Killzone 3 Beta: Download Today – No Redemption Code

By Peter Chubb - Nov 17, 2010

Sony had promised that those who subscribed to PlayStation Plus would have offers that were only available to them, such as Killzone 3 Beta. The code is available to all those who subscribe to this extra service, and there is no need for a redemption code.

According to Electronic Theatre the download is live now, so you had best go to the PlayStation Store. Playing Killzone 3 beta will give you a chance to play something different – ideal if you are already getting bored with Call of Duty Black Ops. Ok, I am joking on that last part, but you know what I mean?

The download will not be available for long, so if you are not a subscriber to PlayStation Plus, then maybe it is about time you were, otherwise you will miss out on other great offers like this. The full version of the game will be available some time in 2011, and there will be both 2D and 3D versions of the game.

We recently reported that there is to be a special version of the game called Helghast Edition, but you will need to put aside $129.99. Do you think that it is fair that other PS3 users will not be able to download Killzone 3 beta?

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  • fourty3_shotz

    IT seems like its only avaliable to Euro accounts right now. Can’t download in the U.S.

  • DarkCruzader

    LMAO @ SAM KRISH JUST OWNED UR COMMENT (i got the beta from a twitter contest yeye, represent!!!)

  • Krish

    I don't see it in the playstation plus store.

  • Sam

    Nah, we don't pay for PSN, so I guess its normal to have a premium package with some goodies. As long as I don't loose the ability to play online free, I don't care what the other guys get.