CoD Black Ops: Worst Perks – Your Opinions

By Jamie Pert - Nov 17, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops has now been out for over a week, therefore people have had a chance to try out different perks in their class setup, but what perks do you think are the worst?

There are 15 perks in total (not including the pro versions), for Perk 1 you can choose Lightweightallows you to move faster, Scavengerallows you to replenish ammo and lethal grenades from fallen enemies, Ghostkeeps you hidden from enemy spy planes, Flak Jacket helps protect against explosive and Hardlineallows you to gain killstreak rewards with one less kill than usual.

For Perk 2 you can choose Hardenedgives you bullet penetration and deep bullet impact, Scoutallows you to hold your breath for longer when using a scope, Steady Aimimproves your hip fire accuracy, Sleight Of Hand allows you to reload your weapons faster and Warlord allows you to equip two attachments to your primary weapon.

Finally for Perk 3 you can choose either Tactical Markprotects you against Nova gas, Marathonallows you to sprint for longer, Ninjaallows you to move silently, Second Chanceallows you to pull out your pistol before dying and Hackdetects enemy explosives, equipment and turrets.

Obviously your perk setup depends on the game type that you are playing, one perk which I find a waste of time is the Tactical Mask, mainly because I do not find Nova Gas that much of a problem, as for disappointing perks, I find Ghost a bit of a waste of time as it only hides you from Spy Planes, obviously the pro version will be much better, however it could have perhaps kept you hidden from a killstreak reward such as the sentry gun.

We would love to hear which perks you find useless/disappointing, let us know in the comments section below.

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  • ferasoo77

    second chance FTW! … and ninja is a bit underpowered … and Scout is useless.

    and BTW … tac mask can be the best tier3 perk in BO if its upgraded 2 its pro version as the flashbangs and concussion grenades WILL LOOK ALMOST USELESS AGAINST IT !!

  • Katiiexx

    Flak Jacket – How many times have you died from explosions?
    Scout – Fucking hardscoper
    Tactical Mask /Pro – Even if you can see where they are, there blinded anyway

  • bodaharty

    I use tactical mask pro- and you're all screwed up when I flash you

  • tatsu

    scout is not worth the 2nd slot, tac mask isn't that good, but it's free. ghost pro is pretty easy to get anyways, so not a real dissapointment

  • Freakz

    Tactical mask
    Second chance

    • ferasoo77

      u people dnt like ghost plyrs 'cause u get annoyed as the hugly used spy plane dsnt effect wth us .. 😛

  • Tiamo

    Flak Jacket

  • Toxic

    well to me the tactical mask is a complete wast of time but ghost i find it a big help so what if it dose not help you when facing a killstreak. that when i sneak to the back of the base and take it out without them knowing

    • Jamie Pert

      Yeah I agree Ghost has its "perks" (sorry for the pun), however it is a little disappointing…. imo

  • The Kinected Gamer

    They are all pretty much useful in their own way, depending on how the player plays.

  • welshe

    I am sorry but what about last chance, this perk is STUPID. I agree task mask is crap but this perk is just annoying beyond all belief. At least there’s no commando perk.

  • james

    ahahaha dats true


    hahahaha no one ever comments on any of your articles, untill now i have only seen about 2 or 3 comments on average on topics about gaming, either your articles suck which they dont cause i think theyre pretty good or no one gives a rats ass about it but anyway i find it hilarious that you guys keep trying to engage the readers but failing everytime!
    To answer your question tactical mask thing is quite aweful completely useless but i think ghost is pretty good, I rely quite a bit on the UAV sometimes and if someone is hidden its quite a good stealth advantage.

    • JPhateclublmao

      totally agree with ya dude, go down the list of his articles, all zero comments and every once while he might have a few, dude write useful articles, that people might care about reading? Because you just created a huge poll.

  • Jon-Paul

    I only see one perk that is useless and that is the tactical mask. All of the other ones are good in their own way.

    • Grizzle

      I agree about the basic version of Tactical Mask, but have you seen the Pro version? It lets you see the location of anyone stunned by one of your tactical grenades! That's an amazing perk for those of us that use flashbang/concussion grenades, and will really make clearing a room or blind corner a dream

  • ddd

    Flak Jacket
    Tactical MaSk