Call Of Duty Black Ops: What Needs Fixing Most?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 16, 2010

Over the past week there have been a number of issues with Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch has been working on solving these issues, but some still persist. The most recent of these was the lag, but that has since been solved – well that depends on who you ask.

Gamer Zines has been looking at five things that Treyarch needs to fix, we have already discussed one, but there are still four more problems. The first is with the spawn system; inconsistent spawns have been angering Black Ops players, and even worse, team spawning on the same side of a map.

Another issue that needs to be fixed is footsteps. In previous Call of Duty games you could hear the footsteps of an enemy approaching, sound quality issues has certainly put a stop to that. This means that you have to look over your shoulder constantly.

The other two issues are Matchmaking and Theater mode. The former has three problems while the latter has even more. Are these five what you would like to see fixed, or have you found more?

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  • x FULG0RE x

    i'm on xbox and haven't had half the issues discussed here. i play with 6-8 friends partied up most nights, without any issues. we sometimes get lag when we get games with US or Japan, but we just bail and reload a new one. there are spawning issues, but I figure this is just Treyarch not knowing what they're doing and have come to get used to it. not as enjoyable as mw2, but still a great game.

  • darius

    call of duty black ops is a real dissapointment, but if the problems felt like they were being delt with, then i would think diffrently, but the problems are going too go away b/c tryarch dont care. so good luck if u dont sell ur game now. the makers of the game already got their money and is not giving our concerns the time of the day!

  • Matt

    Some of you will already know this but for the ones who don't try this! For PS3
    Once you have signed in and loaded up the game go to options and press select, you will see your NAT Type, this is likely going to be strict which will stop you from connecting to you friends lobbys.
    Now end the game returning to the ps3 home screen, eject the game and pop in your copy of MW2, load the game and select multiplayer, you will see your NAT Type here is OPEN.

    Now eject the game while still on that screen, wait for the ps3 home screen then pop Black ops back in, load it up and check your NAT Type which should now be OPEN 🙂

    This will not stop you always getting kicked out of matches but will allow you to invite friends and join others without problems.

  • RGS

    I guess the main issues are spawning and matchmaking.
    It's frustrating how u START and END in the middle of a crossfire, this feels MORE like those domination spawn kills from MW2.

    The matchmaking KILLS it, you start as a noob, get a noob team and get matched against Prestige 3s,wtf !?!?!?!?
    it's inco

  • Guest

    I can't merge with my friends into pre-game lobbies

  • Rameo

    Aside from the completely screwed up spawning, the other big issue for me is the objective games. I love headquarters mainly because 75% of the people that play it enjoy run & gun style play over campfests, but its hard to play when you spawn across the map and the other team spawns 2 feet away from the hq. Alot of blowouts are caused by that. Prime example is the map Crisis, the hq will be in the house and my team spawns at the waters edge by the AAVs. This has been an issue in all CoD games, it just gives wins away to a team at random ; ;

  • MugMitTin

    Good and bad news for people who are getting stuttering/freezing when they play black ops for PC…Good news is, i found out how to fix it..bad news is, you wont have any sound…but what worked for me was i disabled all you do that is. right click on your volume in your toolbar or go to control panel then hardware sound/sound. then go to playback devices right click on whatever comes up and disable..i did this on recording as well..gameplay is very smooth after that but, like I said….No sound. this will have to do till they come out with some other horrible band aid for this game.

  • Bum Sniff

    Besides the obvious lag and spawning issues, joining a game with a full party can be very frustrating! but the thing that bothers me the most is the sound quality. Im using a turtle beach X41 headset with 7.1 surround sound and i cant even hear when an enemy is running up to me from behind. Its quite annoying watching a kill cam when an enemy player runs up full speed and knifes me in the back and i couldnt even here him comming.

    Please fix the poor sound quality!!!

  • MugMitTin

    I'm on PC btw..

  • MugMitTin

    So, they just did an update through steam.. I guess it was suppose to fix lag issues spawn issues and few other things..Well, whatever they did, they made it worse.I'm getting worse lag than before.And the sound issues are just as bad if not worse..Why do they keep doing these things ass backwards?

  • Zack Grier

    Spawn issue, lag issue, and enemy footstep sound are the biggest things to fix. I’m on PS3.

  • Jay

    The spawns, lag and sound needs to be fixed asap. I did get a patch this morning not sure what it's done apart from stop the same maps being played over and over again. Which in my opinion was not even in the top 5 big issues with the game. I want to really like this game, but for me at the minute MW2 is just a better all round game. I know MW2 has some major issues, noob tube, boosting etc…. and Treyarch have countered it but it seems they've gone to far. What is so bad about having a underbarrel and a sight or extended mags? I get the aim being off but why do you have to wait 2 seconds to fire with a sniper rifle? I don't QS or use noob tubes but Treyarch have nerfed weapons far to much in this game. It just limits the playing styles and shortens the lifespan of the game. When does MW3 come out, anyone?

    • MugMitTin

      MW3 will probably not come out till round december 2011, or later on in the beginning of the year 2012…Hopefully sooner!

