Windows Phone 7: Ruins memory cards

By Gary Johnson - Nov 15, 2010

The Windows Phone 7 has only been out for a short time, but it is already coming under fire for some of its features. The new Microsoft OS supports memory cards but there are some baffling issues with it, and it would probably be better if there was no support.

Jason Mick of Daily Tech is reporting that AT&T has warned its customers to only use “Certified for Windows Phone 7” microSD cards. Trouble is there are currently none available. When a user inserts a memory card, the Windows Phones basically “break” them.

Permanent changes are made to the card which will stop them being used in other devices. Samsung has warned “it will no longer be readable or writable on any other devices such as computers, cameras, printers, and so on.” This means you can’t even take the card out and replace it with a higher capacity one.

On the Microsoft help and support page it mentions the SD card ‘limitations’, adding “You should not remove the SD card in your phone or add a new one because your Windows Phone 7 device might not work properly”. “Existing data on the phone will be lost, and the SD card in your phone can’t be used in other Windows Phones, PCs, or other devices.”

Have you had issues with a memory card on Windows Phone 7device?

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  • Rodney

    First added older class 2 8GB card and it worked flawlessly. Got up the nerve to try a class 2 32GB SanDisk, and it too worked flawlessly. My only real irritation is that the 8GB is now useless. That tidbit of information just came out, otherwise I wouldn't have tried it.

    • Bryon

      Check out Engadget's story on the issue. They have a way to re format the locked card.

  • Nick smith

    This is not news. MS have let people know for over a year that it will require hard reset and format. Non-story, poor journalism

    • Bryon

      It's worse than poor journalism. It's a lie.

      Win Phone 7 doesn't ruin the card, it secures and encrypts it. The S in SD means secure. WP7 is just using the device the way it was designed, which most devices don't do.

      Gary Johnson says "there are some baffling issues with it". It's not baffling if you take the time to read and understand the technical aspects of it.

  • jary gohns

    gary johnson's derogatory comments should be judged in the light of his stock holdings and prejudiced, slanted diatribe.

  • Adrian

    Well the advice seems clear enough to me. If you decide to ignore it then be it at your own peril. Why should MS come under fire when as far as users are concerned the SD card should be treated in the same way as the flash memory built into an iPhone i.e. non-removable.

  • Will

    I inserted my 2 year old SanDisk 8gb Class 4 microSD card the day I bought my Samsung Focus. As expected, hard reset required, but since that point has functioned beautifully. No decrease in performance, and double the memory. Has been in constant use for a full week, with music, videos, podcasts, and apps constantly being synced on and off the device. No issues whatsoever. If you understand what is expected/required, there don't seem to be any problems at all.

    • Ron Chancellor

      To Will, Have you gone beyond the 8 gb that is included with the phone? My understanding is that the phone will perform beautifully until the original memory is surpassed. So, do you have more than 8 gbs stored on your phone? I bought the Focus on 11/8 with a Sandisk 32 gb card in hand and am still stunned that they told me it shouldn't be installed. I spent several hours today at my at&t store and on the Samsung and Microsoft customer lines. No one could tell me if my already purchased SanDisk card would possibly be certified. If I would have known about the storage card issue I would have still bought the Focus. I just feel bad because I wasn't explicitly told about this. But, I love the phone. It's elegant, brilliant and classy. Ron

      • Ron Chancellor

        Maybe I'm just simple for still asking, but has anyone gone past the 8 gb of original memory to see what happens. Microsoft/Samsung/At&t says tthat it will goof up after the first 8 gb is used if the card is not "certified." (meaning special, gifted?) I get it about wanting to try and "outsmart" the system. But, has anyone surpassed the origingal 8 gbs of memory? I think it's important. I think I'm sending my 32 gb card back to Amazon. Again, maybe I'm simple at best and maybe totally stupid. But there you have it.