Call of Duty Black Ops: Unlocking Pro Perks Tips

By Peter Chubb - Nov 16, 2010

For those of you who have doubted that Call of Duty: Black Ops is a great game, then you have obviously not given it a chance. However, we do have to warn you that this is not a simple game, so being able to unlock all of those pro perks will take, time, effort and determination.

Some of you might have already got to grips with COD Black Ops, so is not in need of any assistants, but there are those of you like me who cannot seem to get anywhere in the game. Well I do, but not without being killed a lot.

However, help is at hand, as Game Prestige has a few tips and strategies to help you through the game a little faster than your usual pace. Tips by ‘CALL OF DUTY’ professor are extensive and cover ‘TIER ONE PERKS’, ‘TIER TWO PERKS’, and ‘TIER THREE PERKS”.

To give you an example you are told that you need to get the ‘LIGHTWEIGHT’ as this will make you move faster and you will not take any damage when you fall. The way to get this is by scoring 15 melee kills, the article even tells you how to best achieve this.

This is just a small example of the detail that the ‘CALL OF DUTY’ professor goes through to help you in the game. For all the tips visit Game Prestige. For even more help take a look at our recent posts on a walkthrough for Black Ops, and tips for weapons.

What tips do you have to achieve these perks?

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  • alexander

    hacker pro lets u take care packages and set a bomb forthe enemy team when they go to claim it

  • taye

    where are the cheats for a games

  • Stu

    Pro hardline – gives you a second go on the care package if you don't like the first reward.

    You get this by giving away your care package to team mates

    • Christopher Russell

      Thanks dude, I have been looking all over for the answer to "how do you unlock Pro Hardline".

  • Aurien
  • todd

    first off why do you name your article “Call of Duty Black Ops: Unlocking Pro Perks Tips” when you do not list any. unless you call the one that is listed in the game as a tip>?

    • SouthSideScotty

      just click the HIGHLIGHTED LINKS that are all over the story.