COD Black Ops: Patch Update for Xbox 360, PS3 – Where is it?

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2010

As most of you are aware, Treyarch are yet to release a patch update to address the problems which are present on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, despite releasing a patch update last week for the PC version of the game.

We’ve had a quick look at Josh Olin’s Twitter account (Treyarch community manager), and there hasn’t been any hints of an upcoming patch for PS3 and Xbox 360, other than the message about the PC Patch going live, which he posted on November 12th.

As far as we know, the problems which affected the title since release are still happening in the game, and we’re talking about things like connection issues, respawn points and multiplayer lag to name a few.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until the patch update is available, but it would be nice to have an update from Treyarch along the way to reassure gamers. Let us know your thoughts on this.

Are you still have problems with the game? You can keep an eye on Josh Olin’s Twitter account for updates as they come in.

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  • I’m still having a problem with the connection on my Xbox playing the black ops 2 I don’t have any other problems with the other cod games just black ops 1 and 2

  • Gary

    can someone send me the patch on here cause i’m in afghanistan and can’t get on live. i would like to be able to do multi player verse bots

  • Brandon Casper

    joining parties is almost impossible for me, and when i do its a whole nother battle to join a game with them. it takes so long that i hardly ever play the game with any of my friends, but im always left playing alone. its something that shouldnt be happening, but it happens almost every time i try to play. and for every 3 games i play, i get booted once due to connection issues, which never happened before, or ever happens with any other game.

  • Piemaster1337's Zombies, not Nazi Zombies. In kino, they technically ARE Nazis, but they're just Zombies.
    2. Private matches don't count.
    3. the health isn't low, there's a .5 delay in everyone's connection, excluding host.
    4. famas isn't overpowered, look at it's recoil when you use it, it's almost as much as an einfeld. it shoots fast giving it even more recoil
    5. yes, m16 is overpowered, again. every bullet does 40 damage within 75m range, almost always ohko
    6. snipers don't suck, i use a dragunov (because it's awesome and hard to use), and i usually always hit when i shoot with it

  • darth bawllzz

    Wow…what a bunch of cry babies. If you dont like the game then stop playing it. I have experienced none of the problems people are whinning about except lag…and the amound of lag in black ops is EXACTLY the same as every other call of duty including your blessed holier than tho MW2. Play hardcore you whiney pussies.

  • Mark

    I just simply THINK about this game and it makes me sigh long and hard. I really want to like this game, but simply don’t see how they can fix the spawning. I believe that a lot of it correlates to the fact that the maps are too small in design for the most part. A couple of the maps are amazing and perfectly sized, but how can they possibly fix the respawns in Nuke Town? Where would one “safely” spawn without getting shot or stabbed in the back? I just don’t feel that some of these issues can truly be addressed given the pre-loaded map design.

  • Jairzinho Amsterdam

    This game has so much potential, its such à Pity they didnt take THE time to finish it in à proper way. I just downloaded the Xbox update n Hope it takes away some of THE issues. Im quiet sick of being shot in like an eyeblink right after i respawn, especially in nuketown. I dont have Any problems with some weapons being overpowered though, what does Bother me is that it’s no use taking cover whatsoever. I mean damn.. since when can u get hit around THE corner?! Wtf ive had shit like that all THE time even in my killcams it shows the enemy not hitting me n still i die. If i have time ill update you Guys bout THE update fixing THE issues or not. After playing THE game from THE very start im really dissapointed, i even bought medal of honor cause cod made me so mad at some points and to be honest in some ways i starter to prefer moh, who would thought that, what à shame. I mean its almost 2011 ns cod atill stick at 8/12(right?) peeps max, moh doesn’t leave me wandering THE map all alone like mofuckin fallout for like 2 min straight :S!!

  • Jake

    I was in the middle of a match with friends online they got prompted afterwards for an update, I did not, now we can’t play together cause our versions are not compatible. Tried signing out, going to dashboard, turning off, starting back up and signing in. no update for me

  • san

    ps3 update came through there…not noticed any difference except my ps3 crashed 2 times in a row…im just hoping the party system is sorted, also it seems claymores hav been nerfed a bit as since the update a few hours ago folk hav been walking through them as if they didnt exist and i fould b wrong but it seems like its easier to hear people without ninja i.e. marathon runners 20ft behind you or climbing a ladder

  • verryAnnoyed

    i got the Patch update downloaded and istalled on PS3 now i cant go online…

  • Collin

    the spawns are terrible! take nuketown for example. you die on one side of the map then you end up on the other side in the enemy spawn in the backyard of one of the houses! killed right away. very annoying

  • adamisgod

    it is just an outrage that they would bring out a game like this with all these shitty problems. did they not test the damn game before release. probly not as they made it in like a year or 2 and just release it quick and get in the money. the programmers should be sacked and never be aloud to work in the gaming industry again.

