Android OS Honeycomb: Release Date Update – Tablet Specific

We have an update on the forthcoming release of Android OS Honeycomb now, the next version to release after Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The good news is that it may be coming sooner than a lot of you think, with an added twist.

According to this report from Phandroid, Honeycomb will be arriving during February of 2011. However, rather than be available for all Android devices, we are hearing that Honeycomb will stay specific to Tablet devices, perhaps similar to that of RIM’s new BlackBerry Tablet OS which is looking pretty slick we might add.

Furthermore, Phandroid say that both Motorola and LG have plans to release Tablet devices in February and March, and that both of them will be equipped with NVIDIA Tegra 2 processors.

We can’t wait to see some UI previews of Honeycomb, so we’re hoping we see some leaks before the end of the year. What are your thoughts on this Android, Tablet-specific OS?



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