HP G72-227WM: All You Need To Know

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2010

One of the most popular items to buy over the upcoming shopping period will definitely be a new laptop computer, and retailers in the US are currently in the midst of a pricing war as they all try to secure the best deals and prices for laptops in their respective stores.

One laptop which is guaranteed to be very popular during this month is the HP G72-227WM laptop, which will go on sale at Walmart during Black Friday, priced at $398 – a pretty good price for the specs on offer.

We’ve taken a look at the official spec sheet for this device, and we can tell you that it will be equipped with a 17.3-inch display, an Dual Core Intel Pentium Processor (T4500), 3GB of RAM, a 320GB HDD, 1 HDMI port and a 5-in-1 card reader.

The only slightly disappointing thing that sticks out about this laptop, is that it will only be shipped with Intel graphics, so if you are looking to play the latest games on this laptop, you might want to consider a higher-spec one.

Still though, it is a good laptop for the price. You can find a full list of specs over at HP’s product page here. Let us know if you are planning to buy one of these and if you have any questions about it.

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  • Kyle P

    can you get a new graphics card for this laptop? really need to know

  • Rachel.An

    I have this laptop & I hate it, cheap piece of crap.Ugly colour, lousy trackpad, microsoft office trial, has a built in web cam.  The battery is only 2 & 12 hours and the charger port  and power-board is giving a shitload of problems. 

  • Lou

    So…What's the answer???
    Does it have a webcam or not….thought it did,that's why I bought it,am on the road alot and "Mama" likes to see my mug…very dissappointed in this…so,does it or doesn't it???

  • Bam

    I love this laptop, and it's the best on e I have had so far. BYE BYE BYE!!!!! I love it if your in college and u need a laptop this is a great choice or for any family and its fairly cheap. And no it doesn't have a webcam.

  • mel

    Just booted mine up tonight fromwm and has a yellow line down middleof screen that won't go away. Went to unplug and box on cord was screaming HOT. I was going to replace and try another but It seems reheating is a theme. bummer because my old one sucks!

  • johnny

    I know this might be a dumb question but the first time you charge it are you suppost to charge it for 24 hours when you charge the computer it starts off dark orange then after awhile it turn's white does that mean its done charging? How good is the battery?

  • Greg

    No Webcam, bummer… going to return. My wife thought it did. Kinda misleading! Floor model did! Can get a better laptop for not much more..

  • Dave

    Audio seems low and i have increased volume controls on the audio manager and it still seems low. Anyone else have this issue.

  • Michele

    My husband bought this computer on black friday. Mine is a G61, and the only two differences that we've noticed is that his does not have a webcam. No biggie. And the mouse on his is HORRIBLE!! It seems to work when it wants to. Other than that, the computer works great. We both facebook a lot, and it seems to work just as fast as mine does. No other problems than the mouse. I'd have to say that it was worth the $400 that he paid for it. I've read a comment about it overheating, but but his doesn't. Mine is a lot worse. He hasn't complained about that at all.

    • Frank

      try turning off and back on it worked for me

  • Mizemcmize

    Worst computer purchase I’ve ever made. Do not even consider buying this computer. Hardly used it. Had for one week and it already won’t boot. Returning to store. Having to write this from y iPhone because computer won’t even work.

  • tk7

    i also bought one on black friday. the reason everyone keeps wondering about the webcam is because this same laptop on any other day in Walmart DOES have a webcam. i went and looked at them a few days after i purchased to see what kind of deal i actually got, and sure enough, the shelf model does have a webcam. and comes with a mouse and speakers.

  • Shawn Kidd-Williams

    I got mines on Black Friday. Love it so far. Nice wide screen HD view. Excellent speed in all aspects. Took me a couple of days to firgure out there was no webcam, but it is not an expensive accessory to pick up.

  • Lako

    My daughter purchased this product on Black Friday. Display does not light up, not matter what she does. Has anyone else had this problem?


    This computer is awesome and stupid fast. HDMI out to my Sony 1080P TV is insane with netflix. I dont know why there is debate on webcam. Never said it anywhere I read. It appears like one might be there but its not. windows 7 insane. I run IPOD software a lot and flawless

    • williamhodo

      …see JAY (above)….here's a sensible review…it's not that hard…and better for my blood pressure….(ya wanker.)

