Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies: Problems In-Game?

By Alan Ng - Nov 16, 2010

For those of you who consider yourself to be a hardcore fan of zombies, how are you finding the spinoff mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops? Are you loving it, or are the slight problems found in the game ruining your overall experience?

We definitely put ourselves in the ‘hardcore fan’ category, as we’re currently loving the new levels and features that Treyarch has put together for the game. However, we’ve also noticed a few problems as well which are worth mentioning, problems which are starting to become slightly annoying.

First of all, you may not have experienced this so far, but we played a recent three-player game and found that although all three mics were switched on, not everyone could hear one another – i.e one person couldn’t hear me, but I could hear them, and so on. While this may not seem like a huge problem, it is pretty major in the context of the game, since communication is the key to survival.

Another problem that we’ve found is the frequent number of hosters ending games. To think that Treyarch has added a host migration system to multiplayer, why couldn’t they have put one into zombie mode as well? It is incredibly annoying when you get to a high level, only for the host to quit making the rest of the team suffer because of it.

There are also the obvious connection problems which in a way are out of Treyarch’s hands since matchmaking is region dependant, but we would like to see more details before you enter a game, so you know where a hoster is playing from, so you don’t end up wasting time, and viewing that ‘really annoying’ cut scene every time you finish a game – at least give us an option to turn it off Treyarch.

We’ve also seen dogs getting ‘stuck’ in certain parts of the map, but we only saw this happen once so we’re not sure if it’s a common problem with the game or not yet.

What are your thoughts on the problems listed above? Have you experienced any of them? Maybe you have spotted some other problems with zombie mode which you feel we should know about. Leave us a comment below.

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  • alex

    Why does my zombie game freeze and lock up. It so f…ing annoying. I hate it. And going forward will not purchase any future product s.

  • spawn989

    I played Kino with a guest and two other players. They left the game leaving myself and my guest. We beat our other high score by seven rounds and my level did not change. Why? We originally started with 4 people who left. Why did my score not change… We played a legitimate game. 

  • Thoby666

    I am having trouble playing my black ops zombie game and many player have been saying the same thing. I see multiple colors or a  black screen and alot of people are saying someone must of hack the game and f*** alot of other players please help me understandig what’s wrong..?

    Thanxx 🙂

  • Roy Daanen

    I’ve got a problem with the offline sologame in kino der toten.

    When im past round 10(but i think its random because i go upstairs after round 10), my XBOX freezes on the moment im upstairs with
    the teleport(after 7a8 seconds upstairs)… this happens at different
    moments… sometimes in 12 but sometimes in 25(never got past round 28
    because of this problem) … first i thought it was the game because
    there were scratches on the disc, so i bought a new black ops game, but
    thats not the problem…because its happened again.(this is the only
    situation where my xbox freezes,only upstairs)

    Then i did a few changes on my xbox, (format harddisk, play whitout
    harddisk,clear memory, play without memory,memory card out of the xbox
    etc) But I was pretty sure it was my box that failed every time.

    Untill the moment that some friend of mine borrowed my black ops game
    for his XBOX but the same thing happened him also, I searched the
    internet for this specific bug, but i can’t find someone with the same

  • Tuckintaco93

    i also see the problem with people just sitting in the lobby and not ready up …just sit there wasting a lobby ..and it happens 5-8 times a day ..diferent people everytime but allways 2 players under the same user name

  • Anonymous


    We play solo zombies and grenade toss while moving in the projector room freezes game. OVER & DONE. all levels,  as low as 4 and as high as 27.  What gives?  XBOX no help and Activision suggests it amy be an update we need?  Brand new XBOX360 and brand new CODBO game.  This happened on our old XBOX game too.

    • Roy Daanen

      Ive got the same problem, bought a new black ops cd(no help)..did some changes on my settings(no help…im so releaved that i finally!!!!!!found someone with the same few people that have the same problem, but i must dissapoint you, i dont have a solution for it either…The only thing i can think of is that it happens on Xboxes with the same processors…or very old xbox’s

  • spencer

    A problem i ran into was that I bought a revive in split screen and it did not work can someone tell me y?

    • Davegalaga

      Quick revive works differently in multiplayer, it makes revivng a player quicker.

  • Rocksta37

    I have this problem:i open Singleplayer-go to zombies-online-find match-any map,sometimes just doesn't respond on Waitinf for other players…

  • simon

    my disc freeze every time i am at round 9 soooo please help this game is so fun!!!!!!!!

