Lag In Black Ops: COD Connection Issues

By Peter Chubb - Nov 16, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops has now been on the market for one week, and the game opened up to a barrage of anger from players who were experiencing lag issues. It had been assumed that this issue was only affecting PC users, but this issue then manifested itself into connection issues as well for the PS3.

The lag issue was certainly a strange one, two players could be joined to the same game, but only one suffered with lag. COD Black Ops users complained from day one that the game was unplayable, but there were a huge percentage reporting that they did not have any such issue.

There were other users who said that they could play Medal of Honor at full settings, but had to turn Black Ops down, even then it still slowed down. Thankfully there is already a patch to solve this issue, but there has been reports that some lag issues persist.

As for those connection issues, there is a pattern, so if you have a PS3 and want to play Black Ops online you had better make certain that it is not at the busy times. This always seems to happen when a new game comes out, its as if the servers cannot handle the strain. You would have thought that they would have prepared for this and improved or increased servers.

For those who still suffer from lag, visit Yahoo Answers for a solution; just be prepared to change a setting or two. Are you still experiencing lag or connection issues?

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  • Koen Mortier

    When i try to join a server and the loading screen comes in, it lags so hard that i always miss the first 30-60seconds of the match.
    If i play S&D i always have to wait the 1st round because it doesn't load fast enough.
    Is it about my fps?

  • Mark

    This is nice for a game that will make $1 billion dollars eh? Take your crap and put it in your mouth people – that's what they think of quality these days. I am unhappy after having spent good money on this game. If I'm online for 1 hour I only get to play 10 mins due to connection issues. And it's not my hardware – I have a great connection and had NO problems on MW2. It is the game – one bad player on the game, and everyone goes down.

  • Rude

    Well I bought the prestige edtion when it first hit the shelf and thought wow look at this . I got a fancy little rc car and I should have known how the game was gonna work when myself and some Friends were just checking out the rc cars and we all bought brand new batteries and te cars all did the Same thing … Nothin …. As soon as you put the batteries in they show as dead and the car dosent work worth a hell.. And then. We all sat down to play the game and couldn’t stand the lag.. But we sat and waited for the patch to come out before any of us started to complain about how we got screwed … Well like most of everyone else on the ps3 the patch really did nothing and in most cases made the game play worst.. So I geuss to make a long story short we paid 130 bucks for a 25 cent fake medal a hunk of crap rc car that dosent work and a fancy holographic case that holds a game I really can’t play.. It’s like they say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.. Well they should have left call of duty with infinty ward where it belongs..

  • romans1000ad

    It appears COD Black Ops focused on new ideas, which is fine, if you refine what you already have. No destructable environments, lag and server connection issues abound. It is fun as arcade games go. Lots of perks but no real battlefield feel. Stabbing people without getting up close and personal. Maps that lack any real depth of the imagination. I know they do not want to be Battlefield BC2 but they could still learn a few things from them to incorporate into COD to have made it a noteworthy experience. No ability to call in artillery ,which allows you to balance the battlefield, less airpower and a little bit of armor introduced would have been a good idea. Its obvious they are less concerned with advancing the quality of the product and more concerned with the bottom line dollar figure and number of units sold. COD is a good run and gun arcade game as FPS goes. When it does not lag or disconnect. It will never rise to the level of BFBC2 for quality of maps and game play experience of more serious gamers. They could have hit a home run but balked .

  • Zan

    Since this patch, the game has become unplayable because of the lag.. Which wasn't an issue before (for me) :S

  • Harvey

    there needs to be an update on the xbox 360, you cant even play with a party (whats the point in playing the game) also it takes a lifetime to find a bloody match. yesterday i joined a lobby in quick succession (the quickest ever since i got the game), lag issues need to be sorted out, should pick a new host straight away. Server overload, my ass… Mw2 had over 2 million at once yet it maintained the servers, just a stupid excuse. SORT IT OUT ASAP!

  • Iron_Coffin

    I am writing in response to the post and after game play, I have found this much anticipated game not up to standard of technology, furthermore, the connectivity of this game is so frustrating that it is not worth the time to even play the game. The graphics are grainy and cartoon like, the guns are less responsive and the story line is effective, however the ability to skip these are not available. These opinions are shared with many of my fellow players, I have spent more time rebooting, and losing connection rather than playing the game. We collectively have written to Sony (PS3) about these issues and have not received a response, sadly, the game Battlefield by EA is much better game all around. Call of Duty lacks in the ability to truly be camouflaged, even though the options for face paint and ghillie suits are available, being hidden is not the case. The other issue is the ability to hide within the foliage and on top of trees. The ability of using structure for destruction is set to a standard not even in the same proximity of Battlefield. I believe that Call of Duty Black Ops given all the hype and promotion fell flat on their face, and left me wasting my money and time. I believe technology offers an opportunity to move forward with new innovation of game play not given by Black Ops.

    Severly Disappointed,

  • andy

    i have only used the multiplayer maps solo (if that makes sense) and i get lag, but obviously not because of any connection issue because im offline, i think the maps themselves should be looked over by treyarch

  • marven

    btw, i'm on 360

  • marven

    just like the older COD!
    u would think by now they would have improved their servers!

  • Sam

    Since its PS3, there is nothing that I can do. Oh yeah, I can swear, like a lot. I didn't have any connection issues at the beginning, but then it got worse and worse, and worse. And now I'm so tired that I'm just gonna go back to Fallout.



  • geo

    thats y xbox is better!!!!!!!!!

    • Amerique

      It happens with the xbox too! We have Black Ops for our xbox and it lags and has server/host issues all the time.