers need to firer there staff and hire mw2 staff since they know how to master the making of the game

    • Justin

      im sorry, but your an idiot. mw2 was created by a different company. not just staff

  • LoohooSuherrrrr

    @David L

    and leaving comments on topics you have no interest in isnt being a loser?

  • David L

    Get a life losers……

    • Loser Baby

      playing games helps me save money to do awesome things in life – so now who is the loser?

    • UWish

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    • Hotlitning

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      it just makes you a loser.

    • N/A

      Alot of people have a life and play call of duty. Video games arn't for people with no lives, thats a terrible misconception

  • Harvey

    this is a major problem with Black Ops, the whole point of it is to play with mates and have fun. playing yourself gets boring which in the end makes you not want to play the game at all. I hope they fix it otherwise im selling this and going back to MW2, atleast in that game you can play with a full party. this is a JOKE, FIX IT TREYARCH!

  • Nick

    You sir, are an idiot.

  • Scoob1988

    Tyler why read and comment if you don't like the grammer and spelling? David L you are commenting on ppl with no lives (in your opinion) so what does that make you?

    brcpar i agree with what your saying i have had same problems as you with connecting parties

  • Wez

    Jealousy is a ugly trait….

  • Travis

    I have the same problem on 360. Another one I get is something about not being able to connect to a host at their address.

  • Wishkid

    Yes I have seen that error many times, is really anoying.
    Xbox 360.

  • Voiceofreason

    I think we should give him a break, he obviously wrote that up really fast while he was on his break at work. Its tough playing games all day and then having to work duing your breaks.

  • Ruben

    On my PS3 I am geting a Party is no longer Active message and on my roommates 360 we are getting the same message. Is PC having a lot of connection errors as well?

  • montel kenatra

    never in my day, i don't beleive it, really and truly


    yes i also play on the 360 and i just dont play with more than three people unless its ZOMBIES..this is something that they need to fix super fast because if they dont then this will definetley make for some bad gamer reviews cuz i agree with you on the matter of wanting to play with a team of 6 thats the only way to KICK-BUTT

  • david

    its great that you guys are complaining about this website AND taking the time to spend reading all of it, and posting comments.
    Hope Black Ops gets this fixed!

  • unhappy

    Me and my brother try to play together all the time and have never got to play as a party once because of this problem. Whether is it him trying to add me or me adding him we get the same message "Game session no longer available" Its getting rediculous. I never had this problem with MW2. I wish they would come out with a patch or something to fix this problem.

  • Bill

    I have the PS3 version and have the exact problems listed by Jasen. Love the game but it still needs a few patches before the party system can compare to MW2.

  • Alex

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    It's a waste.

    • Pengo

      Haha well that’s helpful…

    • Nathan

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    • Justin

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  • User

    I also have a PS3 and I was getting the "Game session no longer available" and other errors when I tried to connect to my friends games, and they also had problems connecting to my games. And I did show NAT type Open. And it WAS router-based when it came to fixing my problem. One of my buddies walked me through some tweaks done to the router, and then configuring the PS3 IP Address settings. So, you might want to look into making some router tweaks.

    • Ondrea

      Where exactly could we find this informatio?

  • brcpar

    We get that message sometimes, but usually, we get the "Party is no longer Active" message where the host gets into a game lobby, but everyone else is kicked to the main multiplayer menu. We too have tried everything we can think of (checking NATs, changing hosts, etc) to no avail.
    On a side-note, it is also annoying that party members aren't informed that the host has initiated a game search and usually if you are host, the players in your game party disappear from the lobby while you search leaving you waiting for someone to yell through xbox live party that the party is no longer active.
    Taking 10-15 minutes just to get 3 people partied into a single game isn't just annoying, it's unacceptable. This hopefully will be fixed in the patch that is supposedly coming out soon.

  • Tyler

    You write like an average high schooler. Wish I could make money with bad writing filled with grammar and spelling errors.

    • Tyler_is_awesome

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      • TIA IA

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  • Jasen

    I'm on the PS3, but my friends and I have the same issue. And last night we were getting messages about some "Guest Account" or "Non-Guest Account" or something that would kick that person out of the party. A lot of times it shows no speaker for those using a mic and sometimes we can't all hear one another and have to relay messages. And in game it only shows a few people in the party in blue (2 or 3 out of 6)…then the next game it will switch and everyone else will see you and blue but you won’t see anyone in blue…it's still just a mess…