  • james

    hey my brothers and i sat down today o play a little three player co op on zombies but it wouldnt let the third controler join! it was synced right and properly working but only two people could play why is this? it clearly says on the back 1-4 player co op. i know this must be a stupid question but i had to ask!

    • Karloz96

      Sorry dude zombies is only 2 players

    • hawkman0508

      you can only do split screen with 2 players

  • jerry

    my zombie mode wont work on black ops everytime it will load half way and say error please help asap

  • Helpples

    My problem is my kino der toten map wont load it hangs then it gets an error at the console

  • dudesup

    in the second room up the stairs there are pictures but one has no face is it a secret

  • need help

    i need help on zombies it freezes all the time
    GAMERTAG:robinson 248449

  • dave

    i have a real problem im not even connected to the internet and the game freezes and i can only turn it off by pushing the sorce button not controller

  • Dr.Savargo494

    in Kino Der Toten when u first start out and u run ur gun might go away, dont go buy a gun off the wall and waist ur points, just hit change weapon and it will come back.

  • Thomas

    People never let me have a go at mystery box !!!!!!!
    it should be 15 seconds till yyou have another
    P.s the teddy p**sis me off

  • Kyle

    how about making it to level 47 playing for 7 1/2 hours and getting 2799 kills and the only thing that registered at the end of the game was y score and kills but not my level… im kind of afraid to play again and have the same thing happen… don't wanna waste another 8 hours of my life

    • ya i agree man i got to lvl 50 on five with like 1,500,000 point like 6,500 kills and the only thing that registers was me getting to 50 when i woulda been ranked like 275 in points 6 hours off game play so gay i dont understand

  • lisa

    I have been through three systems and two games and with all of them I get a frozen screen in the projection room when I throw grenades. Anyone else having this problem and does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this!!!!HELP

    • fpslen

      I'm getting the same problem. I think it allows two fast grenade reloads, then it freezes, probably from all the activity going on. I know by using just 4 grenades and not even going to buy more that works.

      • lisa

        THANKS! No one else mentins this problem on here or anywhere else I can find. Called box and they are going to send me a new system to replace the new one just got. Do you think it's a game glitch then? Anyone else you now having the same problems?

        • Rob

          I've got the same problem.
          It can’t be the actual disc as I have taken this back and got a replacement, As I thought that was the problem. However the new disc is doing the same. The main game is fine but whilst playing Zombies after around level 8 once you use the teleporter and transport to the Pack A Punch ( Projector) room the game just freezes. This does not always happen at the same stage in the game as it can be anywhere between levels 8 all up to level 19 which is as far as I’ve got. But always in the PaP room. I have researched online forums and others have experienced the same problem. I’m not sure what to do. My Xbox is the Basic Core system around 3 years old. I have updated it on Xbox live so it’s not that.

      • mine does the exact same thing,brand new game very frusterating. i havent tried doing just 4 and not buying more…

        • Wayne_101


  • monkeytay

    why can't you play 3 players on zombies

  • Rynengan

    I have a problem !! Everytime I try to play zombies online ,and I join to a game , when the match is going to start it says game lobby closed !!!! I’m tired of that , and I noticed that everytime I’m ready to start the match it says migrating host and when it reaches 9 it displays game lobby closed!!! I want to know why is that :S

  • Tim

    I have found two issues.

    When playing Kino De Toten online it will tell me i need to set up the game and has me adjust the screen. Once I come back to the pre-game lobby I cannot ready up, instead I can only control the background and it is blurred so I don't even know what I am selecting.

    When online the mic will usually work for player 1 but if you have a guest signed on with you, that mic may or my not work. Sometimes toggling through the voice settings helps (ie play through speakers, play through headset, play through both) but not always.

  • taylorxzxpa

    I have a problem playing zombies on live period. it says migrating hosts, counts to ten then says game lobby closed? WTF?!?!?

  • Ricky

    I have a issue where when I get past level 10 I get booted on both zombie maps and I dont know why this keeps happening every time.Even when I am host it boots me between level 10-20 my internet is the best I can buy using roadrunner internet cable and I am not running wireless either and I still get booted I duno if it is my disc or what any ideas?

