Windows Phone 7: Verizon Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2010

We have some good news for those of you patiently waiting for the arrival of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 devices on Verizon Wireless, as we have a statement from the carrier themselves regarding the situation.

As reported from Engadget, Verizon was quizzed on Twitter by a user asking the direct question on when the carrier would finally put Microsoft’s new devices on sale.

Verizon responded to the user with the following statement: ”As soon as Microsoft has ’em ready, we’re excited to offer Windows 7 mobile devices”

It is rather interesting that the carrier preferred to call Windows Phone 7 devices ‘Windows 7 mobile devices’, but the obvious message in their statement above, is that they are waiting on Microsoft to get things moving.

Don’t forget that devices are already available to buy on other carriers in the US, so we still may not see a release on Verizon until well into 2011. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Chris

    Beware AT&T, they do not support activesync with your computer unless you use an exchange server

  • Guest

    They had better hurry! I am sick of waiting and I will not go droid or iphone. I love my zune and my xbox live. I want them on my phone! Hurry up Verizon. You are losing customers!

  • guest

    I am waiting and I would switch but I can't afford to break my contract for 4 phone lines. Hurry up Verizon, I played with a window's phone and loved it.

  • Trying to stay

    come on Verizon… get with the program. I will wait until March 1 and if no news then it is Bye Bye baby. I need a tool that will work, not a toy like the I (U) phone.

  • Poindexter Cruz

    It will be interesting to see if Verizon can handle the iphone and WIn7 phone. I have their Droid. Oh my gawd what a mistake that is. Might be a perfect os for a 17 year old kid that needs a toy, but if you need production then you will be dissapointed. I need to be able to access the web and or email while discussing the contents and Verizon won't let you do both at the same time. Huge limitation for a business person. Here in the west they have the best coverage (except for Cricket which they also own), so we are stuck.

  • Jay

    Already pre-ordered my Verizon WP7 device (supposidly the Trophy). We'll see when I get it though…

  • RADR0b

    After browsing my local verizon store, I can honestly say i am not impressed with Blackberry or any of their Droid phones at all. even after spending over an hour playing with them. For kicks I decided to play with a WP7 at the At&t store…..I've confirmed that ignorance is bliss. WP7 is the slickest and most responsive I have ever come across. I'm jealous, really jealous. the only thing I as a verizon customer can brag about is a full service bar, which is great but severely lacking in the cool dept. If I wasnt still in contract, I would seriously consider trading a bit of service for WP7's amazing funcionality. hopefully Verizon will get on the ball in the next 9 months.

  • Zagger

    Droid is good… WM7 may be better. Verizon's arrogance in refusing to compete on the phone front has me headed to AT&T. I waited years for a viable Verizon alternative to the iPhone. If Verizon doesn't have WM7 when my contract expires in March, I'll give AT&T a run. Verizon has worked too hard to lose my business, just giving them what they worked for. I may miss the coverage, but at this point Verizon has convinced me that they don't care.

    • RADR0b


  • Hayden

    wp7 is cool but i would never switch to AT&T for it NEVER if it is realesed for verizon i will get it but i do not want to wait untell may of next year that is to long

  • Bill

    I tried to switch from the Droid X to the HTC HD7 (t-mobile) and I almost did. However, my house is apparently is a low signal area for tmobile and I got tired of it switching back and forth between 3g and Edge. But I loved the Windows Phone 7 OS. While it definitely lacks in some areas, the stuff that was there was gorgeous. I can't wait to see what new features get added in the next update. Hopefully by then there will be a CDMA version for Verizon.

  • Eric

    I cannot wait for the release of the Mocrosoft phone. I will NEVER switch from Verizon, not only is the network better, but the customer service and technical support around the clock is unbeatable. I have had every other company out there, and Verizon trumps them all. Also, who wants a brand new technology that no one has tested yet. I like that Verizon lets other companies work the kinks out first, then sells to us. Brilliant.

    • sticker

      lol yeah, like the iphone. after apple creates the iphone classic amd everyone moves on to newer phones then verizon will feel that the bugs are all worked out and start selling them, Verizon does have more bars than ATT but ATT has always had the coolest phones and NEVER dumbed down, even on windows mobile 6.1 on ATT I had more apps like jetcetprint and others that verizon users had to purchase extra. ATT has android, iphone, and 3 windows 7 phones…. and is right below verizon in coverage. I actually get full bars and people with verizon have dead zones in my area, but thats my area. ATT rocks and I have never had verizon cell, but they sucked for tech support on dsl, there automated menu sucks to get a rep, then they just read from a script and if you still have problems your screwed, and there phone service sucks, I just got rid of my home phone service and dsl, cable I am getting 3 times the speed for the same price and am happy I am finally verizon free!!!!!! they ripped me off 4 times with the 10 years I had them and I wil never go back

  • Steve

    Nice spin for Verizon to put it back on Microsoft. Unfortunately, their CEO is on record stating that they didnt see any future in the device. If they would have played ball with Microsoft up front, maybe I would have been able to purchase one of these by now. I'm limping along with the worst excuse of a phone in a long time (Storm). If it wasn't for the coverage, I would have already jumped ship.

    • Scott

      I have to laugh because I too am dying on my crappy Storm (totally soured me on Rim) and just hanging on by my fingernails for a WP7 phone on VZ. I really get tired of how far behind the technology curve VZ is on phones! They need to get with the game and offer new products before they become old products.

      • Becky

        YES YES YES to everything to said! Right down to hanging on to this God-forsaken Storm!!

  • Gonna be a tough decision for me- I was the first to get a Palm Pre Plus at my local Verizon retailer, after waiting a year from the date it was released on Sprint. That, to me, was the ultimate phone at the time, and the best OS out there… man agree that WebOS is superior to other OS's, but doesnt have that commercial appeal. I love Verizon way too much to switch to AT&T, let alone T-Mobile (sucks in the North East) or Sprint. I own a Zune HD, and it's sooooo much better, in all aspects, than the iPod. I would love to see a Zune Phone! That would make me go out and buy one right away. If not, like I said, it's gonna be a tough call to switch to WP7 or keep my palm…

    • steve

      Zune is built-in to Windows Phone 7

  • jason

    I switched to t-mobile for the HD7 and so far so good with their unlimited package. Netflix on WP7 rocks!!

  • WPNowVerizon

    This is the kind of news that they need to get out. There are many of us that are waiting for official word. The only reason I haven't bailed is because the other carriers don't cover my area as well. If it was a draw, I would likely be gone already

  • zcxz


  • sloppeh

    No new phone would ever convince me to leave Verizon, hands down the best carrier. What good is a phone without a network?

  • Guest

    Im still waiting. I work in many remote areas and can't get signal with AT&T. Can't wait for Verizon to get some of these!

  • techlabs

    too late, i switched to at&t. bye verizon, nobody is waiting for u anymore.

    • Evivan

      lol …

    • TechMan

      haha your lose, I can't wait to get my hands on a WP7 device but I would never switch to AT&T for it. Might as well not have a phone.