Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: List of Best Weapons for Survival?

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have previously asked you what level you have managed to get to on the zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but we haven’t asked you what weapons you used to get there. Do you already have a list of the most useful guns in the game?

Of course, a lot of the weapons you get in zombies will come from the box, and the outcome is completely random as we all know, so some of you may have already settled for what you can get from the walls on different places around the maps. If this is the case, then what weapons do you go for on the walls? I usually don’t buy the first two available, instead I either wait for the AK74 outside, or the Stakeout Shotgun upstairs near the Speed Cola perk machine.

In terms of best guns overall, the Commando rifle is pretty useful, while the HK21 and RPK Light Machine Guns are two of the most useful guns in the game, since they both carry large ammunition clips which is vital in the later stages of the game. I don’t think the launchers are as useful on Black Ops Zombies as they were on World at War, maybe I havent had the chance to use them in good positions yet – do you have any strategies for the launchers?

If i had to choose the best two, I’d either go for the Ray Gun / Thundergun and Commando combination, or the Ray Gun and one of the Light Machine Guns – pack-a-punched of course. If you have a different choice of weapons which you find useful in the game, let us know.

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  • My best weapons are the zeus cannon and the porters x2 ray gun i made it to round 22 on kino der toten add me on psn only if u gotta mic!!!!!
    psn ID: BSG-_OREO

  • David reyes

    add me on psn: ELKINTOSOL im good at zombies  

  • zombieslayer

    I died stupidly from knifing a crawler on round 89 on call of the dead lol

  • zombieslayer

    i like the mp40,upgraded thunder gun and with mule kick the rpk my highest round is 89 on COTD solo with these guns. the mp40 is great for head shots

  • Mine is 24 rounds with 4 players… Please use the Ray Gun and the Thundergun most of the time when pack-a-punched…

    Add me on psn: xxCoDgamer998xx

  • squirtlekilla_420

    best guns       Pack a Punch
    1.Scavenger   (Hyena Infra Dead)
    2.M16            (Skullcrusher)
    3.Thundergun  (ZeusCannon)
    4.M1911         (Mustang and Sally)
    5.Ray Gun      (Porter’s X2 RayGun)

  • Msquaredmanagement

    On level 5 why can’t two people have a freeze gun when playing split screen?

  • Jonmeizel

    before your able to create the combo that i listed below (ray gun, thunder gun + M16). i usually start off by buying the Olympia or M14 at level 3 and staying in the starting room until level 5 or 6. then i go up stairs and get the mp40. i get into the theater, buy an M16 and hold on their as long as i can WITHOUT TURNING ON THE POWER. then i get juggernaut, tap the mystery box, upgrade my M16 and get all my other perks.

  • Jonmeizel

    we all know that after about level 25+ we all start getting low on ammo, so i use pack-a-punched ray gun, thunder gun and M16. this works amazingly. 
    use the thunder gun for large crowds and when your about to get killed. 
    use the ray gun when you have ammo on it and when you run out use your m16 and buy ammo of the wall. notice: to get 3 weapons you need one of the perks in kino der toten

  • Jonmeizel

    we all know that after about level 25+ we all start getting low on ammo, so i use pack-a-punched ray gun, thunder gun and M16. this works amazingly. 
    use the thunder gun for large crowds and when your about to get killed. 
    use the ray gun when you have ammo on it and when you run out use your m16 and buy ammo of the wall. notice: to get 3 weapons you need one of the perks in kino der toten

  • Mikekeller1999

    hey my best combo is mp40 pack-a-punch and mp5k pack-a-punch with some monkey bombs and a bowie knife i only got to round 13 so if anyone would like to help me get alittle further then add me on psn mikekeller1999 it would be nice if you had a mic.

  • Mikmikal

    This doesnt work for all players but about 95-98% it does.First be a little experienced with the map/content.Know the locations of useful perks,Juggernaut, Quick Revive.
    So for the more skilled players you should use Galil non packed til round 25 (UNLESS YOU HAVE TO) then ray gun.If your a thunder gun fan then go with SkullCrusher (TRUST ME i dislike this gun but it has ammo off the walls which makes it useful plus a grenade launcher-better or worse?)
    Add me: XBL:PsG x RiderZ
    Hit me up. always down for zombies XD

  • L€G€ND@RY $H00+€Rz

    Right now im really hooked on the lamentation an predator combo. Last time i used that combo i made to like 34.

  • L€G€ND@RY $H00+€Rz

    Right now im really hooked on the lamentation an predator combo. Last time i used that combo i made to like 34.