  • i cant play zombies i press on it go 2 kino or five and instead of loading it freezes :O fkn treyarch suk

  • mrzoms

    It also seems that dogs tend to get “lost” in the maps, not a huge deal; i know. but its annoying when you have to search for them. Also, some of the new guns are BS. The “Air Gun?” its nice, dont get me wrong, but why do i only get 12 shots and then run out of “air ammo??” air is unlimited i thought… its like a water gun, when it runs out get more water…? just seems dumb to me. and it stops at level 50 (the first map). i can keep going… overall i like the game. 4 out of 5

  • yo sup

    i had a really random problem start last night. The game loads fine and the zombies loads but once the map loads and its starts, the color effects of the maps are reversed completely and could be described as negative effects on a camera. Its really messed up and the disc is not scratched at all.

  • bama

    does anyone know how to kill the little girl in that room when you teleport in the ink machine.

  • VinnyC

    me and my 2 friends were playing and we got a crawler and were on round 18-19 we decided to play leap frog with the crawler and then we all collided and my 2 friends were down but I was still up but we heard the little girl laugh so they lost their perks and we were scared and confused. I don't know if it was lag, a glitch, or Sam getting her revenge but i just want to find out. Does anybody have any advice? Thanks

  • matthew

    Iv gotten to round 37 but it and it said it for a while on the leader boards but then sudenly it just changed to my recent game which was 18?

  • cory

    me to

  • cory

    how do custmize ur own rules on bo multiplayer spilt screen team death match

  • minivz92

    forget what i said they fixed the glitch


    I have a problem with joining a game lobby. Has ayone gotten into a zombie match and then you just get kicked out with a message saying "Game Lobby Closed"? At first i thought it was bad luck but after 3 to 4 times of trying it happened over and over. I dont know exactly what it is but i believe treyarch has a problem with their zombie servers. If anyone can confirm this theory or have had similar problems please say so…

  • minivz92

    also my scull with fail and every thjing wont come up on my gun or my tag its gone now but it happned to others too

  • minivz92

    also i found a coll glitch you can get your clan tag red or green even if your a lvl one just go to multiplayer and dont find a match go to your player so it makes it bigger and showes your name and stuff and click b then go to local and go to split screen click up then go to your player card and you can change it! if you dont belive me go to me (minivz9) im lvl 20 right now and my clan tag is cyan

  • minivz92

    To your dog problem i have seen about two things one time a dog got stuck in a door way i dont know about you but that does not look like a place it would glitch and also some hosts when they lose, pull out or switch of there internet as to make the other team lose there xp and points i realy hate when they do that cant they lose just once.

  • bykb5guy

    Yes ive had problems with mics too! but the most annoying thing ive found is when playing Kino De Toten after making it to round 31 with two people the leaderboads show you have made 31 round and are ranked 4 thousand and somthing! then you play maybe another two or more games! when go back to the leaderboards and find your 31 round position has gone and you high round score has been changed to a lower round played after? what the hell!!! you high round score should only be updated when you beat it!!! really starting to piss me off!!! its done this so many times now!!! its spoiling the game so much!!!!

  • evaneo87

    the lift has a glitch.not enough cash or whatever will appear as he message even tho u have to look out for soo update alot needs changed! so far 7/10 rating as i have been on level 15(not great i know) and this happened.

  • Thedewsh

    [PART 1]
    O M G you are so right!!! I absolutely hate when bung-monsters steal kills and fire over your shoulder in your window!! GRRRRRR. There are a few unwritten rules to NZombies that i feel i need to make public for the nwbs. Please add to this list if ive missed things:
    -Lobby Law: If 4 players are in a lobby, can you ready up?? Why are more than 2 people not readying up after 10 minutes? are you waiting for a 5th person?? Which brings me to….
    -Lobby Law: If youre in the lobby that means you're ready to play (rightt??) Can you please NOT be in the lobby if you are not playing? is that too hard? I really dont mind killing the extra zombies and getting the extra points because youre not playing when the game starts….actually i love it. What i dont like is when you get back from spanking the monkey, tissue in hand, and quit your game…..thats when we discover that you were host. Thanks D-Bag
    -Round 1-3. ALWAYS let the zombies in the windows in hopes of getting a max ammo

