Apple iTunes Store: Download The Beatles Songs Now

For years rumors have circulated suggesting that The Beatles tracks are coming to iTunes, now we can confirm that content from The Beatles is available to download on Apple’s iTunes Store.

There are 16 albums for you to buy, all of which can be purchased individually for $12.99 / £10.99 each, however if you prefer you can buy the whole box set for $149 / £125. You can also buy individual songs for $1.29 / £0.99 each.

If you load up iTunes and click on the iTunes store you will see a huge amount of The Beatles content, Apple has even added a highlight reel and live concert for you to watch.

If you head over to you can see a black and white photo of The Beatles on the homepage, above the picture it simply says “The Beatles. Now on iTunes”.

Will you download any of The Beatles albums on iTunes today? If so, which will you choose? Or will you just buy the whole box set?



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