  • Patto

    Just some feedback from treyarch would be a start. The game could be amazin if it wasnt so broke. No information seems to be coming fron teyarch at all. Give it another week then back to cod4. Or will have to bite the bullet and buy an xbox. (Please dont make me do that after all the bad things Ive said about xbox)

  • tg-meatball

    the most annoying thing for me is the sound of your footsteps! very erratic like a hanna barbera cartoon, and you can’t hear the enemies footsteps even when they’re not using ninja, my 130 quid headset is useless! there are so many niggly little bugs in this game that it could be months before we see a fault free version of the game! I think its very poor considering that in every interview they’ve been banging on about how they spent a full 2 years on it, why no beta? given all the previous problems with cod on release day it seems foolish now

  • Clayton

    ok here is THE list of everything wrong with BO. Headshots!! Most frustrating thing when you here enemies' helmets ping and then get two more hit markers on them and they still don't die. "Gun efficiency" it seems even with some of the better guns unlocked at higher levels arent all that effective. Silencers drive me nuts… It decreases RANGE, not DAMAGE, if someone gets shot with a silencer, it's not going to hurt any less!! I've gotten six hit markers with the commando and still no death to my enemy. Parties are all jacked up. Either can't get into matches or while in matches some or all of us get booted midway through and LOSE all XP from that match. Spawn points are an obvious issue. I don't experience it on Firing Range as some have commented but NUKETOWN??? COME ON??!!!! Finally, one of my biggest pet peeves… no equipment use in Second Chance? Really??? I LOVE being revived and all, but seriously, all the opposition has to do is throw a grenade my way. I can't throw theirs back and I can't throw any type of grenade of my own… I believe I have covered everything that has been making me regret trading in MW2. So Treyarch, please fix the above issues because I really do not want to go out and buy back my old cod game. THANK YOU.

  • Scout42

    yeah, ps3 HORRIBLE lag… i run to cover and a guy shoots two seconds later and hits every shot… got disconnected at round 25 zombies, and that wouldnt show up on the leaderboard… i love using smgs but you cant really enjoy them because the famas is too overpowered, and if not its the mp5k… dont get me wrong, i love the game, and i just know Treyarch wont let us down. cant wait for zombie map packs!

  • Cracto

    I cant even join a game with out it failing to load the map.. hella wack..

  • nickson

    Never felt more bad at a game till I started playing Black Ops…Only a 1.5 k/d..Spawning is horrendous, I get killed from behind at or more than 50% of the time..LAG is unbelievable, I havent seen anything this bad in any CODs or any other game..knifing is so fucking terrible, I can be behind someone and they hit that lunge button and somehow manage to knife me, then the kill cam shows them stabbing into air with my blood randomly showing up….I will give them props on the zombies, even though they wont show on the Leaderboard that I got to level 29 by my lonesome..kinda strange..if they dont fix these massive problems Im giving up and going right back to the good ol COD 4

  • Josh

    Lag is simply brutal on the XBOX. It can be good for one person in our party and horrible for the rest. I spoke with XBOX Live and basically in a round about way they have stated that the game has severe "issues". Funny how all the other games I play with friends work with little to no lag. I love watching the kill cams after squeezing half a clip into someone only to see no rounds fired on the cam. Its a joke. I didn't pay 60 dollars to BETA test this game. Problem is you get into a great lobby…but it's awful for someone else in your party.

  • dj puerto

    i can;t connect with my with invite and i can with mw2…we need a patch….they did it with mw2 they should for black ops……friend invite don't work

  • David

    Yeah John I'm having that problem. Also yesterday my COD points got wiped from around 20,000 to zero, i was not happy. Apart from that i'm having the same headphone and spawn issues as everybody else

  • tansenpai

    just fix the lag, respawn, party system, and weapon damage on the guns, most players i see use the FAMAs and the MP5K

  • john

    i can get in games but i cant join a party or make 1 with friends list in black ops on ps3 any 1 else avin this prob??? uk resident!!!

  • Brad

    I have been following this thread on one of the forums.

    Itwas updated yesterday by Treyarch. It looks like they r in he process of fixing a lot of the problems.

  • Black Ops Is Fd Up

    when i first got my black ops i played a good 4 matches online. now i cant even get the disk to load everytime i put the disk in it says disk read error, so i got a new copy now it loads to the main menu then freezes and if i put in another game it says disk read error wtffff black ops has murdered my ps3


      u def have a hard drive error not black ops

      • SuperKev420

        you need an XBOX 360. that would not happen.

        • RandomTime

          Had to get rid of my 360 because it wouldn't read disks so yeah your point is invalid.