  • Thedewsh

    [PART 4. END]
    -Can you please just make an attempt to revive me or other players? Really, I know the game gets harder as less people are around to defend but at least make your way over towards me and hit the revive button for a second then haul a$$ from the zombie horde. At least I'll see that there's a ton of the undead after your noob self because when i go into spectate mode and you and your buddy are in the same corner cowering that i saw you last in which means you havent moved 2 inches, I'm going DEFCON-5 on you and I will be tea bagging you when you go down….so save your points for the gun you will be buying off the wall…oh wait…youre going to run straight for the box (which is on the other side of the map) when the round starts. whats that on my screen? "REVIVE"! lol
    -And the best and most basic Zombie Survival Law: SAVE A MUTHA-F-ING CRAWLER!

    yours truly,

    • scruball

      the dewsh is right too many ppl too afraid to revive or spend some cash on opening doors, dont forget were all on the same side after all

      • McNamara23

        God totally agree. I hate it when I pile up zombies at my door and some shotgun appears over my shoulder blasting away!!! Then I see a load of zombies piling down the stairs, it's pathetic. Then they wont open doors and they'd happily be stuck in the first room when the dogs arrive! Talking of which, why do characters run to opposite corners with the dogs, stick together as a 4 and it'll be fine as then you can revive each other if necessary.

        I've only got to like level 14, however my mates getting this so going to hook up with 2+2 and he's bringing his ps3 around so it'll be some proper teamwork going on!

    • luckbox61

      ur forgetting a few rules if u see max ammo throw monkeys, and keep in mind a pistol and bowie knife is all u need till round 10

  • TheDewsh

    [PART 3]
    -When a max ammo appears….WAIT FOR EVERYONE TO RELOAD. You dont get points for picking up the power ups first, so relax for a few seconds and reload. Its amazing how many people dont get that concept.
    -Do NOT get bombs in the early rounds!! Unless your down to the last 2-3 zombies dont get them. The points are more important. After all, it is early and youre not in danger of dying already are you?? (if you answered yes….then please pay close attention to these rules)
    -Speaking of Nukes, NEVER…and i mean NEVER, activate a nuke when you have Insta-Kill!!! If i play with another retard who activates a nuke 2 seconds after we get an insta-kill….im going ape-sh!t!! oh wait…I have ALREADY gone bat-nuts on mentally challenged F-wads who do this. Carry on…

  • TheDewsh

    [PART 2]
    -Pick a window….and stick to it!!! There are 4 windows in the starting room and most public games contain how many players?? FOUR! you morons do the math and tell me how many windows will be left ungaurded if everyone picks a window and stays put
    -DONT BE CHEAP. you should always expect to contribute points in getting to the power room by opening doors. Its very simple, if you havent yet paid for a door PAY FOR ONE. dont wonder who will be next in paying….just pay and go kill more zombies and feel good knwoing that you have contributed. Nothing worse than getting to the next door and all 4 players are standing next to it looking at each other wondering who is going to pay!!!! Forget who has the highest points!!! if you havent paid…..its YOUR TURN TO PAY. that will simplify everything.

  • heroes810

    im surprised very few people here are experiencing the frame rate choppiness that has been documented elswhere. Thats my only issue and its a rather big one.

    • FlintTown420

      this has been a complete game WRECKER. Every game now on ascension past round 25, the fram rate starts dropping incredible amounts. Almost unplayable. Got to round 30 last night, and could revive my teammates cause it was probably running at 10 FPS… and its not the only time its happened

  • i made it to round 25. The only glitch i have found so far is i shoot zombies in the head and there head re-appears and they die it is fucked and kinda trippy when i'm high scares the undead shit outta me everytime als i shoot a zombie point blank with a olympia on round 3 or less and they don' die

  • lb03

    i might sound retarded but why cant i play zombies / solo mode without an internet connection?

    • Dalraj Singh

      You can PLAY zombies offline. An internet connection isnt even needed.

      • Dalraj Singh

        Replying to myself 😀

    • Ih8thaleaderboard

      a better question is why doesnt my high score in a solo game count towards the leader board!!!???
      last week the highest round on PSN was 41, got to 48 (posted on youtube) and found out it doesnt count towards the leader board. F That. and yes, WaW solo games used to count…

  • kaleb

    everyone calm down about the mic problem its caused by your own xbox 360 and internet connection not the game, however a problem that does exist is the glitch where ur gun dissapears ive had it happen 50 or so times. but other than that no problems….except ppl online have been able to hide at opposite ends of the room rite after the alley which causes a glitch in dogs that can freeze all of them in the center of the room unsure of who to attack

  • Pat

    I have no poblems in black ops on my 360 but sometimes i see people from at least 150 yards from me and showed up and shot point blank at me and thats the only complaint i have

  • Fernando Gomez

    my worst problem is that the revive drink don't work in split screen or multi player even when it clearly shows that i drink it and have the logo on my bottom left corner. plzz help!!!
    GAMERTAG: gtakilla92

    • nathan_f

      quick revive doesnt work the same in multiplayer. it just makes the revives quicker.