  • blackIRISHrebel

    The respawn is a MAJOR problem in this game right now ,not to mention the LAG too. Fix these two and you might be on the road to a decent shooter.You also need to fix the sound 5.1 surround sound is uesless with this game.Get on the ball people. You made alot of money off the fans . You should give us a quality product. Not this bull shit.

  • MugMitTin

    They fixed the lag, the game ran great for a day or so.Now the lag is back and is just as bad as when the game came out..second the spawns have to be fixed. i die mostly from enemies spawning behind me.Sound quality blows and i have a decent sound card (Creative Xtreme Gamer.)

  • rock ninja

    the game wont let ne and my freind to be in a party unless one of us is in a game.if not both of our xboxs shut down

  • Calster

    Try getting a party into a wager match, totally impossible even if there are 6 of you, wouldn't be so bad if you could play one in the chamber etc as a private match but it doesn't even give you the option…

  • Jasen

    ok one thing that I have noticed that may help…although it's not easier in anyway…it seems like they are making small adjustments to the server that do not require a patch, so your not aware of them and if your playing for awhile and notice a few games in it's acting funny of lagging…deal with it or leave go all the way back to the Multiplayer Menu…then jump back in. In the upper right of the screen you'll see some numbers…(46.0.00…blah blah blah)…once you sign in and it downloads game settings…those numbers will change. Usually runs smoother for a while longer and you get dropped out less and have fewer issues…for a little while at least…or I'm just crazy?!

  • Sam

    Just connection issues. Jesus, I didn't finish in a single f*cking game in 2 days. There is ALWAYS a host migration like 6 times a game. Either the game drops right away, or later in. There is always the classic 'lost connection with server". Having a ultra laggy game, even if my connection as full bars. So, I tried to playing 10 game or so today, none until the end. I'm done trying

  • andrew

    for pc lag is the biggest issue in existence. if they are claiming they fixed it then that is pure lies because it actuelly got WORSE from when i started. also why do we only get 500$ wager matches? while everyone else can choose what they pay. trayarch is doing a great job with consoles but us pc gamers got fucked by em

  • chris

    the top 2 needs fixing are the spawn system and the matchmaking. The rest, can wait.

  • MJA

    How about the fact that it takes a hole clip to kill and enemy in multiplayer..

    • chris

      yep, seems like you get killed really easy, but takes loads 2 kill sum1, from InUrEyeBaDGuY.

  • Higharchy

    Spawn Please! and joining matches with a party is difficult at times.

  • Alex Morales

    This is why MOD 2 will always be the best. the graphics are 100% better and sound quality is unmatched.

  • RandomTime

    Spawning in games like Sabotage, Demolition, etc where you spawn in one area basically and end up getting killed as soon as you spawn when people have Chopper Gunner, Gun ship, Attack Dogs, etc I mean I have played 5 matches in a row (this is even leaving and joining a newer match going on) and as soon as that 1 of the many spawn killing streak was let loose I couldn't even move into a building or anything so I actually gave up and got something to eat then came back to have another one at spawn.

  • andy

    The spawns and the sound need to be fixed as soon as possible in my opinion, as those are the things that affect me that most right now.
    If this post is true and treyarch are working to fix these problems then it's just a matter of waiting but the sooner the better!

  • SuperKev420

    MATCHMAKING MUST BE FIXED IMMEDIATLY. There is some of my friends i can absolutely not play with. try and try, we always get kicked out. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed NOW!

    • Andy T

      hun doh

  • Jasen

    Lag …spawning…parties…here's my night of playing CoD…jump into a party with some friends…once we can all finally join and get together, we need to actually find a lobby/match that will let us in. Every time it does not, we all get kicked and have to start over b/c most of the time it throws everyone out of the party. Once we can get into a match and get started, then we are hit by lag issues. It tried to switch hosts and ends up half the party survives and stays in the game and the other half is back to ground zero. By the time we get back into the party…find a match…and have no lag issues…then we get to all respawn on top of the other team and it's just a mess.

  • Cameron Palmer

    I would like theater mode to actually let me upload my videos to like it’s suppose to do

    • Chase

      you are not doing it right you fucking scrub, dont bitch if u dont do it right.

  • Stu

    You should get more points for actually playing the game modes properly (HQs/CTF/Domination) – So many campers use these modes to get their kill/death ratio up and letting the team down because they aren't trying to capture the objective!

  • The Kinected Gamer

    I think spawning is a main issue, I went a whole game where I spawned right in the middle of crossfire the whole entire time, most of the time ending with my death. Then them rc cars, you can hear them a mile away, but you really can't tell if they are close to you or far away because the noise stays consistent. Also I was playing last night and almost every game I played, it would try to migrate hosts causing the game lobby to be closed and for me to have to join another game lobby. Also in Theater mode, most of my films cannot be retrieved or even some games that I play just will not show up in Theater mode at all. I think these are the only problems that I annoy me the most.

  • arnas

    split screen multiplayer that would have seperate accounts. because that is anoing when second player needs to start all ower again.
    lag should be fixed is well.

  • jordan

    both teams spawnin on same side "/