Samsung Galaxy Tab: Production Halved Due to Poor Sales?

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2010

We have an interesting article for you to read now, as it has been suggested by one analyst that production of the Samsung Galaxy Tab device has been cut in half, due to a slow start in sales.

As reported from Phandroid, Ashok Kumar is an analyst at Rodman & Redshaw and he believes that the recently launched device is failing to live up to sales expectations, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone which is still performing well in the mobile market.

As a result of this, he thinks production has now been cut in half and that Samsung may suffer further once the novelty of tablet devices ‘wear off’ with consumers.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab or are you waiting for a price cut?

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  • Ned

    The WiFi version of the iPad is to be had for $499. It's 9.7", very slick case, looks good.

    The Tab is 7", looks/feels like cheap crap when you hold it and arguably does not do much more than the iPad (forget Flash — one can make counter arguments re: iTunes, AppStore, etc — essentially a wash).

    It would have been a success if it sold for $350. Or had 10" screen with a nice metal case. Or you could use it as a phone with forward facing camera.

    But none of that is possible, so why wonder? I have no clue what Samsung was thinking. They must be drunk of their Samsung Galaxy S success.

    Speaking of which, a lot of people are souring on the lack of Froyo (Android 2.2) on the phone. Now 2.3 is coming out and all the Galaxy S's are still 2.1 … makes me feel real "good". If you want to play with the big boys, you need to step up your game Samsung.

    No plastic-crap case!

  • Pete

    This news is no surprise at all. It was obvious from the moment the prices were announced. Can you believe that Amazon originally priced it at £799 in the UK?! This is not worth more than approximately £350. Even the OS is not suitable for a tablet. And it's not nearly as smooth as Ipad. C'mon Samsung you have to be cheaper, MUCH CHEAPER! BTW the second hand Galaxy Tabs have popped up on Amazon UK. The love at first sight is over.

  • Edan

    I love the Galaxy Tab…but I returned it because the US version took away the phone feature…why would I pay an entire data plan for something that does the same as my phone…but without the phone feature….stupid Samsung….uh, you took away the one thing that made it unique!!

  • andy

    I am waiting for the Tab to be released by the mobile networks on voice plans and subsidised heavily. If the Tab retails at £100 more than the Galaxy S, which is free on certian plans, then why not offer it for £100?

  • Apple

    he he he

  • Vic

    Didn't the device just come out how can they already say sales are bad???

    • M&M

      I don't have any tablet devices, but I think judging from the opening sale of iPad there was too much publicity how people clamor for the table computer. Even when Apple started selling iPad in China it was overwhelming success.

  • Samsung's marketing was no where near what Apple did with the iPad. Most retailers look at me like and I am from outer space when I ask about the Galaxy Tab.

    Deepak Gupta

  • viathin

    When such devices are the cost of a paper back book then I will buy them until they they are just a waist of money

  • Being a 9800 owner I’m really waiting for the Playbook release but if that doesn’t live up to expectations a Samsung tab or a Dell Streak are right in there

    • I have an iPad at home that works well. The only drawback is the size is a bit large for one hand, but that's personal preference.