    • Lenow

      Thats because when you play mutiplayer it just means you revive your teammates faster. Not automaticly revive you.

    • Anthony

      Quick revive in split screen doesnt give you mustang and sally (upgraded pistol you recieve at the start of the match) and allow you to revive on your own, it just makes the duration of being revived by a teammate much much shorter…almost instantly.

  • W@R3Z

    ive seen dogs get stuck on every map of zombies that have dog rounds in them they like to run thru walls and just stay behind them…as far as gameplay for the game being newly released i expected alot more glitches i have yet to take this game online and have only played it two player split screen with a friend weve run into a few glitches but nothing really that would disturb gameplay i mean ive had the gun and hands disappearing off the screen and one time i bought a guy to solve the problem another time i just waited and the problem went away..also theres another glitch involving the staircase on Kino der Toten which is similar to the der riese glitch where two players stand in certain spots and are basically invisible to most of the zombies inside the map

  • Liam

    i have to say if you have a problem being able to talk it will NOT be the game it will be your connections i have found No problems so far on the 360/pc verions and anyfound will be patched

  • Steve

    The issue not being able to hear others is not acceptable. Spent 40 minutes last night trying to get a combination o fwho would host and who sent invite so that the 4 of us could hear one another. Got to level 25 and the game booted us all. Not cool, considering it was my first night at Black Ops, which cost me $100 with tax & shipping

    • steff

      u got ripped of mate who charged u a hundred quid. but then i am british so $100 may not be much lol

      • Jeff

        I beleive he is talking in dollars.

  • fishyowns

    Has anyone noticed that the Zombies have became harder to kill by stabbing them?
    Most of the time i stab them i get hit, that rarely happened in World At War….

    • tim

      yeah they swing a lot faster and more frequently

  • jesse


    • jesse

      ya you should and the bowie knife

  • Dalraj Singh

    Well the highest rounds ive managed to reach is 12 on both maps. But ive seen dogs getting stuck everywhere on Kino der Toten. Its just freaky.

    • DR seemore Bush

      ya that level alot is where i see it the most and where the guns vanish when your running that gets bad especially when your fighting a hoard of them. i also experienced buying guns in kino der toten the money gets deducted BUT no damn gun:( so treyarch step ya game up please i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve nazi zombies its definitely hands down the best game to get high and just sit on xbox live and go nuts!

    • Anthony

      I make it to level 20 solo

  • Bex

    Yep, ive experienced all of those. But even with two players not being able to hear each other me and my mates (4 of us in total) managed to get to level 22 😀

    I wish there was a way of stopping point stealers though and to stop others from killing my zombies. That may sound odd but when theres only a few zombies left i like to let them rip my barriers down and put them back up, i would do that a few times then knife them but some idiots ¬.¬ come along and shoot the zombie before im done with it 🙁

    AND… this part p*sses me off the most… I wish guys who i play with would stop stealing my kills. They are fine to leave me alone when they think im a guy. the second they hear my voice they are all protective over me. they steal my kills at my window then they say "dont worry babe, i got your back" -_-' Im usually the last person standing so why do they need to crowd me and steal my kills?! if you lot are reading this and you do it then STOP its effing annoying! i come out with more kills and less downs then you do! i dont need looking after!
    sorry to rant but i just came from a match where that happened for the 5th time today.

