After COD Black Ops Patch: PS3 Network, Router and Firewall Problems

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 18, 2010

It seems like weeks have passed since the release of Call of Duty Black Ops, which is certainly not the case, and in this time we have had a journey that included computer codes, cheats, glitches and a few problems. We touched on COD Black Ops connection problems on PS3 and Xbox 360 versions early today, which saw a patch go live for these systems shortly after.

Have you updated to the Black Ops v1.3 update? We have had a few emails in the last hour that report connection issues still, even after updating to the latest patch. We would like to point out that these problems seem to be related to people not being able to sign-in to PS3’s PSN network, and invite problems.

The invite problems that a few readers were having may be network related, which could be firewall or router problems. Do you feel your router or firewall is causing problems when connecting to friends and family?

This has been fixed in MW2 by opening up certain ports on your router’s firewall, but we cannot confirm if this is still needed in COD Black Ops. Let us know if you’ve updated to the latest Black Ops patch, and if you had problems with either connecting or your router / firewall. Feel free to leave firewall tips – related to Black Ops – for other readers.

It seems the connection issues in Call of Duty will continue for the time being.

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  • brandonnugget_slayer

    I've had problems sending/receiving gameinvites since the beggining(not a big deal, it eventually works out) Since I have downloaded the first strike map pack I get disconnected from the network afer playing 1 game of any "old school" map(thats starting to pi** me off) Whats the deal? I would appreciate any outside help, I love this game, but im eventually going to get tired of playing the same 4 maps over and over again. thaanks ya'll 😛
    ***P.S. ps3 network

  • james leCree

    can't join certain friends party when they invite me :l it says "unable" all the time for certain people. how do i fix!?! WTF BITCH!

  • zman

    hi guys, i recently changed my isp from sky to orange since changing i cant join any of my frineds online this is gettin very annoying as i had no problems with the previous server!!! my download speed is 1.6mb an upload speed is 0.2mb is this suitable for gaming online? i dont know the previous speeds of previous isp. i have rang isp and they said there testing the connection the 1st ten days are not full capacity or some crap?? any help guys would be much appreciated thank u

  • when i put the Black Oops disk and start the game. all seems well until i hit multiple players .. as soon i click that my router just turns off .. this only happens with this game. when i play cod i never have this issue..

  • welmer

    anyone know of a better game with online play that actually works, plz let me know cuz this black ups online really blows.

  • jorad

    since the patch i,ve had problems with cod, so many issues i just stopped playing for a while….but it's like the connecton is always lost or it fails…

  • aaron

    ok so when i open multiplayer it wont let me enter any games it will just say waiting on people to join what do i do to fix it

  • richard

    yesterday my router kicked me off playstation network & will now not let get my ps3 back online,im with bt & after 7hours off trying to get them to open ports etc i still cant get online so i phoned playstation & they told me it could be the router or the anyone else having problems getting online with bt???

    • i have the same problem .. when i put the B O disk and start the game. all seems well until i hit multiple players .. as soon i click that my router just turns off .. this only happens with this game. if i play cod i will never have this issue..

  • john bumbler

    Black ops is the most perfect game i;v ever sawww !!!!
    first of all when i choose shotgun in multi player (hardecore hq .. with worst ping ever) i press R1 the shotgun turns to machinegun and when i lose abullet it gets back ……… that meanes i get infinity ammooo !!!……………… but the dissapointing thing in black ops that i have to shoot the enemy tons of million times T.T !1 all i wunt to say is screw this piece of shit game hahahaaaaaaaaaa c u guys in the horrible gaame ^.^'

  • Luke

    Well heres my problem, my MW2 used to be open, so i used to do the glitch (play mw2 which opens blackops) but now MW2 is strict. Ive tried opening the ports no luck. i have opened ports before and they have worked. anyone got any solotions?

  • Bryenna

    I played black ops in campaign (single) mode fine, and uploaded the patch a couple days ago with no issue. I went online today in traning mode and about 1/2 hour later was kicked off psn with error msg 80710102. I can't sign back on and nothing from other forums seems to be working….grrrr!

    • Mike H

      It’s not the router or anyfire walls.