  • jay

    isnt this smething…..paid 400 for it n stilll dint get the accessory which shud b included which is webcam!!! im gonna return mine!

    • williamhodo

      no doubt! I mean the phrase " web cam not included" IS a little vague…I'm takin mine back cause it didn't come pre loaded with all my favorite porn….AND i dislike the color of the shipping box. RETURN YOUR COMPUTER AND TAKE A SPELLING COURSE INSTEAD….THEN GO HANG YOURSELF IN THE GARAGE……genius.

  • Sami

    it has no webcam, but why does it look like it? can you buy 1 to put in or something?

  • Philip

    I went to Walmart at 9:30 and still can get one. I have not open it yet.

    The button is kind of stiff! But I use an external mouse anyway.

    I always use an external webcam. No built in webcam on laptop looks good!

  • jay

    why wnt this webcam come up?

  • Abigail

    Mine is not good! Just got it for $400 at Walmart and I type fast, but everyother letter doesn't register. I want to toss it out the window!

  • Kyle

    It has a mic, but it doesn't seem to have a cam. Not sure entirely….

  • mitchell

    mine has a built in webcam.

    • Sunney

      hey where is yours at because i can not find mine lol

    • BAM

      It's because got a different model the Hp G72-227WM does NOT have a webcam I am looking at it right now and it totally DOESN'T have A webcam.

  • Kima

    I bought this laptop and coulda sworn it had a webcam but it. does. not.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nneka

      girl i knoowww!!!! i got it on blackfriday and i coulda sworn all laptops have webcam!!! on the paper in the box, it shows the location and it says "webcam and webcam light" wow? i cant believe this lol

      • mickey

        really doe i wondering why it not poppin up or nothing…they down bad for this stuff

  • Eric

    i wouldn't recommend this notebook, not only does it over heat very quickly, the touchpad mouse is the worst there ever is, even for the black friday price, i still recommend not to buy it

  • s nussbaum

    I picked one up this morning. No webcam. Not an issue for me, it would have been nice though.
    Boots up fast, shuts down fast, runs well. Excellent large screen quality. Speakers offer nice quality but are not very loud at all.
    Wi-Fi strength and speed is excellent. Should be a nice home pc for web use and general home use (email, internet, photo handling).
    Win 7 is nice.

    • ron

      got it on black friday too, have not opened it and still trying to decide.

      How is the battery life? 2 hours ? 3 hours?


  • red

    It does not come with a web cam, mouse, or speakers – those are accessories you can buy for it – learn more about something before you comment about it.

  • Carol

    Will this laptop be sufficient to use for Adobe Creative Suite. Trying to buy one for our art center. We plan to hook up to external monitor if wanted.

  • asdf

    dose it get hot fast

    • Haidynn

      yes. it gets hot pretty quick. like about 20 minutes i lift it up and the table is hot. but in the winter, like right now, it feels good on my legs.

  • brian

    i work at the store and seen it, it comes with a web cam and mouse and speakers, its really nice and the color and print on it is cool

    • MsBHavin

      I just bought one last night/this morning. No webcam. No mouse. No speakers. Those are pictured on the box as Accessories you can BUY separately.

    • Christyl

      you do not get the speakers webcam and wireless mouse. for someone that works at wal-mart you really don't know your stuff. Learn to read the box before you go false advertising for your job. The box clearly sais TAKE HOME THESE ACCESSORIES, they are NOT Included! (I know I bought this!) also it sais clearly on the box accessories sold separately.

  • ivan

    if i wan to play starcraft 2 , or wardawn and supreme commander 2 on this computer is there any problem?

    • jbl897

      No it is NOT a gaming laptop. It's a general use laptop.

  • ming

    Does HP G72-227WM havea built in web cam ?

    • ivan

      i think there is a webcam

      • TomDan

        I haven't found any documentation that indicates there is a built in webcam. I am trying to answer the same question as ming.

        • Bear

          No web cam . And no mouse or speaker you can buy seperate. It’s a steal for $400

    • Nigguh

      No there is not a built-in webcam.

    • breanna

      It does not have a built in webcam.

    • valery