    • TheDewsh

      [PART 1]
      O M G you are so right!!! I absolutely hate when bung-monsters steal kills and fire over your shoulder in your window!! GRRRRRR. There are a few unwritten rules to NZombies that i feel i need to make public for the nwbs. Please add to this list if ive missed things:
      -Lobby Law: If 4 players are in a lobby, can you ready up?? Why are more than 2 people not readying up after 10 minutes? are you waiting for a 5th person?? Which brings me to….
      -Lobby Law: If youre in the lobby that means you're ready to play (rightt??) Can you please NOT be in the lobby if you are not playing? is that too hard? I really dont mind killing the extra zombies and getting the extra points because youre not playing when the game starts….actually i love it. What i dont like is when you get back from spanking the monkey, tissue in hand, and quit your game…..thats when we discover that you were host. Thanks D-Bag
      -Round 1-3. ALWAYS let the zombies in the windows in hopes of getting a max ammo

    • zombie_Killa4353

      I see what you mean, that would be really annoying 🙂 I'm not a girl so i have only have that happen a couple of times (EVERY DAY) i'm not sexist but the best way 2 deal with the faggots is to turn your mike off and get as much kills as you can 🙂 when you get 2 higher levels (15+) it can be quite helpfull 🙂 same as when your low on ammo (anything under /30) is when can be helpfull 2 🙂 try not 2 get pissed off if there being cocky and doing it 4 points just either leave or go to a difrent window 🙂 if there generaly trying 2 b nice ask them to not do it politely or just ignore them (try not 2 shouty at them and swear theough your mike or it will piss them off and they will steal alot more of your kills) hope u find these tips helpful

    • JohnS

      Yeah this happens to me too, but what can the game developers, nothing, its stupid to ask for such a request as how the hell are they gonna fix it, i just yell at the people who are doing it through my mic and threaten to not revive them if they are down

    • Anthony

      Its a game and everyone wants to get the higher score. No one is stealing ur points cause there everyones to get. Steal there's back. I made it to level 20 solo. I am zombie king. I use no glitches!

  • FragSnagger

    I've seen the stuck dogs issue upstairs, through the door into the room with the square walkway before opening the door to go downstairs to the stakeout. I've also found a few windows that allow you to stand at a safe distance and continually rebuild in the first and second maps, forever trapping ze zombies behind them.

  • Lee

    Also, I found while playing split screen off-line I would occasionally find my pistol disappear from view. It would still be in my hands, and i could still shoot it. However both my hands and the pistol would not be visible. Frequently running would have it appear for a split second before disappearing again.

    To get around it I just bought another gun off the wall a little earlier than I normally would.

    • rene

      I just got the game for my boys. Can you tell me if we can have 3 playes at once for zombies?

      • nick

        nope, only 2 players on split screen

        • black ops man

          it says on the back of the box 4 player co op zombies

      • Don Ramone

        Sorry, so far you can do 2 players split screen local, but I have found that if one account has live (I only know of Xbox) you can sign in, through the second player as a guest or their own account, and both can play online from the single Xbox.
        The only one I know you can go 4 players on the same screen is Dead Ops, The old school throw back game mode, very addicting.

      • Dan

        you'd just have to tell them to try it, i'm pretty sure it's possibe.

    • Mike

      hit Y genuis and it will come back

    • DREW


    • Tim

      if you switch to your other gun it will come back

    • Nik

      I had this happen to me as well. I found it odd at first, but as it happeneded repeatedly, I was able to play around with it a bit, and being an avid CoD fan; and avid first-time playing the zombie game, learned quickly to min/max points with the pistol and knife(my favorite way to kill mobs) I started “pack a punching” the pistol as soon as I could.

      I found that with the pistol hidden, I could make it appear as if the character was ‘quick drawing’ their sidearm by sprinting(L3), crouching( •), and ADS(L1); but ADS doesn’t always bring up the weapon. Instead, te character WILL lock-on to a target(when in close enough proximity using the auto assist feature) and ‘aim’ as normal. I then attempted to follow my target by repeatedly sighting in the ADS while also moving my character around to practice aiming at moving targets while sizing up windows around me. I stopped and shot three quick shots, but was amazed to see a delay followed by an almost instantaneous burst-three, single shot into the zombie. I then utilized my knife for my first round kil and was surprised at the response time of my character and his lunging knife to make the kill. I felt like my character had truely achieved a Tron style connectivity and responded in a true fashion I liked. I tried to keep it for as long as I could, yet specials and pressing ‘triangle’ to change weapons seem to make the character switch to the only weapon you have. If you ask me, I am not sure if its exactly a bug, glitch, or purposeful egg left to find; I personally feel as if it’s a “pack a punched” knife mode. It’s cool, but have had it totally glitch and make me buy a weapon too. :/

    • Nuckolls

      I had that problem as well. Hit triangle and the pistol will reappear.

    • spencer

      Hit triangle to make your gun appear on the screen for ps3