Lag In Black Ops: COD Connection Issues

Call of Duty: Black Ops has now been on the market for one week, and the game opened up to a barrage of anger from players who were experiencing lag issues. It had been assumed that this issue was only affecting PC users, but this issue then manifested itself into connection issues as well for the PS3.

The lag issue was certainly a strange one, two players could be joined to the same game, but only one suffered with lag. COD Black Ops users complained from day one that the game was unplayable, but there were a huge percentage reporting that they did not have any such issue.

There were other users who said that they could play Medal of Honor at full settings, but had to turn Black Ops down, even then it still slowed down. Thankfully there is already a patch to solve this issue, but there has been reports that some lag issues persist.

As for those connection issues, there is a pattern, so if you have a PS3 and want to play Black Ops online you had better make certain that it is not at the busy times. This always seems to happen when a new game comes out, its as if the servers cannot handle the strain. You would have thought that they would have prepared for this and improved or increased servers.

For those who still suffer from lag, visit Yahoo Answers for a solution; just be prepared to change a setting or two. Are you still experiencing lag or connection issues?



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