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Kinect for Xbox 360: 10 Day Sales Impressive

Earlier this month we posted an article looking at Microsoft’s positive sales predictions for Kinect, well it seems as if sales within the first 10 days put them on track to meet their goal.

Microsoft predicted that they would sell 5 million Kinect units during this quarter, now we have heard that 1 million Kinects have been sold within 10 days of its launch.

With Black Friday just over a week away and Walmart hinting at a Kinect ad I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft surpassed this target before the end of November.

The launch of Kinect has been pretty smooth on the whole, therefore I am sure as more and more people try Kinect at their friends house etc they will be keen to buy the impressive motion-control accessory.

Do you think Microsoft will shift 5 million Kinect units before the end of 2010?

Source: JoyStiq


  • mushi mush

    first excitement and only. Soon enough sales will decline. Unless they produce some quality games which i doubt.

  • Mike

    I remember following News of Microsoft's Kinect system, With people saying it won't do well, It Won't sell, It sucks so on / So on. Now within 10 day's 1 Million units have sold so far. What now for the next 10 day's 2m / then 3m / And more. Microsoft's Xbox & hardware is the bomb. Go 360.


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