      I have two PS3’s and the one I did not install black ops on has no problems. And the one I did, has the same error as yours.

      The PSN kicks me out when I’m not even playing the black ops game.

      So I’m mad about this because of it possibly harming my PS3.

  • DevinK

    To be fair, the additions in the game were all good choices, (killstreaks not adding up, customization, dive move, etc…) but these were largely forgotten by most people after dealing with 100 invites a day that do not work, losing connection to a game that they are owning, etc… ive done some asking around and from what ive gathered from my friends list and 12 others friends lists, there is an average of 73.6% of gamers that are experianceing all of these problems, most of which cannot wait for Infinity Ward to release their next game.

    And to conclude, Treyarch, fix these major problems which DO make your game worthless, or loose 73.6% of your customers (if my data can be extrapolated to a global scale, which by the looks of this and other pages; it can be). feel free to contact me

    Thank you,

  • DevinK

    1. Multiplayer: a) If i cant join my friend and they cant join me then the game is worthless
    b) If im going to get dropped from 1/3 of my games the game is worthless
    c) if it is going to take 10 weeks to fix these problesms the game is worthless.
    d) Do not say it is our connections, it isnt, every other game ive had has worked perfectly and still does to this day (with the exception of WAW).
    e) Lag is a small issue during play, but 9/10 games that have host migration will not finish.

    2. Game quality: a) If the campaign is going to have sub-par graphics the game is worthless.
    b) If the campaign is going to be short the game is worthless

  • DevinK

    it will be long so it will take several posts. stick with me.

    look… Im sorry treyarch, i have defended the game to all of my friends who even started a blackops failed facebook group. But im done, I thought the problems would be fixed by the end of the month but they havent. I'm saying this in the simplest way possible so that MAYBE you will read and understand that these problems need to be fixed or nobody will buy your games anymore.

  • Thomas

    fuck your face p1mpmypistol, some of us got the game to play with friends/ only online. So when the reason to buy a game FAILS, there is legit grounds for being angry. Let the rants continue, and fuck off with the hate on the haters.

  • th. jager

    i have the same problems, cannot connect to friends, just play with starngers.It had worked for all other games. it really sucks, epic failure, i am totally frustrated after having waited for so long for this game, no fun without being able to invite or join my mates! The patch didn t make it better at all.

  • p1mpmypistol

    Just the same sh!t being posted. Yes there are sever multiplayer problems, and treyarch will fix it, but why do you all have to act like little children when your game wont work properly?? god give it a week and it will be good. Most players online ever the other night, you gotta expect some sh!t to go wrong, same stuff happened in CoD4 and some of it in MW2…. Just have some patience guys >.>

  • p1mpmypistol

    Just the same sh!t being posted. Yes there are sever multiplayer problems, and treyarch will fix it, but why do you all have to act like little children when your game wont work properly?? god give it a week and it will be good. Most players online ever the other night, you gotta expect some sh!t to go wrong, same stuff happened in CoD4 and some of it in MW2…. Just have some patience guys >.>

    Ow and if you want commando lunges from 30 meters away, noob tube galore, insta kill guns, and absolute faggotry quickscopers, go back to your pathetic game, end rant.

  • king

    black ops online fail

  • alex

    Cant invite, or join anyone at all, seems all the problems of MW2 are black again!
    -no pun' intended-

  • Johnny101

    this game was ment to change fps online, ha! i cant even join friend's parties, i loose connection in about half the games i do get to play. host migration is a massive issue. what was even the point of the patch, i did nothing for any of these issues. once again one massive failure by triach

  • chris

    Need help guys; I am getting major lagging, "connection interrupted" so angry. I have tried to use wired connection and wireless same issue, is there anything I can do???

  • enrique

    I had a few problems with joining friends parties and getting booted for no reason before the patch, and after the same problems still occured. I changed my NAT to type 2 from 3 and now I cant join any games. I go to the lobby and it says 50 matches found getting quality and it just sits there.

  • Mike

    game blows…. i have so many connections issues ever since that stupid update. Im at the point of just selling the game and force myself back into mw2.

