Michael Jackson: The Experience – Full Song List for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2010

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Nintendo Wii next week as Ubisoft has just revealed the confirmed final track list which will be featured in the game.

As reported from Nintendo-Universe, we can confirm that there will be a total of 26 songs in the game, and they include many of his hits from Jackson’s Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, Off the Wall and HIStory albums.

All your favorite Jacko tracks will be there, including some surprising choices as well, such as Streetwalker, Sunset Driver, Money and Speed Demon.

The game is due out on Tuesday November 23rd for the Nintendo Wii, but will also be releasing on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with Kinect and Move support sometime in 2011. Below is the full song list for the game, let us know if you’ll be picking this up or not.

    Song List:

* “Another Part of Me”
* “Bad”
* “Beat It”
* “Billie Jean”
* “Black Or White”
* “Dirty Diana”
* “Do Not Stop ‘Till You Get Enough”
* “Earth Song”
* “Ghosts”
* “In the Closet”
* “Leave Me Alone”
* “Money”
* “Remember the Time”
* “Rock With You”
* “Smooth Criminal”
* “Speed Demon”
* “Street Walker”
* “Sunset Driver”
* “The Girl is Mine”
* “The Way You Make Me Feel”
* “They Do Not Care About Us”
* “Thriller”
* “Want to Be Startin’ Something”
* “Who Is It”
* “Will You Be There”
* “Workin’ Day and Night”

There is a new trailer over at Nintendo-Universe, check it out. Are you happy with the song list, or has one of your favorite Jackson songs been left off the list?

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  • Laschae

    Will You Be there is not on there!!!

  • Rotem Feldman

    what with “man in the mirror” or “jam”????????? man you gotta be kidding me…..

  • Soccerroks1111

    How do i add new songs to game michael jackson the experience on my Wii???

  • Don’t call him “Jacko”, for Godsake. Do you like to be called “stupid”? Even though he was interested in buying the bones of the Elephant Man, there was no reason to.

  • is * 

  • jhk

    you forgot *heal the world*

  • Dana Howie

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!! Make a second edition with all the songs that you couldn't fit on the first one because The Experience is the best game ever I love Mickael jackson so much and he is just the greatest artist of all time I don't care what anyone says !!!!!!

    • Hey 🙂 I there a another edition on michael jackson the exprince because i have this game on the wii and its really amazingggggggggg 

  • shamaladingdong

    where the heck is p.y.t & man in the mirror

  • I'm disappointed that Scream, Man in the Mirror, and You Are Not Alone… =/

  • DanceGamer

    No PYT! Travesty

  • alize imani

    they need to make MJ the experience #2 with all the other songs and more than this game !!!!

  • MJJ Fanatic15

    This Game Is Awesome But You Left Out,Man In The Mirror,You Rock My World,Jam,Human Nature,And Also Blood On The Dancefloor.! You Couldve At Least Made It A Forever Game Like Everytime You Get 5 Stars You Get A New Song Or Something.!Come On Guys.!:)

  • Janyelle

    .where ihs PYT? dhat shulda been duh first one bhut i ♥d playin' iht though (=

  • Kho

    Smooth Criminal!

  • I agree with the others quite a few songs were left out, Man In The Mirror epsecially. Or even This Is It. I mean I know he was gone before they could make a video with it, but with todays technology they could at least piece it together from the movie; am I right? My husband got it for me and like others I question a few songs cuz all u do in some of them is stand there and throw ur hands in the air and sway back n forth. But over all I'd say it is a VERY FUN game for the family 🙂

  • Tiffany

    They should have made it to where you could unlock new songs when you get five stars. I love the game and play it all the time. I rarely use the dance school, but it is also a neat concept but add more songs and lock them until you score so many points. Makes you want to really learn the moves to see what new songs you can unlock.

  • kittyhawk

    Where's Jam? Where's Dangerous? Where's You Rock My World?
    And I won't buy this game until you edit the article. Change Jacko to Jackson, please. Thank you.

  • Mjj

    Michael Jackson have done so many great songs, and unfortunately they couldn't include every song. But I wouldn't mind if they did one more Michael Jackson-dvd with more songs to dance to.

  • Shav G.

    This is an awesome GAME, and it’s worth every penny! I use it as a workout tape now. I bought it as a gift for my son for Christmas and we played it Christmas day and the next day when I woke up I was SO sore, I was waddling around the house like a 9 month pregnant women, needless to say I’m very out of shape but if I keep dancing with MJ I will be FINE AS WINE, LoL! I think I love the game more than my son does!

    • I too am gonna use it as a work out. My husband played it the first night we got it and did thriller at least 5 times woke up the next morning and he said his arms were so sore he was gonna wait a week to play again lol.