  • Pro Gamer141

    if u want to survive more than round 20 take my advice try getting the thundergun go for ray gun in these rounds 11 to 20 only but u cant always use the ray gun it will be useless at some round so try getting any assault rifle like galil or the aug and upgrade them they will be EPIC when u get a thunder gun at the box its time to pick between ur weapons so dont leave ur galil or any assault rifle unless if its not upgraded so thats how u can reach to higher levels.

    add me        PSN:HardToKill99                          reached round 36 solo from this strategy 😀

  • Pro Gamer

    if you want to survive to round 20 or more first if i got the galil i would upgrade it because its powerful and you kcan rank up points so fast second atleast try to get a thunder gun but if u got a thunder gun take it but still go take the mysterybox when u get the thundergun you will be having a perfect combination
    upgrade both   i survived round 36 with AUG and thunder gun both upgraded.But most important get the thunder gun

  • Luukrademaker

    I went to round 36 solo. 😉
    Add me psn: kuul61


    4.RAY GUN
    7. HK21


    • Kill Da Zombies

      m1911 gives mustang and sally

  • Soonerfancarter

    thunder gun because its the only gun that saves you when you get screwed and its the only effective gun in later rounds as the porters ray gun takes like 10 shots just to make a crawler in round 50+

  • first i use in kino der toten i use knife and grenade first  four rounds then get the mpl wait to open door the leads outside (if dogs wait to) be then you should have alot of money and open all the doors that leads to the m16 and get mostly head shots when you get enough to get juggernog get it and then turn on the power and upgrade the m16 or if you get lucky you might find and get a good gun from the random box like ray gun or thunder gun if not both

  • i like to use the commando and ray gun both upgraded and with speed cola

  • i like to use the commando and ray gun both upgraded and with speed cola

  • It’s helpful to upgrade a weapon off the wall, because we all know how hard it is to get ammo in the later rounds.

  • I found  Porter’s X2 Raygun and Calamity & Jane (both upgraded) to be very effective because the pistols are automatic and the Raygun is obvious, but more importantly, you can move very fast since you don’t have a pig LMG or Thundergun slowing you down, and the pistols never seem to lose power. And then have a team with the Krauss Refibrillator and Thundergun, and maybe a crossbow. Upgrade all of these, especially the crossbow and knife.

  • Chase

    Me and my friend got to round 43, i had the upgraded galil, and uprgraded ray gun, we both had monkey bombs, and he had the upgraded ray gun, for when there were just a few zombies, and upgraded thunder gun for those sticky situation. (;

  • black ops weapons

    i like the launchers,but the better one is the M72 LAW, because it has higher damege,oh and if u get ballistic knives,combine them with the bowie knife,3 hits for a zombie round 25+ too awsome. be warned the box could give you a crappy gun like the china lake or single wield CZ75

  • kyle

    best combo is a porters x2 ray gun (upgraded) with an upgraded crossbow. you can run circles to get the zombies to chase you and then you can shoot an arrow into the crowd because it acts like a monkey bomb and attracts the zombies then blast the crowd with ray gun and repeat. i got to level 85 on ascension with 4 people doing this in the rocket area by the pack a punch machine it worked great

  • Jacob

    The ray gun and thundergun work the best i think. you can just shoot of the zombies legs to make them crallers with one shot from the ray gun. to clean up the crallers i used the thundergun. using this tactic i made it to level 43.

  • Garrett

    I definitely recommend having a thundergun/raygun along with any assault rifle/LMG. The rifles and LMG's will get you a whole lot of points, especially on the higher rounds, so when you run out of ammo in them, you'll have enough to buy and pack-a-puch another one. The Galil has the highest ammo cap for all of the assault rifles and is fairly powerful, so if you ever get that in the mystery box, don't hesitate to take it.


    I can get to round 28 by myself, if you ask me just go for the power ups and stay in the first room untill you have 5000 bucks, it helps in the long run, i usually take the upstairs route, though i always unlock the bottom afterwards. i suggest getting your hands on what you can from the mystery box, and use the teleporter when needed. my favorite weapons are the EPC WN, Typhoid and Mary, and mainly all machine guns.

  • Bamam

    The best combos are probably the ray gun and thundergun / h k21 or rpk with a upgraded heavy weapon. If you want to' go really high in a zombies round you'll need an upgraded ballistics knife, an upgraded crossbow, thundergun (dosen't have to be upgraded) a ray gun for the tricky corners, and The rest can be chosen by yourself.