  • CJM

    I've been getting kicked out most games. I've done the patch also. It seems that most of my friends in the party dont have the same issues and I'm getting pretty tired of it.

  • N/A

    The producer of the game has the guts to tell his customers on twitter that "hey guys it's only been out a day now so give us a break.." WHO tells their customers that after they just broke all the records for sales ever?! The producer is asking for a "break" because he sold us an unfinished product?!

    (1) Producer of Black Ops: Learn customer service skills!

    (2) Be more apologetic for your crappy product

    (3) Start looking for a job because there is NO way COD allows you to produce a game ever again.

  • David

    my game freezes every 15 minutes after the patch ffs nice work

  • N/A

    By far the utter worst game I've every purchased. I will NEVER buy from Treyarch again. Just embarrasing…I bet COD prohibits them from making the game ever again.

    PS3 User here: And even AFTER the update there are TONS of issues.

    (1) Can't connect to party

    (2) Lag. Lag. And MORE Lag. Really quite elementary.

    (3) Zombie mode can't join party. Lag in Zombie Mode. When trying to join party in zombie mode, booted back to main screen and trailer for the game reload.

    (4) How could Treyarch have released a game in it's infant stages?! Did the developers not simply insert the disk into their PS3 before they released the title?! They've embarrassed the title of COD and I hope COD bans them from ever developing their title again. I will ONLY purchase the Modern Warfare titles from now on.

    (5) Can't believe I just wasted $60 on this POS game. It's all simple issues such as connectivity and lag. I've purchased NBA Jam and will be playing that instead. Black Ops is simply elementary and I'm embarrassed I was duked into buying a Treyarch product when all they EVER get are horrible, terrible, utterly embarrassing reviews anyway.


    I’m having some problems connected to my friends when they send me invites since the update. I keep getting a message saying your friends playlist is outdated or something. ON PS3.

  • Scott

    The patch didnt seem to fix anything for multiplayer (ps3)

    still getting lost connection errors which boots everyone back to the lobby.

    Still respawning right next to enemys.

    Now also went from lag to freezing periodically.

    Love the game but we need another patch fast.

  • dubq

    It has nothing to do with our routers. It has everything to do with Treyarch and their sub-par product. Thanks for patching the game and making it impossible for me to enjoy multiplayer, guys!

  • mark 1984

    Since the update, my first game lagged, previously i had experienced very little lag. e.g. about 2 mins in a couple of games after hours of play time. connecting to a friend SEEMED to get worse also after the new patch went through. you can connect to some friends and not others and it seems impossible to get a team of more than 2 people together at once. enjoy the game and no problems while playing alone, but the party stuff is annoying my mates and being in a group is what makes the fun.

    Also my other friend had the 80023017 or something like that error mentioned above and cant connect to PSN or get into the game. i have had this once about 8 months agol, but that was a problem reported online for all ps3 uses and it took a patch from Sony to fix it.

  • Stevo

    I’m having a problem with the multiplayer. I’m able to connect to the pan but when I go to chose a match it won’t let me choice core hardcore etc. I’m unable to choose any of the options. Anyone els having this issue? I’m able to play zombies online just fine. Just can’t play multiplayer

    • p1mpmypistol

      Maybe your not of the right level yet?? i dont think u can pop straight into a hardcore.

  • Guest

    Same probs here too. Updated via PSN to 1.3 and takes forever to find a match then after a min or 2 of playing, it goes into host migration or connection interrupted or exits to lobby with a transmission error. Much worse after patch. Wasn't great before patch either but at least it was possible to play for an hour or so consecutively with no problems.

  • Dan

    Switch to a LAN CABLE / WIRED connection! Solves every problem with connection issues.

    Don't know why, but these problems only happen to people running on wireless internet.

    • Chris

      Dan, this does not work mate, I have tried this and still get the same old problem. Very disapointed in this game!!

  • Phillip K

    It seems to have worked for me; realize, it probably has to take effect for all in order to reap the benefits. I've only played 4 matches since, but I'm not getting any connection interruptions (I did in my first game after the patch, but now it seems to have been fixed). So, here's to hoping for the best. I'll update if there are any more issues, I'm sure the patch hasn't fixed all the issues, but at least it shows Treyarch seems to be fairly quick to respond.