          To me they really didn't do any fixing instead just said they did and figured it would be like people taking a sugar pill and no one would notice :S

        • Catfishin

          I have an xbox and mine freezes as soon as i hit "play game" from the dashboard. It's not a HDD error either. I take out the hdd and it does the same thing.

  • M0n5t3rArmy

    The spawns are frustrating, the connection problems make no sense and the false leaderboard issues. I got to round 20 in nazi zombies and it said it on the leaderboards then the next day it said round 12 like wtf is that?? The incredibly low health is ridiculous, and the connection when im gettin shot at i get the nearest cover in more than enough time and i still die, when i watch the killcam it shows me standing out in the open which gets annoyin, Not just the famas is overpowered the M16 is extremely annoyin when one bullet kills me which is stronger than the snipers in black ops, o yeah and the snipers suck

  • Mark

    The issues I have are mostly with the incredibly frustrating spawns and, obviously, the spawn killing that comes with it. I have already been spawn killed more times since the release of Black Ops than throughout the entire time spent playing MW2. Also, the FAMAS is ridiculously powerful. I can assure you that if the problems persist, I’ll be reverting back to MW2 very soon as will a LOT of people that I’ve talked to both online and in my own personal sphere of influence.

  • IxToMxI

    I think the games good my only issue is headsets thy you can’t hear your party really annoying


    I have noticed the spawning issue on the smaller maps the most such as shooting range. When I was spawned right in front of someone 3 times in a row. I’m talking close enough that I was knifed every time. I hope they fix this soon. But besides that everything else works great for me. Does take a while to get in a match some times.

  • yourmum

    idestry, get your head out of " Treyarch's " arse! we needed a beta and they didn't. MOH is better even through EA ripes us off at every god given moment! I have both games (xbox live) and there are probs with both! We buy the games so they could at least sort the problems out!

    • Pekolie

      Dude MOH is shit. I have the game and snipers are overpowered you die to quickly and you wont get a positive K/D unless you play it VERY safe. Black ops had a closed beta and you cant expect them to fix every problem in a beta. For all we know when the beta started it was complete shit and over time it got much better….

  • idestroy

    What are you talking about. The patching system on xbox 360 is a LIVE hot patch. It means you no longer get prompted to download anything. There have already been several updates to resolve some of the minor issues.

    The only current problem is the matchmaking / party system I’ve racked up a sad 3 days played on the game already and can’t see any issues with spawn / lag. Possibly this is on the PS3.

    Stop slating Treyarch who quite frankly have done a brilliant job on this game.

    • Ryan

      3 Days already? = No life.

    • Brandon

      Fanboy… You might not have problems, but that doesn’t mean the vast majority of ps3 and (oh my god) xbox players aren’t.

    • Alasdair

      I play XBox 360 and I get connection problems every time I play. Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to find a game…

      The online game play is much smoother with COD:MW2

      • jdogg44

        if your in a party of 6 it takes hours to get a decent lobby to have 2-3 games in.

        • Geoff

          I agree its horrible. usually can make a party of 3 people but it sucks when you have 5 other friends on. we have gone back to mw2 when there is alot of us on playing just so we can play ha. they better hurry up with this patch before I trade this game in for the new assassins creed!

    • Gerst13

      Do you work for them? They have not fixed a thing. Everything is still in progress.

    • fiddle

      TWAT how many people are complaining about numerous issues and you say they are doing a great job ……………. makers of games should worry about quality before xmas no.1's

    • chris

      The spawning on 360 is horrible. I've spawned into enemy territory at least 200 times, wish i had some of what your smoking!

    • Sethvir

      So i guess you haven't spawned with the entire enemy team spawning directly behind you, then it proceeds to spawn you there 5 more times with someone from the enemy team who thinks they are a great player because they can sit in a blatantly obvious spawning point and shoot the people in the back.

      Or i guess you also haven't had the problem of it not letting you into any game since the update, or the full second of lag in near every multiplayer match like i get even if it is apparently a full 4 bar green ping game.

      There are problems, most players are just tolerating it, or playing different game types, or just plain old raging at their tv.

      I can't actually play online whatsoever at the moment, and have had 3 friends take the game back because they have the same problem and can't be bothered to wait for a fix…

  • Lil_Rizo

    nah… the PS3 has an issue and it always say "downloading game data" or somfin along those lines. I hope they fix the patch soon (y)

  • awest696

    the only thing i see is a double audio,when playing split screen online, everything i say gets doubled,and everything the other player says is doubled,ps3,other than that,and the bogus campaign mode,this game is pretty bad ass

  • Jordan Dyckes

    I gave up on the game, it kept crashing and "Transmission Error" it also lags so bbadd :s Not gonna play it until it's patched, don't want to wreck my K/D or anything…

  • Lloyd

    I was under the impression there had been ongoing updates as the version in the top right of the screen (on the ps3) had been going up.