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Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) PS3: Unboxed on Video – Jealous?

We have some surprising news to bring you now, as further proof of Gran Turismo 5 being leaked out early has revealed the very first unboxing video of the game, which has just hit YouTube.

Obviously, we’re not sure how the user in the video managed to get his hands on the game, considering that GT5 is not due out officially until another week – providing that November 24th is the final release date of course.

Judging by the video, there are no signs that this is a fake copy either, as you can see the plastic wrapping, game disc and instruction booklet all in tact during the clip.

Are you a bit jealous that copies of the game are already available in some areas? We don’t mind admitting that we are – just a bit. Check out the clip below for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it.

Still getting GT5?


  • The teach1907

    Playstation Voucher to mail in and register game absent; other than that; looks real to me.

  • Tys

    I don't think that is a fake.

    I think what you are looking at is a Review Copy intended for use by Gaming Journalists (hence the large white label on the front of the box)

    Someone has been VERY naughty indeed, as these would of been imbargoed until a few days before retail release…

  • kart22racer


  • ddd

    Not fake, its real. Whats the point of faking it? Wankers

  • Forsaisalooser

    This guy is a as#$le for showing off like t

    his. ofcourse I will still buy the game. And not the regular one but collector edition.

    Hope you can sleep well at night

  • Kazunori Yamauchi


  • Olaf

    Manual is far too large and does not involve any pictures of in game play which they have always included. Very fake.

  • James



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