  • Brian

    I cant even get signed into ps3 network i can use the brower alright, an error keeps coming up 80023017 anyone got a help for me

  • D to tha K

    Well in my household we have a ps3 and xbox version. My brother got the ps3 one and i played it alot the first week. My dad got the xbox one a few days ago and…PS3 NETWORK IS HORRIBLE…ive had alot of fun games on ps3 dont get me wrong but jesus…xbox lag is almost nonexistant…..on takes twice as many bullets to kill someone on PS3..and thats wrong..i play the ps3 cuz my friend out east has a ps3 so we can play together but thats after trying to invite each other like 20 times…then we say "fuggit" and just join our own games and one of us will be able to "join session" eventually..but then we might be on different teams..thats IF one of us doesnt get booted out of the room and not be able to get back in…it WILL be a good game…they just obviously rushed it or something…XBOX network OWNS PS3 network..its sad

  • when ever i try to update it gets to 55% or lower stops downloading then signs me out

  • kevin

    I update an hour ago and since then have have not managed to get through a full game! It takes ages to connect then throws me out half way through. It is far worse for me since upgrading

  • Pvt.Party

    I have continuous problems with PSN errors and get kicked off regularly. All other games I play, including MW2 run perfectly fine. BO seems to be an exception

  • Will

    I turned on my ps3 about an hour ago, when i loaded black op's it seemed to have an update, i did this to get onto the game and i started to play, i went onto multiplayer and it said i wasent signed in. I tried to sign in but it came up with an error. So i went to my options – update, whilst the disk was in it said that i had a regular update (not internet) so i did this, and i retryed signing in it didnt work -.- i did it a ferther 3 times, and it still isnt working, i just want to play multiplayerr 🙁

    • Jason

      You have to exit game .. then update your PSN agreement by trying to sign in without a game running .. do that and you will back on line and you can launch your game

  • Sven

    after the patch today I can't connect to the server.

  • Proud

    F*** Black Ops…. I`ve update to version but i cant play BlackOps online, before it works without problems and all the other Games works perfect. (PS3)

  • Sven

    after the patch today I can't connect to the server.
    Can somebody help me?

  • tom barlow

    I haven’t play the game since today’s update, but my connection has been laggy/jumpy non-stop even if I’m signed in to PSN while playing the campaign it still jumps/laggs but if i sign out it’s okay… I have a ps3 slim, and virginbroadband 10mb connection, which is good, in game i ALWAYS get 4bar, but it still jumps, even when I host, and then half way through it host migrates :S

    • tom barlow

      I’m invites are fine, open nat type

  • Billy

    I get a connection about 1/4 the time.

  • Jay

    I'm getting more problems with the new update. Not including my ps3 starting to freeze and then crash. Have to manually switch it back on again, its been getting really worst in the last few days. Don't know if anyone else has been having this problem. Yes i have also have been cutting off while in the middle of a match and i can't play with my friends when we try to make a team….

    • L.A.G.

      I understand what you got going I'm have the same issuses. wish they would fix it . Was starting to think it was my gaming system itself.

  • mark 1984

    I had joining problems on mw2, I could join one friend but not the other and found only one of my friends could host, so if he wasnt on could not join anyone. With black ops i have had no joining issues, but once in a party it might be ok for two games and then you suddenly loose connection, which i hope this is sorting. also host migration is bad on black ops, when the host leaves you can guarantee you will not be finishing that game, which is dissappointing cos mw2 was good for finding a new host. bit of lag not really a problem, enjoy the game on the whole.

  • Sam

    The PSN is closed for all day, don't call your lawyer, don't strap bombs on, its just maintenance. It'll come back at 5pm.

  • pro gamer

    just updated on ps3. still cant join certain friends game still freezes. still got frame rate issues. Yet again treyarch epic fail

  • Ronski

    My copy crashes on the helicopter mission every time – i can't finsh the level
    is this a bug?

    • maarvin

      scratch on your game disk

    • Vic

      Return your game for another one. It shouldn't do that.

