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Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: List of Best Weapons for Survival?

We have previously asked you what level you have managed to get to on the zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but we haven’t asked you what weapons you used to get there. Do you already have a list of the most useful guns in the game?

Of course, a lot of the weapons you get in zombies will come from the box, and the outcome is completely random as we all know, so some of you may have already settled for what you can get from the walls on different places around the maps. If this is the case, then what weapons do you go for on the walls? I usually don’t buy the first two available, instead I either wait for the AK74 outside, or the Stakeout Shotgun upstairs near the Speed Cola perk machine.

In terms of best guns overall, the Commando rifle is pretty useful, while the HK21 and RPK Light Machine Guns are two of the most useful guns in the game, since they both carry large ammunition clips which is vital in the later stages of the game. I don’t think the launchers are as useful on Black Ops Zombies as they were on World at War, maybe I havent had the chance to use them in good positions yet – do you have any strategies for the launchers?

If i had to choose the best two, I’d either go for the Ray Gun / Thundergun and Commando combination, or the Ray Gun and one of the Light Machine Guns – pack-a-punched of course. If you have a different choice of weapons which you find useful in the game, let us know.



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