2010 Toy Recall List: Video Warning before Black Friday

We have a word of caution for shoppers looking to pick up a collection of childrens toys and other related products over Black Friday, as consumers have been warned to look out for items which could be unsafe for young children to use.

The warning comes after toy giants Fisher Price issued a huge recall recently, which resulted in 10 million of their toy products being recalled over safety hazards. If you read the story at the time, you’ll know that the recall affected popular toys such as Tough Trikes toddler tricycles and Fisher Price high chair products.

According to the CPSC ( Consumer Product Safety Commission), Rollerblade USA rollerblades have also been recalled recently, so if you see any of these products on sale over Black Friday, you are probably best to avoid them.

If you are worried about potential safety risks on some toy products, you can take a daily look at the CPSC website here, which will contain all the recent recall information that you require, as well as archived information for previous recalls.

We have a video below to show you now, which gives consumers a few tips on how to get smart on toy recalls. Have a look and let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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