  • Jacob

    And I made it to 32 then they wouldnt stop comming

  • Jacob

    My favorite is the ray gun and m72 anarachy so when I get in the pack a punch room I bomb them and use the ray gun for everything else

  • Mr.Big

    mustang and sally and ray gun r the most power full guns in the game

  • Daan

    I dont recomend the thunder gun + commando combo because the commando wont last you very long, specially when you get to round 20 or higher, even when upgraded it will only last a round or two, the point that I'm trying to make here is that you will have to, once in a while, trade your upgraded weapon for either the mp40 or the ak74u (it's very tough to use the box while having 30 zombies on your tail). After the round you can always try your luck and attempt to get an LMG again. Sometimes I stick with the mp40 upgraded (not too great) and the thunder gun upgraded, which makes it a very long process to mow all the zombies down specially because the upgraded mp40 is practically useless after round 40, BUT you have reliable ammo for it, and the thunder gun in case of an emergency.
    If you have any questions or comments about my strategy, please refer to my comment and I will gladly answer it.

  • Daan

    I'm speaking as someone who has finally after extensive hours, mastered kin der toten (sorry if I mispelled it) solo u to round 50. If you play solo you will soon figure out that money is hardly an issue, usualy by round 20 I have every single perk in the game (quick revive, juggernog, speed cola, and the thing in the alley, cant remember that perk's name). So now the only issue is finding the gun combination that suits you perfectly, personally I aim for the thunder gun (zeus canon when upgraded) and a LMG, the biggest reason behind the lmg is that it's simply a money maker, even if you spend about 7,000 to get it + upgrade it, it will pay itself back, after wasting every single bullet you will have made about 12,000+ depending on how good you are with headshots.

  • Rcoman

    best weapons:
    1. Thunder gun
    2. Ray gun
    3. HK21
    4. Commando
    5. RKP

    the order stays the same in my opinion when pack-a-punched 😀

  • aaron

    Kino der toten is probelry the best map to get a high range of rounds. but ascension is also good too, depends on your strategies. Id say galil or Rpk best packa punch weapons or thunder gun if needed but be prepared after the insane rounds after level 30.. trust me even thunder guns wont kill. 🙂

  • hiiiiii wat up

    Hey if anyone plays on ps3 add me ONLY IF YOU HAVE A MIC!!!!! Playstation ID: callofmadden1
    My best wall weapons are the mp40 and m16. my top 5 for the box are thundergun, ray gun, monkey bombs,hk21 or rpk.
    My highest rounds [black ops]
    Kino Der Toten:25-3 players
    Five: 21-3 players
    Dead Ops Arcade: 20-4 players
    Ascension:24-3 players
    Add me if you wanna get to a high round and you have a mic!

  • David

    Usually I try to get to the Bowie Knife ASAP. This way I can kill zombies by knifing them (its a 1 hit kill until round 10, hence you want to get to the bowie knife ASAP). You get the 130 points for knifing instead of only around 100 points for shooting a zombie to death. Until round 10 you can rack up major points, but getting to the Bowie Knife can be difficult, as the knife is always located at the other side of the map from where you start. Getting to the knife (or sickle if you are playing on Ascension) can be easy or difficult, it really depends on how cooperative your teammates are. If your teammates and you are willing to equally use their points to open doors, then you will get to the Bowie Knife by round 4. If you are the only one that is going to open doors, then forget doing this plan. You and your teammates all need each others points so that you all get to the knife (which is 3000 points, so get a gun along the way and get enough points to buy the knife plus juggernog). It's quite rare to find people willing enough to cooperate, especially since most people like to stay in the lobby for the first 4-5 rounds. That's why I often use this plan while playing with a friend of mine, that way he'll listen to me and we can both get to the knife and rack up points. And of course, it doesn't hurt to have 10,000+ points by round 10 🙂

  • gmoney

    i think ray gun and ak74 upgraded is one of the best combos because the ak74 is actually really powerful and and if you ever run out of ammo, just go buy more of the wall, i got to level 36 with this combo

  • Thomas

    i was playing solo got to round 23 and i had zeus cannon and porters 2 ray gun i swapped my zeus because i thought i dont want to waste all my ray gun ammo so i use the box and got the commando and pack a punched it. i also packed a punch the m16 the mp40 and some other guns but i kept on swapping cos lack of ammo and got sick of them.

  • jayy

    got to 30 with zeuss cannon and aug upgraded anyone wanna try and get to 40 and higher add me on psn. djguttah

  • dan

    the ray gun and hk21 upgraded with all perks, bowknife,claymore's and monkey's is what i usely aim to get and the highest level ave got to is 28
    with 4 ppl gamertag: DanTullycarnet

  • jake

    just give me hk and the new rpd and i wolnt even turn the power on.

