Adobe CEO On Apple, Google and Microsoft

You do not have to be a genius to work out that Adobe and Apple do not see eye-to-eye, most of which has to do with Steve Jobs and his refusal to allow the iOS devices to use Flash content. Shantanu Narayen, the CEO for Adobe said that he did not want to talk about this matter.

However, before he went onto other matters he did say Apple and Adobe are just “on different sides,” but what could he mean? Well, PCMag points out the obvious when they say that Adobes mission is “creating content for multiple platforms,” something we know that Apple are not doing.

Narayen who appeared at the Web 2.0 conference today also added that he was not pushing for a merger with Microsoft. He did not mind pointing out about Adobe’s commitment to Google Android, RIM and HP webOS, but that still did not stop people wanting to know more about his thoughts on what Steve had to say about Flash.

Knowing that the Apple CEO said that Flash was slow and buggy was a shock to a number of us, especially when you look at this BlackBerry PlayBook and iPad browser comparison video. I wonder if Steve Jobs has seen how fast it loads web pages with Flash content on them, even faster than the iPad can render what there is left on the page.

If you could ask the Adobe CEO any question, what would it be?



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