  • jaap

    Man i still have the invite/join problems, and my black ops says NAT = open. So what the *&^* is going on? i can play online, but i just can't join or invite friends! It only works sometimes with just 1 person in my friendlist.

    I can't believe that a billion dollar profit game like blackops is having such a huge problem!
    I mean, think about it: playing with friends online is such a fundamental part of the online expierence of a game, that when this is not working, you can consider the game as a total failure.


    Well i dont know if this will work for everyone BUT it did work for me.. call your ISP and ask them about bridging your connection they are going to give you a bunch of BS at first but STAND firm and tell them you want it bridged for video gaming purposes… they dont like to do this because it gives you a direct conecction to there server which mean no blocks or firewalls or ports NOTHING… just pure internet for gaming…and this should solve any and all issues related to not being able to connect to your friends and family

  • Dean

    Played this morning with no problems. Had some quirky party issues the past few weeks but never had any connection problems.

  • kaiBellamy

    Best gave ever!!!!!!!1:)

    • Vic

      I've read hundreds of comments on this game and this is the first time anyone has said
      Best gave ever!!!!!!!1:) Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unless your playing OFF LINE CAMPAIGN.

  • Tom

    Having an open N.A.T (1 or 2) will help with invites.

    • vic

      Not for me. It still sucks… Hows it working for you?

  • Bazil81

    To be fair, I only had real problems inviting/joining friends. But thats a big part of this game

  • Bazil81

    To be fair I have only had real problems joining/inviting friends – but whats the point of playing online if you cant blow you mates up

    • BlackOperative(009)

      I have same problem everything works except when i try joing my friends also when i join them in a game I immediatly get kicked its as if im not aloud to play along with my m8s kinda C**P (Needs sorting ASAP just ruining the experience)

    • woodsie69

      yeah me to cant join with friends…there must be something we can do

      • ForsakeNxJT

        Im in the same boat, i get lucky if i can join friends, but have never had anyone join me even though they have tried.

  • Bazil81

    This is really letting the game down, I bought medal of honour just as a 'for now' game while I waited for black ops to arrive. But right now, im close to trading this game in as the whole reason I got it was to play online with friends. I have been given advice on opening ports & even putting my ps3 into the DMZ of the router (until 2 days ago I had no idea what that ment nor how to do it) but its made no difference and took allot of time for me to sort. A friend of mine has the same issues but doesnt have a computer so cant change any settings on his router?!?!?

    Black ops online = epic fail 🙁

    • Saifooo

      dude cmon jus cause a game has a few glitches u waana ditch it ur baby… be patient and stop crying about this stuff pisses me of too im not complainin like a littleb****

      • GunGun

        You are complaining about people complaining, so you aren't much better than the rest of them =]

        • Niel

          Then you are complaining about the guy complain about some guy's complain. Still the same though :S

  • DJ angry

    updated today (18/11/2010) on PS3 same problem as before carnt invite friends and on line matches lose connection
    contacted my broadband provider services is running perfect for gaming
    Great game good maps just please sort out server or MW2 Back i come

    • Joshua

      You damn right, mw2 is about to come back. These problems are rediculous. 60 dollars to sit and watch the screen most of the time. The game itself though is impressive.

  • Jasen

    I updated everythign this morning and saw the little 46.0.00…changed to 50.0.00…but did not jump into any games. I didn't see anything on the list related to respawning?! I guess that's more of an overall problem and not one just for the PS3 so hopefully a patch will come soon for that. EIther way I'll be back on tonight to see if this is any better PSN: WhatGoesUp

    • drew

      mines been doin the same thing for three weeks n still cant get into any games..

  • V–dog


    • micheal

      i have been having a problem now since i haw downloaded the patch every time i try to play zombie it starts to say migrate host when it reaches 10 it says the game lobby was closed now i cant play zombies this patch really sucked it didnt help a bit i am also having the problem u hav that it takes an hour to be able to join a match.

    • shanika

      caps lock isn't cruise control for cool….

    • Joshua

      I've updated, played with the router, checked the internet strength and nothing improves the problem. I'm already really bored. Thank God I kept MW2 and didn't trade it in for this headache they are calling blackops.