Google Takes Fashion To The Web With

Much more known for their search engine ingenuity, popular Android smartphone software, and lightning quick browser Chrome, Google have taken a different approach by launching a website that matches you with your style.

After completing the Stylyzer quiz, where you are analysed to find out your personal style, Google will then try and figure out what kind of fashion you like, and offer you to shop for clothes, accessories and shows within that style. It’s kinda neat actually.

One thing you may notice about is that it shows no resemblance to Google in anyway. This is because it was created by, which was purchased by Google back in August.

The site gives plenty of offerings by visualising each individual style with a “Love” or “Hate” button to determin what really is your style. And while it looks more devoted towards designer labels, other casual ones (Such as Levi’s) are there too.

So if you like shopping on eBay, Amazon, or any other high street store online, you should stop here first to get a glimpse into what fashion you should be going for. You never know, you could discover a hidden gem that you never knew anything about.

Do you like If only they did one for men…

Source: Digital Trends


  • Bruce

    Looks very regionalised, fashionista and only for females.

    So if you are an average woman in the USA it is probably great.

    I am not, on all three counts and I am very happy not to be in need of


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