Google Voice for iPhone Hits the App Store

By Jamie Pert - Nov 16, 2010

As you are probably aware Apple rejected Google Voice back in July 2009, since then a lot of iPhone users have been eager for it to hit the App Store, now we can confirm that it is available for download.

The app is completely free and can be found here, this application allows you to access your Google Voice account, receive push notification when you receives text / voicemail messages, make cheap international calls, send free text messages to U.S. numbers, listen to voicemail, read transcripts of your voicemail and display your Google Voice number as your caller ID when making calls.

To use the Google Voice application you must sign up to Google Voice here, you can find out more about this service check out this link.

Initially Apple blocked the app as it offered functionality which was banned from the App Store, it is unclear as to why Apple had such a change of heart, however I’m sure it will be welcomed by thousands, perhaps millions of iPhone users.

We would love to hear if you have used Google Voice on your iPhone, therefore let us know in the comments section below.

Source: IntoMobile

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  • Filmmoir

    The app lacks some basic features which the web site; its early still, however it is great to see the return of Google Voice back to the iPhone.