  • Prince

    My friend here been playing, he's at level 35 solo

  • Addicted2Killn

    My highest level is 42. Usually make it between 30-40 with 1 other player. I don't like playing with more because they screw everything up. They either open doors and turn on power way too early, hog the mystery box, go to the box mid round or refuse to run the same route. If you want to make it to higher levels don't worry about the box until after level 15. What you want is jug and the MP40 and then move up to a light machine gun. You need all the points you can get for putting on traps at later rounds. Always keep at least 5000 points handy in case you go down. The best weapons at the later rounds are the Ray/Thunder. Don't worry about PAP until you are almost out of ammo., I see too many people PAP weapons that have full ammo. Communicate with teammates every step of the way. Link the teleporter every time it cools down. You will need to use it 2-3 time per round and make sure everyone is in it so you have something to shoot at. Hit the left trigger (auto aim) fast as possible while firing and watch your points to make sure you're hitting the targets. Always go for head shots when Zombies are running in a single file and if you run for a perk make sure you can get it without being trapped. Leave a crawler every round so you can rebuild or hit the box. Don't listen to anyone who tells you to stay on stage, they're dense and will end up leaving the game the first time they go down and lose what ever PAP weapon they had.

    XBL & Youtube . com / Addicted2Killn

    • Addicted2Killn

      My new highest level is 46 with over 3000 kills.

      • Addicted2Killn

        New highest level is now 53.


    well i think the thunder gun and the ray gun are by far the best gun's to use wile killing zombies also when dey open the theader blinds the first think you should due is get da gugger nug ill come in handy also get the speed cola. I think all of dat should come in handy i lasted to level 30

  • zombiedestroyer

    I got round 44 on solo with and mp40 and a zeus cannon running around the map and setting traps.

  • Ronny

    i got from about round 20 to 44 using literally nothing but the zeus cannon. you just need to kite them around until you have as many that can spawn at once in a pile and blow them up. once you get over 40 all other weapons are useless, even the ray gun is nearly useless. but having the thunder gun and ray gun at same time is obviously the best combo. the trick is to use run around gathering and shoot them down with machine guns till you have a ton of points, then when you run out of ammo on the thundergun you just get rid of it and hit the crate till you get it again

  • bob

    I had Zeus Cannon and Porter's X2 ray gun and i made made it to round 42 with my friends………. i also find AUG 50M3 or Awesome reeaaallly useful as it has a masterkey shotgun mounted on to it

  • MikeM

    YES you can have more than one special gun pap'd .i pap the thundergun and the ray gun playing solo… got to level 26 shouldve got further but the gf rolled a blunt lol its by far the best combo ive used. easily get into the 30's

  • brandon :D

    primary doesnt matter too much to me, but heres what I do:
    SOLO: mp40 and thundergun. dont PaP the mp40, just use it for points and kill the xombies with traps.
    Multiplayer zmbies:
    P1: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and crossbow [PaP]
    P2: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and ballistic knife [PaP]
    P3: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and
    P4: assault rifle (such as an AUG [master key helps alot] m16 [grenade launcher] hk21, rpk, galil, etc) and launcher of some sort [china lake or m72 law].

    keep in mind having an assault rifle is mostly for points. also, instead of an assault rifle, the cz75 single or dual wield is a great primary
    Ive gotten to round 28 on ascension, 35 on kino, and 27 on five with othe rpeople. got to round 43 solo on kino

  • jake

    its gay tho wen your getting points all the sudden it gives you a newk wen you have instant kill i could have gotten more points the game is rigged so you wont win the more points you got the more likely your going to win

  • polots

    I got to round 32 with a friend and the Hk21 pack a punched does practically nothing. It takes a whole half a clip to kill like one zombie. The L96A1 surprisingly is a 2 shot kill to chest and 1 shot to head pack a punched. Even ray gun was taking like 6 shots or more

  • tom

    actually i think the best thing you can have is spaz-24 (pack-a-punched spaz-12), the r115 resonator (pack-a-punched rpk), monkey grenades, and double tap (for the rpk). the spaz-24 has 24 shots in a clip, and its a one shot kill for a while. also, when you reload it, you only need to put in one bullet, instead of all 24. the rpk with double tap has a ton of ammo, and shoots super fast, i think its way better than the hk21. also monkey grenades can help you whenever you're in trouble, so you don't need a thundergun.

  • tom

    i got to 22 on solo just by pack-a-punching some crappy gun off the walls (olympia, m14, stakeout, pm63, mp40, etc) at the end of each round. i ended up pack-a-punching 9 times, and i never bought the box

  • Monty

    All players must have a ray gun to make it in the high 20s and 30s. One player should have a thunder gun, an one should have a ballistic knife. The rest should have a galil or hk21. Trust me I've made it to round 34. In probably one of the best legit zombie players

  • anthony

    ive made it to a high of 27 by myself

  • MARC

    i dont know were the box is in 5

  • MARC

    u frgot spectre