  • asija

    dey 4got scream w/ janet ad blood on d dance ad mi fav u rock mi world ad man in d mirror but d game iz tight it makez u sore alot

  • Francis

    Rock My World. Please

  • MJ Forever

    No Man in the Mirror? No Human Nature? You are not Alone? Blood on the Dance Floor? So many other songs left. I think they should update it by; when people get the right amount of points, the unlock more songs.

    • sarah

      I agree with you on that one I wanted man in the mirror as well

  • skillz

    what until the next one is released…


    NEED P.Y.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sourav

    They should make 2nd part with the pending songs. There's many awesome songs they left off like dangerous, jam, man in the mirror, blood on the dance floor, you are not alone, and many, many more songs.

  • Jenny maire

    The game looks soo kool and now you can dance like the king of pop?! Cant wait to buy this game and dance like him his danceing and his music will live forever ! i love his song my fave song from his is Thriller one of my fave song!

  • nena

    what the hell?!! wheres you rock my world and pyt!!! -___- there better be a sequelll

  • they forgot to put in one of the favour dance routines "dangerous" unless the add it later due to xbox live and buyin add ons

  • MariaB

    I bought my copy and "Another Part of Me" wasn't included 🙁 I guess only Walmart is selling it with that track. Dang it..

  • seems like a cool game but they left some songs out and on da box it says if u buy it u get a glove or some shit like that wounder wat his kids think about the game

  • the game looks cool but they some songs out and on the box it says that it comes with a glove or some shit like that wounder what his kids think about the game??????

  • Atrac

    You know What this means….leaving out classic songs can only mean one thing…Sequels

    • Kim

      Exactly!!!! How could they leave out DANGEROUS!!!!! There's gotta be a sequel.

  • Amerson

    so glad that I pre ordered this AWESOME game!!

  • Aww how about human nature

  • jlynn

    They forgot human nature, jam, and man in the mirror those are my favorites to sing and perform to

    • Jada Davis2312@yahoo.com

      i  no that sound  good

  • Nix

    I would have loved if they put in Off the Wall. Blood on the Dancefloor would have been nice too.
    But I think they have a pretty cool line up of songs.
    Toooo excited to get this game.

  • Cade S.

    really cool to see the awesome Streetwalker, Sunset Driver, Workin' Day And Night.

    Money is also a huge surprise. And Speed Demon… what a great idea!

    I hope they will include some Invincible tracks in the DLC or next edition, especially Unbreakable or Theatened.

    I wonder if Captain EO could make it?

  • Katie

    You get the sparkled glove with this game haha

  • NellieO231

    Referring to Michael JACKSON as "Jacko" is highly disrespectful. He stated many times how he hated to be called that and that it hurt him deeply.

  • Chris

    BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR never gets love and it's my favorite!!! Angry…

  • Itzel

    Where is you rock my world!!!!!! from invincible album
    anyway…. great videogame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I luv u MIke

  • Jorge

    I can't believe they left off "Jam", "Dangerous" and "Man in the Mirror" – three of Jackson's most popular tracks, especially "Man in the Mirror" – really bizzare! Dangerous would have been awesome :S

  • MJfan

    I am happy lesser known tracks like Streetwalker, Sunset driver made it. I am getting it next week.

  • daz

    err human nature is where??!?!

  • W

    No Man In The Mirror??? Really??

  • mjjlover

    u r not alone

  • Tony

    Where is P.Y.T.?? one of my faves?

  • TBB

    If the game sells well, I think there's a good chance of downloadable expansion tracks. Plenty of well known classics and lesser known gems that fans would want to purchase. Human Nature, PYT, Cheater, Jam, Scream, You Are Not Alone, Blood on the Dance Floor, You Rock My World, and many other unreleased album tracks, and new songs that will be released in the future. Depends on if the game is a hit or not.

    I'm buying a copy when the PS3 version is released.

  • paddy

    It's a shame they left of Dangerous, Blame It On The Boogie, Blood on the Dancefloor & Dance & Shout, all songs with fantastic rhythm's and visual's in their videos and/ or performances that would have looked great in game. Id question why The Girl Is Mine & Money are in ahead of those. Also Earth Song? Great track, but hardly a dance number!

    • Jade

      You have to play it to appreciate it. I was skeptical at first but earth song has ended up being my favorite track to play. 🙂

  • mdog

    what, no man in the mirror?

  • Norie

    You rock my world is missing! wtf …. wtf wtf

  • Casa

    You Rock My World isn't there?!

  • cathy

    YAY! They have chosen some awesome songs including my 2 faves "In The Closet" and "They Don't Care About Us"! Cannot wait to get this.

  • travis

    One song they forgot and it's a MJ classic: You Rock My World from the Invincible album. MJ had a great music video for that and they could have easily done a wicked dance for it. Too bad they missed out on it.

    • Jamar

      You are so right that is one of my favorites and the video was amazing