CoD Black Ops: Nuketown – Secret RCXD Car Path Video

By Jamie Pert - Nov 17, 2010

Last week I posted an article suggesting that Nuketown was my least favorite map on Black Ops, I am still not a huge fan, however I am starting to enjoy it a bit more, now I have come across a path where you can take your RCXD buggy.

This is not a glitch, and not particularly a secret, however a lot of people do not know about it, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post you can see a video showing a way of getting your RCXD buggy from your spawn to your enemy’s without being seen.

If you check the back yards of both houses in Nuketown you can see two small openings which are just about big enough to get your RCXD buggy through, these link up, which means you can send your explosive buggy directly to your enemy. There is only one slightly difficult thing, you have to jump your buggy from one ramp-shaped rock and land on another, if you do not land smoothly your buggy blows up.

I initially heard about this path and wasted about 4 RCXD’s on it, however I now believe it is easier to get a kill using this technique than it is driving it through the centre of the hectic map.

Have you used this “secret” path?

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  • cole

    does this path work on the wii to

  • Wayne

    theres paths on every map. look for ventilation ducts. 😉

  • No way

    He is not a loser. I knew about the path but couldn’t figure out how to get across. So thank you, and I bet quite a few people didn’t know about this. You all are the losers! He is trying to help and you all have to be jerks. Where is you all hearts at?

    • No way, No way

      I hope you know he was calling Kinected a loser, because he was being a jerk, and in no way insulting the creator of this video and post.
      Anyways thanks for the video. I knew the path was there, but i kept explodeing. That helps alot.


    lmao someone is obviously just as blind as Jamie.

  • PorkChop

    LOL i can't help but laugh at the guy who names himself after a POS kinect system that calls out other people who don't notice that a hole in the fence is actually an RCXD hidden path.

    You're a loser man.

  • Jamie Pert

    Just because you know about it, it doesn't mean that everyone else does…. obviously a lot of people reading this will say "old news" but a fair few will appreciate the heads up…. it has nothing to do with camping,,,,